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    The problem with the musket is that, apart from Mojang explicitly having rejected guns, is that such a weapon would be rather useless: Not only are bows ridiculously powerful due to how Power scales up damage while being cheaper and easier to obtain (Admittedly, going by that, the crossbow is also reduced to being horribly situational as well,), but also the game overall provides few situations where a slow-firing hard-hitting weapon would really be useful (Pretty much the only cases I can think of are Ravagers, Iron Golems and the Ender Dragon, hardly common situations and still handled with ease with the current weapons).

    That said, I think it could help to use several ammo types: In real life, muzzle-loading firearms were less specialized than current ones, so, for instance, it was fairly common for muskets to use shot as well, with "buck and ball" (A single large musket ball together with several smaller pellets) as a fairly common ammunition. That way, you could have a weapon that can do several things at once and, in particular, a weapon that fires shot could be great on harder-to-hit enemies and flying mobs like Phantoms, Blazes and Ghasts.

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    posted a message on Be the last poster to win!
    Quote from mrbradlerz»

    You're a few days late! For 10 YEARS, people have been declaring themselves the "winner" on this thread! Like I just did!

    Too bad, you ddidn't...

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    posted a message on Deepslate should have higher blast resistance

    While I can see the point, one issue it'd bring up is that, as it is, TNT already has little place in mining due to it's expense (Specially considering Sand isn't renewable barring Wandering Traders), limited power (It hardly breaks more than adyacent stone blocks) and general hassle.

    That said, that's not a problem of this suggestion, but one of TNT itself for being so impractical.

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    posted a message on wardens should drop clay so that we can have clay farms and renewable brick sources

    Apart from Mojang having already confirmed that the Warden will only drop a trophy at best, I think clay should have a more logical way to renewably obtain it, such as by adding a way to weather cobblestone into clay (I could even see it using a gradual process to turn it into gravel and then sand, killing 3 birds with one stone).

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    posted a message on Hot Air Balloon and Dirigible: Let the winds of change carry you.
    Quote from eiche_brutal»

    I would also change the winds direction as soon as the weather changes. With the chance of lightning striking the balloon.

    There could also be an achievement for that:

    "Mayday, MAYDAY!!"

    For the end dimension, i don't think there should be wind. You are so close to the Elytra at that point,

    you probably wouldn't travel back from an end city with the balloon.

    Changing wind according to weather might make the balloons too unreliable, as at least by changing wind at dusk and dawn, you can predict how long you'll travel in your desired direction.

    As for End Wind, it's purpose is twofold:

    1: It prevents Dirigibles from simply bypassing the Ender Dragon fight and generally trivializing Outer End navigation.

    2: Providing Balloons an use in the End while taking 1 into account by making them useful if you're lost and want to return home, as the End is much more open, barren and featureless (And as such easier to get lost in) than the Nether, on top of being even less hospitable.

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    posted a message on Hot Air Balloon and Dirigible: Let the winds of change carry you.

    It was initially envisioned as a single-player vehicle, but then again, the original boat used as gondole had two seats. Plus, I can see airships inheriting it and it being fun for players (For starters, I could see a minigame in which two-player airships must fight each other).

    As for balloon designs, that's a good idea. I've made banners be able to be applied to them.

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    posted a message on Hot Air Balloon and Dirigible: Let the winds of change carry you.

    Air travel has always been the second most contentious issue in Minecraft modding and suggestions, some perceiving it as a fine thing to add, and others considering it to be overpowered. Even now, Elytra are also notable for this, some considering it a fine addition, and others considering it to trivialize all other means of travel. Typically, poorly-made mods and suggestions essentially involved adding some way to fly like in creative, while more serious attempts typically involved mounts or vehicles.

    This suggestion in particular starts with the following premise: Elytra are found very late and as such it's very likely to not see much in the way of exploration uses, so a second way to fly available earlier on can be reasonably made. This execution considers the following: Most transport methods in-game are reliable and fully controllable, so the way earlier flight is balanced is via making it less so. For this, the most intuitive way to justify this was through a hot air balloon, which trades reliability for reasonable speeds as well as bypassing terrain.

