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    Crafting recipes should be added. Pretty good materials would be Nether Quartz, Glowsone, and Prismarine, as all of them could be conceviably related to light emmision.

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    While I like the suggestion for bats, polar bears should get a more down to Earth approach (Such as crafting their hides into dogsleds and to make improved boats that suffer from less drag), and the structure shouldn't be made out of Bedrock so it can be removed.

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    Quote from wiimn2»

    I was typing this from my phone at midnight and haven't had much time to edit the post until now. :/

    Combat in MC can be somewhat intense and its unlikely that the average player would want to wait a relatively long time to reload. The handcannon was meant to be more of a bazooka-like weapon for players that like a heavier style of fighting. As for the repeater rifle mentioned here, I gave it that name because the original crafting recipe concept had redstone repeaters (like a rapid clock).

    Depends on the situation, and a long reload could help balance the weapons. For starters, the Pepperbox would be more useful.

    I'd recommend to make them specialized weapons that, rather than being good in a fight, tend to each be more suitable for a different situation. For instance, the pepperbox would be better at fighting crowds, and the blunderbuss would be better against airborne targets or if aiming precisely isn't possible.

    The amount of damage each weapon deals should be described.

    Finally, I recommend swapping the Handcannon for bombs, as the effect would be similar while also being more realistic and adding a thrown weapon.

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    Horse meat should actually be better than steak, both because horse meat is typically more expensive IRL, and because horses are much more difficult and expensive to breed than cows in-game, which would make them guaranteed to be a secondary food source as a byproduct of breeding horses for stats (As rejected horses are already somewhat better dealt with by killing them if enough are available).

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    Quote from fishg»

    Mojang has stated they regret adding these as the harm the block look. It’s a good thing this only effects the y coordinate.

    Sideways stairs will change the x and z variables, further muddling the look imho.

    And? If anything, those were easily the best additions in the entire games, as they allowed for more variety in buildings and the ability to make decently-detailed buildings without having to make them huge.

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