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    IGN: AOStratifyer

    Age: 13

    Maturity: Personally, I find myself to be one of the most mentally mature people that I've ever heard of to yet be so young. No I don't swear. I know about the world around me, and am considerate to others.

    Skype: My Skype's my Microsoft Account. to find it you can either search, [email protected], or just search Strat Becker. If you search Strat Becker, I'm both of the accounts, so you can add me on both.

    Why: I want to join your server because I've been looking to play Minecraft with a group of other people where we can communicate, survive, and thrive together for almost the entirety of the time that I've been playing Minecraft. I would love to play with a group of people that are as dedicated building a long lasting community on a server that I am. I would also love the chance to be able to build my own shops at spawn along with others as well. (Sort of like the Cube SMP) I would also love to be on this server so I can just have a good time playing Minecraft. Just like everyone else on the server.

    Specialties: Some of my specialties include building: Not necessarily modern, but to what looks good with the resources I have or have provided to me. I also specialize in the economic aspect in the game as to where I can help create a stable economy on the server so that we can all shop at spawn. Lastly, I specialize in interlacements. I find myself to work particularly well while playing with other people, whether in Skype calls or not. This way I can enhance their playing experience as well.

    Why Me: Well, I don't like to single myself out as better and that's why you should pick me to be on your server rather than someone else, but I do think that I should be added because of my personality. Not to say I have the best one in the world, but I am a very nice person that would definitely be kind and play with other people on the server as much as possible. As well as Give them tips, gifts on holidays, and etc.

    Anything Else: There isn't really much that I can add other than saying thanks for even taking the time to read and consider my application. I really hope that you do accept me to your server as I would be very happy if you did so. But other than that, thanks for your time.

    -Strat Becker
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    posted a message on [Minecraft SMP] CJ Craft!! (Chicken Jockey Craft) ONLY 17 SPOTS LEFT!!! CLOSED!
    Age: 13

    Skype: (My Microsoft Account) [email protected]. )or just search Strat Becker. I'm both of them.)

    Youtube Channel: AOStratifyer @ youtube.com/user/AOStratifyer

    Why I want to join: to have a good time with other small youtubers. Also, I look forward to creating a spawn with shops much like the one on the Cube SMP if we get the chance.

    # Of Subs: 198

    Will I follow the Rules: Of Course! I'll follow the rules to ensure that everyone has a good time.
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    posted a message on Minecraft KooKoo SMP! SMP Server for Small Youtubers Like Myself!
    Age: 13
    Interested In: Building a spawn with lots of shops and other buildings. Sort of like the Cube SMP. Also to have the opportunity to collab and work with people that I can Become friends with.
    Specialties: Shop Economics, Collaborations, and building.
    why I want to join: I want to meet new youtubers.
    Skype: (It's my Microsoft account) [email protected]
    youtube link: Youtube.com/AOStratifyer
    How Often I'll Be on: Hopefully at least every other day. If not more.
    Subscribers: 198

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