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    Hey there guys, I am starting up a Vanilla server full of Mindcrack and HermitCraft Lovers!
    This is a server were you and your friends can play together and meet people just like you!

    For thoose who don't know what Mindcrack and HermitCraft is, it's a server that is ocmpletly vanilla, with cool builds and a community coming together to have fun!

    The reason for making this server public is because, let's be honest, many of us have tried and find a public mindcrack/hermitcraft fan server. Plus is making a application that has a 30% chance of the person checking worth it?

    We are a stable server, and we do have plugins. They are to keep the server safe so that griefers and raiders don't get to us. Nothing that will change your Vanilla gameplay.
    The Owner (me) will always stay in vanilla unless needed.

    No PvP unless for fun
    No Griefing
    No Raiding
    No Spam
    No Advertising
    No Hacks

    Prank Rules:
    No Lava
    No TnT
    Always leave a sign!

    Hope you join us!

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