    Wind mechanics changes:

    Since wind currently only blows westward, this would effectively make ballooning an undesirable means of transport, as it would be a purely one-way transport. As such, a change in how wind works is needed:
    Rather than wind being constant, it can blow in every cardinal direction, changing direction at dawn and dusk. The current direction of wind is reflected by the movement of clouds, which always move in the direction of the wind. Another way to tell the direction of wind is that it moves particles, including campfire smoke.

    In the Nether, there's no wind, and in the End, there's a constant wind moving towards (0, 0), making balloons incapable of reaching the Outer End, but making them useful at returning to the central island if you're lost. The Wind in the End is twice as strong as normal.

    Hot Air Balloon:

    It's crafted in the following way, taking the following grid as reference for the crafting table:




    Slots 2, 4 and 6 are filled with Wool, 1, and 3 have Leather.

    5 has Netherrack, which is used as a "burner". 8 has a Boat. Finally, 7 and 9 have Iron Bars, intended to be used as suspension.

    The Hot Air Balloon works as follows:

    • Upon placing the balloon and right-clicking to get in, the Netherrack block over the player must be set alight with either Flint and Steel, or a Fire Charge. This makes the balloon climb to a maximum altitude of 140 blocks. Punching the Netherrack extinguishes the fire, causing the balloon to slowly fall.
    • The balloon can be tethered by right-clicking it with a Lead, as if it were a passive mob, keeping it in place.
    • Right-clicking it with a Cobblestone adds it to the gondole, lowering it's maximum altitude by 10 blocks each, up to a maximum of 6 blocks. In flight, they can be punched to drop them. This hurts entities it happens to hit, and places a cobblestone block.
    • The balloon cannot fly in the Nether, as the difference in temperature between the environment and the envelope isn't enough to overcome it's own weight.
    • Wind pushes the Balloon at higher speeds, with Y=140 equaling 5 m/s, and every 10 blocks lower it flies slows it down by 0.35 m/s. In the End, altitude doesn't affect wind.

    It has a self-propelled variant, which repurposes technology previously used in minecarts with furnaces: The dirigible.

    The dirigible is crafted in the following way:

    Slot 6 has the Hot Air Balloon.

    Slots 2, 3, 5 are filled with Wool, and 4 uses Leather, all reflecting the expansion of the balloon envelope into one more typical of a blimp.

    Slot 8 has a Block of Iron, intended to strengthen the gondole and allowing it to accomodate for a furnace.

    Slot 7 contains a furnace, which acts as the "engine". Slot 6 has a Copper Ingot, intended to serve as a propeller.

    Slots 1 and 4 have, respectively, a Stick and Paper, representing fins.

    The Dirigible's main change is that it uses a furnace to propel itself, at slightly more than the speed a Balloon has when carried, as well as fins to steer itself:

    • A and D are used to steer left and right, respectively. The Player's camera has no influence in the Dirigible's bearing, so you can look to the sides and even behind yourself.
    • The engine, which is located behind the Player, must be fed with fuel to work. It can only use Coal or Charcoal as fuel, which lasts for the same amount of time as in a Minecart with Furnace, and it's possible to add more pieces while it's already working.
    • As long as it's turned on, the engine provides an extra 4 m/s of speed in the direction the Dirigible is facing, allowing it to fly with the wind at up to 9 m/s (Faster than skeleton horse, but the fastest possible horse is still faster) at it's highest altitude, or fly against the wind with a maximum speed of 1.1 m/s (Note that it's slower than sneaking) at the lowest altitude, as well as allowing it to move perpendicularly to the wind, and as such giving it more freedom of movement than the balloon while still being influenced by the wind.

    Dirigibles can be tethered, mostly useful at limiting their movement (Say, to use them in lieu of scaffolding for building purposes)

    Instead of using cobblestone ballast, it uses water, which is applied by right-clicking it with Water Buckets, emptying it and weighting the Dirigible down enough to descend 10 blocks, up to a maximum of 6 buckets (It's minimum flight altitude is still 80). The amount of water in the Dirigible is seen in a bar not unlike a Horse's Stamina Bar. Pressing SPACE slowly releases the water ballast, at a rate of 10 mB (1,000 mB= 1 Bucket, as commonly defined in mods) per tick, and as such releasing 0.2 buckets' worth of water per second. While the altitude envelope in the water ballast and cobble ballast methods is the same, the usage of water does allow for much more precise altitude changes.

