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    posted a message on Why did people vote for the Phantom? It's a useless addition to the game most players won't even encounter.
    Quote from Stonehawk»

    having a new critter in the game is a step forward. These behaviors for it are two steps backward. However, we can keep the baby when we toss this gross bathwater, and get something cool later.

    I think it could be improved if they make the following (admittedly unlikely) changes:

    1. It becomes a neutral mob like wolves, zombie pigmen, polar bears without cubs, and endermen you don't look at.

    2. It naturally hunts spiders... or zombies. Spiders and zombies don't have any natural predators, whereas wolves attack skeletons and creepers are terrified of cats. The idea of it only being out at night (to hunt) would be cool, and attracting them with big piles of rotten flesh or spider eyes would be a neat mechanic.

    3. They should just be 'around' in the sky. Not necessarily only triggered by certain events. Relatively low spawn chance that's always active.

    4. They should drop something COOL to incentivize hunting them! For instance, what if Elytra were to have come from THEM???

    Alternative on 2: what if they were predators of endermen, and were actually native to the end, only popping into the overworld at night to follow some of the endermen that come here and feed upon them. In the end, they would be plentiful and glide peacefully through the void preying on endermen... shulkers could view them as hostile and their 'levitation' projectiles have the opposite effect on them, making them drop out of the sky, take fall damage, and be helpless on the ground for a bit, which gives a neat little reciprocating ecosystem to the end.

    In the case of 4, they currently drop Leather, which is likely a placeholder until they figure out how to make a good drop for them. Since you mentioned Elytra, they could drop some sort of means of upgrading or repairing Elytra (In the latter, it replaces Leather itself), such as "Phantom Hides" that can additionally be used to create other vehicles.
    As for the alternative to 2, they already also spawn in the End, so that would be fitting.
    As for 1, they could simply spawn, but only attack the Player if the latter hasn't slept enough.

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    posted a message on How to Make a Good Title for Your Suggestion
    Quote from yolo2546»

    I won't disagree a thread with a good title is better, but a thread with a bad title is more intiguing is all I'm saying.

    Not really. It predisposes would-be readers to be biased against the suggestion, so, unless you're deliberately going for a "So bad it's god" format, it's not recommended.
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    posted a message on Add Nuclear Mechanics!
    Quote from 1337Congress»

    Mojang should add nuclear mechanics to Minecraft.

    Uranium: Uranium ores will be found underground. You need an iron pickaxe or weaker to mine it. If you use anything stronger, it produces a nuclear explosion. Nuclear explosions also occur if the ore is shot by an arrow or blown up by a creeper/TNT.

    Why should uranium ore explode upon being HIT. WITH. AN. ARROW? Uranium is a LOT more stable IRL, and this is generally too inaccurate, consideirng how complex nuclear bombs are (In perspective, they can be disabled by shooting at them), and, even if we take unrealistic physics, why would this be fun?

    Nuclear Reactor: These are crafted with 8 iron blocks around the edges and uranium in the middle. They work 20x faster and more efficient than iron furnaces. Instead of running on coal, they run on uranium. They will also make regular furnaces run this efficiently if they are within 20 blocks from them. The down side is that occasionally, they sound an alarm that they are experiencing a nuclear meltdown. If that happens, you have 15 seconds to take out the uranium in the reactor or else it creates a nuclear explosion. There is a 25% chance that reactors will create nuclear waste instead of the desired item. Nuclear reactors can also serve as redstone.

    And now you've made something awfully impractical because of the "random chance to kill the player on use". And, again, this is neither realistic nor fun.

    Nuclear Waste: They are completely useless, and just takes up space. If they are near plants, grassblocks, or mobs, it will slowly damage them with .5 hearts per second. They are best against facing a bunch of hostile mobs and storing them in chests or thrown in lava.

    Nuclear Explosion: They are huge explosions that are 100 blocks radius and form a huge crater. Anything in that explosion will get killed. After the explosion, the area will have radiation floating around where anyone in or near it will lose 1 heart per second. This effect lasts 30 Minecraft days. If you look at the explosion, your character goes blind for a minecraft day.

    Alright, you tried to be a bit more realistic, but STILL. AN. AWFUL. MECHANIC.

    Hydrogen Creeper: A special type of creeper that creates a nuclear explosion rather then a regular one. Their trade off would be they are really slow due to being really heavy. They look like regular creepers that have a radiation icon on their chests and are really fat.

    Normal creepers are already obnoxious enough. Why would a version that is stronger than Charged Creepers be a good idea?

    Radiation potion: Made by using uranium and water. If consumed, there is a 50% chance you die and 50% chance you get stronger.

    And a 100% chance to not be made at all because of the chance to kill the player.

