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    posted a message on Iron Farms: What do you think?

    My opinions are rather mixed. While I'm in favor of a reliable renewable source of iron beyond bartering (Which is only reliable if you have a gold farm, and can also be automated), I consider the current ones to be excessively powerful and counterintuitive to build (Unlike, say, mob grinders which either use a spawner or just use darkness and fool mobs into water channels).
    Personally, I'm in favor of a new source being added to the Nether, such as a plant that somehow can produce iron, or a mob that drops iron (Why the Nether? Because it has no natural sources apart from structures, yet Piglins not only have enough that they prefer using it to make crossbows over just bows, and happily give iron nuggets for gold, which can imply they have plenty of it), while also making Village-spawned Iron Golems not drop iron at all (Softening them so you can 1-hit them is still possible in solutions involving making them drop iron only if killed by players), or, to make things more awkward, only if killed by mobs (Not players or the environment).
    That way, there's a "saner and more balanced" iron source (One that could involve the underused Iron Nuggets, too) while also closing down the traditional infamously unbalanced ones for good (Then again, they can still be useful at making free golems).

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    posted a message on Why are Wooden Tools a Thing?

    Rather than removing them outright, they could be upgraded with the smithing table to become more useful later into the game, such as upgrading them with Nether Stars so they stay in your inventory even if you die and become unbreakable (But otherwise keep the same stats), to put an extreme case. Lesser ones could include things such as using Amethyst to make them give you a subtle hint where ores are by lightning up the closer they are, or even could be used with soul soil to animate them so they do tasks for you (The catch being that they do so until breaking).

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    posted a message on Enchantment revamp: Encouraging enchantment diversity.

    Currently, enchantments cause the game's balance to be quite questionable, resulting in stuff such as:

    • Arrows being almost pointless to use on crossbows (Why would you? The bow will fire faster and 1-hit anything it kills. It's quite likely you'll actually save up arrows and deal more damage using it on crowds over a Piercing crossbow!).
    • Sharpness being practically the end-all-be-all of sword damage enchantments (BoA makes you deal more damage on already-low-health mobs, and Smite is only good against Wither, but Sharpness is always useful).
    • Protection being omnipresent (Why have better protection against ONE thing when you can have good protection against pretty much everything?)

    Now, I consider that BoA and Smite are fine on their own, and the real problem is that there's no real point to a specialized enchantment when there's a general, mutually exclusive one with the same effect but somewhat weaker in most cases. Now, with a few tweaks and changes the problem could more or less go away:
    Changed enchantments:

    1. Sharpness: Rather than providing a general damage increase, it'd become specialized the same way Smite and BoA are, making each damage enchantment more useful due to not having to compete with a general enchantment (and losing). Sharpness' effect is now the following: It damages any mob NOT covered by other damaging enchantments. This means that it doesn't work on arthropods, undead, or otherworldy enemies (See new enchantments), but affects mundane, living mobs that don't have an exoskeleton.
    2. Power: Rather than just giving more damage, it has a different effect: It allows the Player to draw the bow further back by 1 stage, increasing the intensity of the enchantment glint each time. Each additional charge stage deals just as much damage as a fully-charged bow now deals with the corresponding Power level. Each stage adds +0.3 seconds to fully charge, althrough an enchanted bow can still be timed to make it shoot just as fast and deal just as much damage as a normal bow (In other words, Power lets you overcharge it for more damage).
    3. Protection: Now only protects against melee damage and, to a lesser extent, fall damage as opposed to protecting against everything.

    New enchantments:

    • Banish: Sword enchantment that increases damage dealt to "eldritch" mobs: Endermen, Ender Dragon, Blaze, Shulker, Guardian, Warden (Likely). Essentially, if it's weird and has an uncanny combat ability, it can be expected to be affected by Banish.

    Enchantment Tweaks:

    • Rather than one sole damaging enchantment or protective enchantment being allowed in a given sword or armor piece, they'd have a new mechanic: A single piece of gear can have up to 2 of these enchantments at once, so as to allow for more versatile gear (Specially now that there's no true general-purpose enchantment). This means that, for instance, a sword can have BoA and Sharpness at once, but not BoA, Sharpness and Smite all at once.
    • Some mobs can fall under several categories where it comes to damaging enchantments: For instance, the Wither becomes affected both by Smite and Banish, as do Phantoms. Endermites could also be affected by both Banish and Bane of Arthropods. This also allows for future mobs to fall under these categories according to design (For instance, a hypothetical mob that's essentially a Cordyceps-infested ant could be affected by both Smite and Bane of Arthropods, and an Illager that has ended up mutated due to dark magic could easily be damaged by both Banish and Sharpness).
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    posted a message on Drops for Piglins and Pillagers

