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    I'm Done!

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    WIP gun thing for that one bloke

    Quote from Enorym

    Ah, I haven't seen you post here in a very long time? How goes it?

    And, I didn't know you had a Steam account. Can I friend you, if you don't mind me asking?

    Also, that drawing looks great! You've improved.

    Hell yeah go ahead. id is ClassikGameGuy, but display name is TanukiSuitHero:

    Quote from Waskom_Frost

    Wow awesome, that looks great! And hope you can get some free time, life sucks if you can't enjoy doing something to relax every once in a while.

    Thanks. I've been meaning to get back into art, it's just such a pain because when I get home I just want to play video games and sleep.
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    Damn college getting in the way of the internet. This was for a friend on Steam.
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    Quote from NItrousOxide97

    Looks like everyone is coming back to the topic, so might as well make my return too.

    I ran into my first Anti-Furry jerk just a few hours before I posted this. And I decided to listen to what he had to say and save everything he said. And the worst part? He used to be one of my good friends on steam.

    I'll spoiler the conversation, but I'll warn you, he says some things that were horrible.
    His steam name is there but there are so many accounts with the same name you (hopefully) shouldn't run into him.

    Rybo: Hello
    Quantum_Wolf: Hi
    Rybo: Whats up man
    Quantum_Wolf: Not much, how about you?
    Rybo: Idk
    Rybo: I have to ask
    Quantum_Wolf: yes?
    Rybo: Why are you a furry
    Rybo: You didn't used to be
    Rybo: Dude?
    Quantum_Wolf: I found some things about it that I liked, and ended up joining the fandom.
    Quantum_Wolf: Why do you ask?
    Rybo: Well
    Rybo: Let me tell you a story
    Rybo: About how furries are degratory to society
    Rybo: With eye witness events
    Rybo: As well as interviews
    Rybo: So I have a friend
    Rybo: Lets just call him midget
    Rybo: That's his steam username
    Rybo: *part of it*
    Rybo: So this friend
    Rybo: He got in a car crash
    Rybo: And naturally
    Rybo: He got the drain bramage
    Rybo: lets just say
    Rybo: This brain damage happened to change him
    Rybo: And guess what he picked up?
    Rybo: 5 letters
    Rybo: Starts with an f
    Rybo: Ends with a y
    Rybo: You guessed it
    Rybo: He became a furfag
    Rybo: Why does this story matter at all?
    Rybo: Well here's the thing
    Rybo: I figure
    Rybo: That if the furry culture did not exist
    Rybo: He would not get as ­ed up and corrupted as he did
    Rybo: And yeah
    Rybo: I do believe this furry ­ corrupted him a bit
    Rybo: Regarding brain damage
    Rybo: Reconstruction of brain cells
    Rybo: Ect ect
    Rybo: So
    Rybo: what is your opinion
    Rybo: on the furry fandom corrupting society
    Rybo: And messing people up more than they need to be messed up
    Quantum_Wolf: Lets see, you claim it to corrupt society, and yet you base yourself on one friend, whond you say brain damage is what made him become a furry.
    Rybo: More so than just that
    Quantum_Wolf: *who you say brain damage made him become furry
    Rybo: I also believe
    Rybo: It causes damage further on
    Rybo: In the form of cult mentality
    Rybo: And yes
    Rybo: I call the furry fandom a cult
    Rybo: What else is it?
    Rybo: That's exactly what it is
    Rybo: I don't mean to just push in
    Rybo: After not talking to you for a while
    Rybo: And question what makes you happy
    Quantum_Wolf: Jesus, where do you hear these things? As far I know only a minority of the fandom would be doing those things.
    Rybo: Where do I hear these things?
    Rybo: These are my own theories
    Rybo: I create them
    Rybo: Based on existential evidence
    Rybo: Of the furry fanbase
    Rybo: I mean
    Rybo: Here's the cheese of the situation
    Rybo: I absolutely despise the furry fandom
    Quantum_Wolf: I noticed
    Rybo: if I find out someone is a furry
    Rybo: I beat the living ­ out of them
    Quantum_Wolf: I noticed that too
    Rybo: So here's the cheese
    Rybo: Basically
    Rybo: I don't exactly want to troll you / bully you here
    Rybo: So I' not going to
    Rybo: But here's the thing
    Rybo: From what I've seen
    Rybo: Furfags are quick to anger in defending their little cult
    Rybo: And normally
    Rybo: They are quite freaks of people
    Quantum_Wolf: Hmmph, some people are like that, I respect your opinion.
    Rybo: So why are you doing this to yourself?
    Quantum_Wolf: What am I doing to myself exactly?
    Rybo: Yes
    Rybo: You are jeopardizing yourself
    Rybo: It's like dying your skin black in the 1900s
    Rybo: It just makes you
    Rybo: A social freak
    Rybo: And hated by a lot of the internet
    Rybo: Why do that to yourself?
    Quantum_Wolf: I honestly don't care much about what people think of me. I do what I want.
    Rybo: Ah
    Rybo: But you should