    Miscellaneous Balloon features:

    1: Envelope color depends on the color of the wool used to craft the balloon.

    2: Banners can be applied to balloons to sahow the banner's pattern on the envelope.

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    posted a message on Iron Farms: What do you think?
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    But you can still get iron off zombies using mob spawners, albeit with a much lower efficiency because the iron ingot drops are not guaranteed per hit, they're a low probability. What would you say if this too were removed? then you would lose the only remaining renewable source of iron ingots.

    If iron were to be made non renewable that can cause significant problems, especially with players who use legacy console world types which is still technically possible on Java edition with world borders.

    I don't know about everybody else here, but I personally wouldn't want to play on a Minecraft world if I knew some time down the line resources were going to run out, as this would defeat the entire point of the infinite respawning mechanic on difficulties below hardcore, which is to remain on the same world with your friends no matter the length of time, for as long as you were alive and in enough good health to play, you could continue to do so on the same Minecraft world continuously earning new resources, encountering more landscape and building more structures.

    Zombie ingot drops fall into the other end of the scale: They're too rare to be worth considering as a serious iron source. The only less feasible source is to buy iron gear from blacksmiths to smelt it into nuggets, and even that one at least can be automated, not to mention you can partially cut down on iron use by directly using said gear.
    The only current reliable sources of renewable iron that can be used in some way a s amain source are iron farms (which are OP) and piglin bartering (Which is reasonably balanced, but pretty much requires automation).

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    posted a message on Iron Farms: What do you think?

    My opinions are rather mixed. While I'm in favor of a reliable renewable source of iron beyond bartering (Which is only reliable if you have a gold farm, and can also be automated), I consider the current ones to be excessively powerful and counterintuitive to build (Unlike, say, mob grinders which either use a spawner or just use darkness and fool mobs into water channels).
    Personally, I'm in favor of a new source being added to the Nether, such as a plant that somehow can produce iron, or a mob that drops iron (Why the Nether? Because it has no natural sources apart from structures, yet Piglins not only have enough that they prefer using it to make crossbows over just bows, and happily give iron nuggets for gold, which can imply they have plenty of it), while also making Village-spawned Iron Golems not drop iron at all (Softening them so you can 1-hit them is still possible in solutions involving making them drop iron only if killed by players), or, to make things more awkward, only if killed by mobs (Not players or the environment).
    That way, there's a "saner and more balanced" iron source (One that could involve the underused Iron Nuggets, too) while also closing down the traditional infamously unbalanced ones for good (Then again, they can still be useful at making free golems).

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    posted a message on Why are Wooden Tools a Thing?

    Rather than removing them outright, they could be upgraded with the smithing table to become more useful later into the game, such as upgrading them with Nether Stars so they stay in your inventory even if you die and become unbreakable (But otherwise keep the same stats), to put an extreme case. Lesser ones could include things such as using Amethyst to make them give you a subtle hint where ores are by lightning up the closer they are, or even could be used with soul soil to animate them so they do tasks for you (The catch being that they do so until breaking).

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    posted a message on Enchantment revamp: Encouraging enchantment diversity.

    Banish does make plenty of sense if Sharpness becomes specialized: For starters, the mobs it includes tend to be powerful and tanky, with one being a boss outright.

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    posted a message on Quick poll, but do you all think that iron ore should be added to the Nether?

    I voted no, but that is because, while I understand why lore-wise and gameplay-wise, a natural iron source in the Nether beyond Piglin bartering could be needed, I think that it should be done in a different way, such as an iron-producing plant or a mob drop, in no small part because a renewable source of iron apart from bartering would make eventually nerfing iron farms or adding mechanics that prevent them from existing entirely much more palatable.

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    posted a message on Enchantment revamp: Encouraging enchantment diversity.

