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    Creating Your Own Private Minecraft Server.

    What You Will Need:
    -Hamachi [Note That Everyone That Is Going To Be Connecting To your Server Must Have Hamachi]
    -The Minecraft Game
    [ Also it helps if the person running the server doesnt have a laggy connection or it will be slow]

    Installing Hamachi:
    Step 1. Go To https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi2/download.aspx And click the Unmanaged Download Now Button on the left.

    Step 2. Once Hamachi is Installed it should open up Like This

    there should be
    Press The Power Button once its giving you a ip and its done loading click the Network button and clickCreate New Network
    Name it what you want set the pass word, if you dont want a pass word but still want to be able to make sure random people arnt joining your network right click the network after you made it click Set Access

    Remeber The Ip adress That it gave you.

    Setting up the server:
    Step 1. Download the Minecraft_server.exe From http://www.minecraft.net/download.jsp Here

    Step 2. Create a new folder on your desktop, name it what ever you want, mine is named MC Private Server place the Minecraft_server in the folder.

    Step 3. Open up the Minecraft_Server in the folder, it only needs to run for like 10-15 secs for it place the other stuff in the folder, it will look like this
    now there will be a item in the folder named Server that is not set up to anything yet open it in NotePad, You should see this

    fill in the info like this:
    Level-name=[what you want to name it]
    max-players=[the total amount of people who are gonna join your server]
    server-ip=[enter the ip Hamachi gave you]
    pvp=[true or false what ever one you want]
    server-port=[doesn't need to be changed]

    Now click flie then save, start up Minecraft_server wait for it to finish rendering world the open your minecraft and enter the Hamachi ip in MP.

    I am trying to find out to install mods to the server, so when i find out how to i will let you know cause im sure you want some mods in your server, i know i do.

    Oh 1 more thing, if it says something with the java just keep trying it does take a few times to log on.

    If it doesnt work please let me know in a detailed explanation so i can help you fix it

    Thank you And Please Mine Responsibly.

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