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    Hello! I was curios to see what OS people use. So I created a poll.

    I use Arch btw

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    The first thing to understand is the Linux is a kernal. Linux is like the engine of your care. It is a vital aspect that without would result in your car not working. Around Linux there are utilites. These utilties are generaley open source GNU utilites or utlities made by the invidiual distro. These utilites can be considered the seats, stero, or body of the care. They are vital for making the core useful in anyway.

    Many different people and groups use the Linux kernal to create their own distrobutions (distros). These distros are designed for different users. For example Kali Linux is NOT designed for everdayuse. Instead it's designed to be used by cyber forensic experts. Used to by hackers and security people. While Linux Mint for example is designed to be used as an everyday computer. Some distobutions are desiged for stability (Debian). While many are designed for begineers, Linux Mint being one of them.

    Another key thing to remberis that Linux is not Windows. Generaly this is a good. But it means that some things will not work the way you expect them too. For example software is rarley (though it does happen) downloaded form the internet. Instead software is downloaded from 'repositorys' or repos. Every distro genreale has their own verfied repos or uses another distro's repos. The packages (programs) installed in these repos is designed to run on that specific distro. Some software isn't in the offical repos. So people create their own repos that you can add and install their software. Or you can use special formats like appimage to install the software. But I digress.

    Because of repos among other things you are less lickly to get malware on Linux. It is more secure. That dosn't mean Linux dosn't get hacked, but compared to Windows a Linux system is safer.

    Linux though is less lickly to have software or games compared to Windows. Windows is used by a huge amount of computer users. Whereas Linux only has around 1.5-2.0% of marketshare. Becuase of this devplpers are less lickly to release software for Linux. That dosn't mean that Linux dosn't have great software or you can't get Windows software to work on Linux. Linux uses something called Wine. Wine can allow Windows programs to work on Linux but it isn't a sure thing. If you are thinking about switching to Linux make sure you software can work, or find alternates. For example rather than Microsoft Office instead try WPS Office, Libre Office, or G Suit. Some people will tell you that games do not work or there are no games for Linux. This is untrue. These are thousands of games for Linux. Minecraft being on of them. Steam also has something called proton which is built in Wine for games. Proton makes it possible to run games. See if your games run on proton with ProtonDB.

    Now finally what your questions.

    1.) People will tell you Linux is harder to learn. This is depends on your distro but assuming your using Linux Mint then no. Linux Mint is designed for Windows users coming over to Linux. Some tutorials will recomend you use the termianl. That is because the terminal is the easiest way to do things. The reason the terminal isn't used more in Windows is because in part is isn't () DON'T BE SCARED OF THE TERMINAL. I find that rather than clicing though menu after menu one sentence is all I need to do something.

    2.) It depends. Linux by and large runs better than Windows. I noticed large imporvments in hard drive speed when switching to Linux along with increased responsivness and less ram. But your milage may very. It depends on what programs you are using and how you configure your system.

    What distros do I recomend?

    I recomend Linux Mint, or Solus. (Though there are other great distros!) Linux Mint is designed to have a simple easy to use interface for people switching over to Linux. Solus is designed to have an efficent, modern, and easy to use experence. I'm curently using Solus and after using both Linux and Ubuntu (another popular ditro for begineers) Solus is my favorite. In fact I am typing this from Solus. You can also try Ubuntu. Ubuntu is any easy to use distro. Ubuntu unlike Linux Mint isn't desgined for Windows users. It pioneers it's own path and thus may be confusing. Ubutnu also announced resently that they are ending support for 32-bit software. This is a big deal. Conical (Owns Ubuntu) may yet reverse their descisions. Until then Ubuntu 18.04 should be okay. (Ubuntu 19.10 and beyoed is supposed to not have 32 bit suppot) Also so you don't get confused 18.04 is April 2018. 19.10 is October 2019. Think of 19.10 as a Minecraft snapshot. The next LTS is 20.04. Which may or may not have 32-bit support. It's a bit hectic.

    You can also use a site called DistroChooser to help you decide on what disto to use.

    And keep in mind that you can use Rufus to burn the distro's iso to the usb and boot from that. This allow you to test drive the distro live from your usb without affecting your current hardive! Your settings arn't rembered between restarts until you install.

    I hope this helped you and if you have any questions please ask me or google. I myself switched this January.

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