    Currently, enchantments cause the game's balance to be quite questionable, resulting in stuff such as:

    • Arrows being almost pointless to use on crossbows (Why would you? The bow will fire faster and 1-hit anything it kills. It's quite likely you'll actually save up arrows and deal more damage using it on crowds over a Piercing crossbow!).
    • Sharpness being practically the end-all-be-all of sword damage enchantments (BoA makes you deal more damage on already-low-health mobs, and Smite is only good against Wither, but Sharpness is always useful).
    • Protection being omnipresent (Why have better protection against ONE thing when you can have good protection against pretty much everything?)

    Now, I consider that BoA and Smite are fine on their own, and the real problem is that there's no real point to a specialized enchantment when there's a general, mutually exclusive one with the same effect but somewhat weaker in most cases. Now, with a few tweaks and changes the problem could more or less go away:
    Changed enchantments:

    1. Sharpness: Rather than providing a general damage increase, it'd become specialized the same way Smite and BoA are, making each damage enchantment more useful due to not having to compete with a general enchantment (and losing). Sharpness' effect is now the following: It damages any mob NOT covered by other damaging enchantments. This means that it doesn't work on arthropods, undead, or otherworldy enemies (See new enchantments), but affects mundane, living mobs that don't have an exoskeleton.
    2. Power: Rather than just giving more damage, it has a different effect: It allows the Player to draw the bow further back by 1 stage, increasing the intensity of the enchantment glint each time. Each additional charge stage deals just as much damage as a fully-charged bow now deals with the corresponding Power level. Each stage adds +0.3 seconds to fully charge, althrough an enchanted bow can still be timed to make it shoot just as fast and deal just as much damage as a normal bow (In other words, Power lets you overcharge it for more damage).
    3. Protection: Now only protects against melee damage and, to a lesser extent, fall damage as opposed to protecting against everything.

    New enchantments:

    • Banish: Sword enchantment that increases damage dealt to "eldritch" mobs: Endermen, Ender Dragon, Blaze, Shulker, Guardian, Warden (Likely). Essentially, if it's weird and has an uncanny combat ability, it can be expected to be affected by Banish.

    Enchantment Tweaks:

    • Rather than one sole damaging enchantment or protective enchantment being allowed in a given sword or armor piece, they'd have a new mechanic: A single piece of gear can have up to 2 of these enchantments at once, so as to allow for more versatile gear (Specially now that there's no true general-purpose enchantment). This means that, for instance, a sword can have BoA and Sharpness at once, but not BoA, Sharpness and Smite all at once.
    • Some mobs can fall under several categories where it comes to damaging enchantments: For instance, the Wither becomes affected both by Smite and Banish, as do Phantoms. Endermites could also be affected by both Banish and Bane of Arthropods. This also allows for future mobs to fall under these categories according to design (For instance, a hypothetical mob that's essentially a Cordyceps-infested ant could be affected by both Smite and Bane of Arthropods, and an Illager that has ended up mutated due to dark magic could easily be damaged by both Banish and Sharpness).
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    posted a message on Buff the furnace minecart.

    Those changes could actually make it useful, althrough the problem with the furnace minecart is that not only is it made in a very clutchy way that shows it has barely been updated since it was added, but also that as it is now, the power rails are more convenient. Maybe furnace carts could also be made faster, so that they're better than power rails at long-distance travelling, or could link up to carts, allowing it to pull them and detach them at predetermined points, making it useful at managing several minecarts at once in the same rails.

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    posted a message on Cleaning Copper
    Quote from Jancrash»

    Oxidization is a chemical reaction, so chemicals would be necessary for removal, not just heat. Gameplay is better than realism, but in situations like this, Mojang typically makes realistic additions. (Think changing cookies to seeds for parrots and when anti-oxidation was added in the first place.)

    From a bit of research, I see that most of the cleaning is done through pastes or juice rather than heat. It'd make sense if some sort of water and honey combination could clean it. Most likely, I'd say you can craft a water bucket, honeycomb and rusted copper block together to reset its rust state with the water bucket not being consumed upon crafting.

    But the Furnace doesn't seem to just use heat, and the fact that it can smelt ores indicates that it can be used to reduce metal oxides, as most ores are either oxides, carbonates, or sulphides (And rusted copper itself in-game rusts into the carbonate, which IRL is, as malachite, one of the main copper ores), so, if the furnace can smelt ores, it should be able to remove rust.

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