    Rybo: I learned that a long time ago
    Rybo: It's best not to be yourself
    Rybo: Most people wear masks anyways
    Quantum_Wolf: Well, it's only obvious on the internet, you wouldn't notice much in real life.
    Rybo: What if I went up to you in real life
    Rybo: And argued that if hitler commited genocide on furfags instead of jews
    Rybo: He would have done nothing wrong
    Rybo: I've done that before
    Rybo: It normally weeds them out fast
    Quantum_Wolf: I'll be honest, I tend to hang around the cleaner side of things.
    Rybo: God
    Rybo: The fandom really ­f'ed up zombie survival
    Rybo: Furry porn sprays everywhere...
    Quantum_Wolf: Well then you must be finding the wrong people, only a small portion would actually do that.
    Rybo: Zombie survival
    Rybo: Is when you take a bunch of people
    Rybo: And put them in a game anonymously
    Rybo: That is exactly where that ­ happens man
    Rybo: It's like internet forums
    Rybo: Anything unmoderated
    Rybo: In a random location
    Rybo: It's not finding any particular people
    Quantum_Wolf: Then you just happened to get put with the wrong people
    Rybo: It's going into unmoderated random games
    Rybo: Thousands of games man
    Rybo: It's cancer
    Rybo: I'd say it contributes to the death of Garry's Mod
    Rybo: Let me say this..
    Rybo: I'm gonna continue beating the ­ out of any furries I happen to see..
    Rybo: And you stay out of Ohio
    Quantum_Wolf: I live in Canada, and I can't even drive yet, what makes you think I would go to Ohio?
    Rybo: No diea
    Rybo: No idea*
    Rybo: Just stay out of bounce
    Rybo: Ohio hates anyone who isn't white
    Quantum_Wolf: And I don't care about you beating on them, do what you want.
    Rybo: Atleast from my experience
    Rybo: You have a few ghettos
    Rybo: With races
    Rybo: Other than that
    Rybo: Also
    Rybo: Why is it always you damn canadians...
    Rybo: Always
    Quantum_Wolf: Always what?
    Quantum_Wolf: You going to tell me another story?
    Rybo: It's always canadians that are furfags it seems..
    Rybo: Or furry sympathizers
    Rybo: What's up with that
    Quantum_Wolf: I wish I knew.
    Rybo: Either way
    Rybo: I'm fine so long as you aren't pink
    Rybo: Pinker than a moscow sunset
    Rybo: I should say
    Quantum_Wolf: Ah that'll never happen
    Quantum_Wolf: I've always hated pink
    Rybo: Good to hear, son
    Rybo: I'm especially against pinkos
    Quantum_Wolf: I'm not going to say I'm against them, but I tend to steer myself away from them
    Rybo: Pinkos?
    Rybo: I will say though
    Rybo: I'd really have issues with you
    Rybo: if you are > the age of 20 and still a furry
    Rybo: From what I collect
    Rybo: This whole furry ­ is due to teenage identity crisis
    Rybo: It'll all be over soon for you
    Quantum_Wolf: We'll see
    Rybo: I understand you are arund 17
    Rybo: 14 - 17 years of age
    Quantum_Wolf: 16
    Rybo: Yeah
    Rybo: It's just a teenage identity crysis
    Rybo: It will all be over soon, son
    Quantum_Wolf: As I said, we'll see
    Rybo: I'm not lying here
    Rybo: I like to know the furry culture inside out
    Rybo: So I can attack if effectively
    Rybo: And that is what I came up with
    Rybo: As the cause of this
    Quantum_Wolf: Well, this was a nice discussion, especially considering I haven't talked to you in a while
    Rybo: I don't think it was a nice discussion
    Rybo: it was something that had to be said
    Rybo: Regarding the furry community
    Quantum_Wolf: Have you heard of sarcasm before?
    Rybo: Sorry
    Rybo: My sarcasm detector is off
    Rybo: Since I thought we were in serious talk
    Rybo: I thought
    Rybo: That we were speaking of this seriously
    Quantum_Wolf: Oh we were
    Quantum_Wolf: only that nice discussion part was sarcasm
    Rybo: How was it not a nice discussion
    Rybo: I mostly didn't insult you on a personal level
    Rybo: More so than I insulted the furry community
    Quantum_Wolf: And now you are calling this a nice discussion? you just said it wasn't about a minute ago.
    Rybo: God damnit
    Rybo: ­ me
    Rybo: Um
    Rybo: Look over there
    Rybo: I wouldn't lie to you
    Quantum_Wolf: I suppose so, especially after that rant of yours
    Rybo: Lol
    Rybo: I'm not going to hold this against you
    Rybo: I will hold it against the rest of the furry community though
    Rybo: For doing this to you
    Quantum_Wolf: What has it done? Nothing bad has happened to me yet
    Quantum_Wolf: Apart from this discussion
    Rybo: Look
    Rybo: I don't have 100% on my reasoning
    Rybo: But trust me
    Rybo: It's there
    Rybo: Somewhere
    Rybo: A seed of reason
    Quantum_Wolf: Definitely not 100%
    Rybo: 101%?
    Quantum_Wolf: There is a decent side to the fandom, that you seem to have missed, considering it's a huge chunk of it.
    Rybo: I know of it
    Rybo: But I lik focusing on the certain side
    Rybo: Since it helps me sway opinions
    Rybo: ...
    Rybo: What's goin on here man?
    Quantum_Wolf: Now that I think about it? you'd probably be better off not knowing.

