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    Desired Nation: Earth
    Appearance: RP: Sandbender. Tan garbs, tan skin. Scar across his face. Short black hair. Sometimes a black beard across his face. Skin: Same.
    Brief History: In the Si Wong desert, he was raised by his tribe to be a thief. Gliding across the desert one day in his adolescence, he discovered something peculiar: a tower sticking out of the sand. He went inside, finding a plethora of books and knowledge at his disposal. He found books with ancient Earthbending techniques. He studied them for years, coming back to the Library each night, his tribe not knowing anything about it. One night, he boarded his sand sled, and as he was about to leave, his father approached him. "I know what you've been doing, boy. You've kept it a secret for long enough." His father, knocked him to the ground, drawing a blade. Lei En launched himself up off of the ground, putting his new Earthbending techniques to good use. He brought the sand up around his father, compacting it into solid rock, building a prison around him. Lei En got on his sand sled, beginning to build the current in order to leave. His father broke free, flinging the stone right at Lei En, slicing his face. Wounded, Lei En sped away. After months, he finally made it to Ba Sing Se, where he began a new life, as an architect and a soldier.
    Desired Name: Lei En
    Desired Profession: Architect, Builder, Soldier
    Desired City: Ba Sing Sei
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