    Responses in bold.
    In general, this suggestion contains a lot of awful mechanics, and too many random explosions.
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    posted a message on Weaponized rockets: A "thrown" AoE mid-range weapon.
    Quote from ScotsMiser»
    d this following a link in AMPPL50's sig…
    I like the bottle rocket (rocket on a stick) idea, this gives a practical use for rockets pre-elytra.
    Questions about the staged rocket:[from the wiki:
    rockets can be crafted with from 1-3 gunpowder [R1-R3] (which effects the duration and 'range') R1 rises between 12 to 22 blocks R2 rises between 23 to 39 blocks R3 rises between 40 to 60 blocks
    You don't explicitly mention ranges for bottle rockets so these figures are used as a first appoximation.]
    must a Stage Rocket use three of the same type or can one mix and match? [Mix & Match is more complex to code (and to use in game) but offers greater flexibilty.].Rockets can be mix & matched.
    how is duration/range calculated? additive, multiplicative, other [Suggest additive as both simpler and less likely to be excessive. Note that this could let a 3xR3 go 180 blocks (range would be 120-180 averaging ~150)].Additive, as each stage explodes upon running out of fuel as usual.
    IFF Stage Rockets can be constructed with mixed R-types, does the order make a difference (e.g. does an R3+R2+R1 behave differently from an R1+R2+R3)? [Suggest order does not change range for the sake of simplicity.
    Alternately (to reduce the variablity in range), the composit range could be the average range for the first two stages (order does not matter) plus the S3 range; a 3xR3 would then go 140-180 blocks averaging ~150. Whereas an R3R3R1 would go 112-122 averaging ~117 ]
    .The total range doesn't change, but the order of the explosions does.
    do the Stage1 & Stage2 rockets need to be crafted without stars? [Suggest Stage1 & Stage2 can contain stars, but… see following].They don't need to have stars, but stars can be used for those stages. This allows for 3 explosions in sucession.
    if lower stages may contain stars, what effect do those stars have? [If all three stages can contain stars, this could be implemented to give three explosions over the course of the bottle rocket' flight, which seems excessive. Suggest if lower stages contain stars, they detonate all higher stages/stars 'sympathetically', but with little or do increase in damage. ].If the lower stages have stars, then there's a firework effect upon transitioning. This means that it's possible for them to cause a "line" of explosions.
    .RE Spread rockets:you state "If used to make Rockets on Sticks, they have more spread than other rockets."
    How much more? [Suggest 22° or 30° as reasonable compromises between too wide (allowing a single shot to hit many mobs) and too narrow (resulting in too great an increase in damage)].Not sure due to inavailability of in-game testing, but I reckon that 30° would work.

    must a Spread Rocket use three of the same type (eg all R3) or can one mix and match? [Suggest the same R-rating be required to avoid being able to lay down a 'linear barrage' with one shot.]
    They can be mix and matched... Now that you mention it, I didn't think of using them that way.
    Can Spread Rockets be used to construct Staged Rockets (or vice versa)? [Suggest no to both (at least until in game testing is possible) out of concerns about both coding complexity and excessive power.]
    No, as it would be ridiculously overpowered, considering that it would allow players to launch 3 long-range missiles at once, rather than either 3 missiles or 1 long-range one.
    ..A very interesting and clever idea; Modders (& Mojang) take note.
    Responses in bold.
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    posted a message on A alternative for vegetarians/vegans players

    Think of going vegetarian or vegan in Minecraft as a challenge.

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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?

    I've tried to research, and I've found that there doesn't seem to be other sources of this statement, which is rather strange, as it should have been pretty easy.

    In particular, I haven't managed to find the official statement.

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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?

    The logic behind not adding sharks feels as if they were trying to come up with a reason beyond" We simply don't want to add sharks", and, even then, saying "Sharks would only really work as hostile mobs, but that would clash with none of the other hostile mobs being "real-life" animals and we can be more original. After all, we could have put giant squids in Ocean Monuments, but instead we made laser-shooting pufferfish".

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    posted a message on "Update Aquatic" (Now 1.13): All Information We Have So Far

    A rather important bit of imformation about the new water physics is: Can water be stopped by trapdoors? Depending on wether or not they're closed, they could control the flow of water.

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    posted a message on Mojang is making some questionable decisions lately

    1.9 wasn't all that poorly received. The main reason why PvP servers don't move to 1.9+ is an unwillingness to innovate.

    Also, you're putting the inability of Java Edition to be in Bedrock as deliberate, when it's obvious that it's because of Java. They simply WERE UNABLE to integrate it.

    If anything, the REAL questionable decisions ar ethe things such as offering the community to choose ONE out of FOUR mobs that are sorely needed to make the unmodded game more fun, adding questionable items and additions, such as:

    Beetroots: Almost no point in farming them, except as a way to free up potatoes and carrots for trading. Oh, and dye, even through bone meal and a Rose Bush can be a better source of red dye.

    Iron Nuggets: They only exist in order to be able to break iron gear down into iron, but each item gives too little iron to be of any use most of the time, and crafting Iron Nuggets is utterly pointless.

    Woodland Mansions: Underwhelming, as none of the mobs can really counter bows, and the Totems of Undying are too rare to be really used at least somewhat regularly.

    New Horse Model: A lot less detailed than the old model.

    End Cities: Not bad by themselves, but Elytra are only really useful for exploration in spite of being found after most exploration has been done. Shulker Boxes are easily a better reward.

    An incomplete Combat Update: They could have added MORE to the combat than what they did. For starters, more weapons were sorely needed because of the monotony of MC combat.

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    posted a message on Will there ever be Minecraft 2.0?

    Minecraft 2.0 wouldn't be a new version. It would be a different game that would be some sort of sequel.

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