    Village and Pillage, and the Nether Update added new mobs with a weird feature: Having no drops, apart from held equipment, in spite of being hostile. Namely, these mobs are Pillagers and Piglins; as well as Piglin Brutes.
    These are quite puzzling: They're hardly weak (Apart from Pillagers having no brains, but that's rather common in-game), and Piglin Brutes in particular are stronger than most Nether mobs, yet drop practically nothing. Similarly, Pillagers are also rather bad in this regard: During a Raid, you have to fight a lot of them, but due to the lack of drops, it becomes quite a drain on your arrow supply unless you already had a lot beforehand.

    Without further ado, I propose the following drops:
    33% chance of dropping an Emerald. Works like in the case of Spider Eyes: Player damage only, and Looting just increases drop chance.
    1-5 Arrows. They need ammo for their crossbows, after all.
    0-1 Iron Nugget: No source of these exist apart from crafting them and bartering. This would provide a reason to seek out Patrols. Works just like Zombified Piglin Gold Nugget drops.
    0-1 Raw/Cooked Porkchop: The reason is simple: They're pig-like after all, and it's weird that you can eat their undead brethen but not them. Plus, it harkens back to the very early days when Zombie Pigmen (Now called "Zombified Piglins" dropped Cooked Porkchops.
    0-2 Gold Nuggets: It doesn't make much sense for their zombified counterparts to drop gold, but not them, specially when it's living Piglins that hoard gold; not to mention that they're normally hostile anyways.
    0-1 Gold Ingot (Rare): Same as above.
    0.2 Arrows (If they spawn with a Crossbow): Well, they should be carrying the arrows they shoot.
    Piglin Brutes:
    0-1 Raw/Cooked Porkchop: Same as above.
    1-3 Gold Ingots: They don't respawn, are strong, and are visibly carrying a gold bracelet. They're clearly carrying more gold than usual AND their strength makes it weird that they have no drops.

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    posted a message on Villager Iron Golems behave like Piglins or Piglin Brutes

    Pretty much the only reasonable behavior on Golems that you've suggested is that opening village chests also angers them. The rest deviate from their main role as a combat golem or are already done by villagers.
    As for making them attack you on sight unless you're wearing chainmail, that makes no sense. In the case of Piglins, they attack you on sight unless you wear gold because they seem to really value gold and respect someone who wears it, but there's no connection between iron golems and chainmail that's like that.

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    posted a message on Seized Villages

    Rather than Vexes, it'd be better to put Ravagers in the cages, as vexes are otherwise spawned by Evokers.

    In order to set the seized villages out from mansions in terms of loot, you could include the Illusioners, as open spaces is where they can more easily fight.

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    posted a message on The Petrified Beast/The Juggernaut (Nether iron source)

    A small problem I see with the design is that it doesn't, unlike the Nether gold and mushrooms, really explain where the iron came from in the first place, so it'd be interesting if, rather than wearing ruined armor, it looked rusty, as if it were either made of iron ore, or somehow produced iron ore "scales" not too differently from a Scaly-Foot Snail, which would imply that it's a native source of iron rather than just the remnants of imported iron (After all, the update so far has made most other raw materials that used to appear in the Overworld but had products made of them found in the Nether such as stone and gold able to be found in the Nether itself as well).

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    posted a message on New weapon idea: Gun
    Quote from senpian»

    Well... yeah, I guess.

    Ehhhhhh... We already have enchantments for fire arrows so this new fire charge weapon feels redundant. Regardless, it's stupid easy to kill mobs from a distance with or without fire

    Fire charges have other properties apart from just setting entities on fire, such as setting blocks on fire (Which would make it a great forest-burning tool), and not being affected by gravity.

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    posted a message on New weapon idea: Gun
    Quote from lagagamorp»

    Guns would be the only option for attacking something high up, and an enchanted gun could be good for ranged attacks on far away / smaller mobs.

    Crossbows already have a pretty flat trajectory, and Multishot+fireworks can do the latter fairly well.

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    posted a message on New weapon idea: Gun

    I don't see any reasons to add a gun, or a similar weapon; at least not in the mechanics provided here, as it's overall a weapon tha tonly has range as an advantage over bows and crossbows, and those already have a lot of range, so it'd be an inferior weapon at higher cost.
    A way to improve it would be to play with historical weapons and ammunition. Particularly, you could have it revolve around using very different ammo types that effectively make it several weapons in one.

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