    Also this is the first time he bothered to talk to me in about a year.

    Needless to say I blocked him and took him off my friends list.

    yeah, number one rule of the fandom: Don't talk about the fandom unless interest is mutual

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    Quote from Haze_the_Wolf

    Nice to meat you too!

    Quote from Haze_the_Wolf

    Nice to meat you

    Quote from Haze_the_Wolf


    Did... Did you seriously just call someone out on their grammar and then use the wrong homophone?
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    Quote from IrishMule

    Can you have these skins available for download

    No. I make them custom for people who ask. Just note me on FA.

    Anyway. I'm back. College is a bit overwhelming. Here's a quick thing that might turn into a new ref sheet:
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    Quote from Lord_Dominic

    Damn, I had typed up a reply but I closed the tab by mistake! Take two!

    And here it is!
    I hope you like it!

    AAAAAAA! I love it!

    Thank You!!!!!
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    Quote from Lord_Dominic

    Also, AJ, I was going to draw you something as a birthday gift (I saw that notification in my messages on DA) but what I was working on got messed up and I will have to start over. Might be a day or two late because of that.

    aaaaaaa! Thank you! :)
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    Quote from KaBling

    Wouldn't it be easier to have it in a Vitruvian man-style drawing (or at least diagrams)?

    I'm not going for a realistic style and I'm not drawing a human so not really. This is the style I've always used as a base.
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    Back on topic, I am working on a new ref sheet:
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    Quote from Seth_Knight

    Hello, all. I haven't been here in a long time. Not sure why. Possibly because of the conversion project I've started on the recently released game, Cube World. I'm remaking the mobs, their names, the objects, the races, the classes.. you name it. All in the theme of my Skylands lore. For those that wish to see:

    So, to start, this is just a slightly angled view of my main character, Kaii. I re-did the entire body, custom created the hair and face, and am sticking close to her actual look and coloration as I've imagined her.
    As a little change, I decided to put a tribal emblem on the back of her quiver.

    In order to satisfy my OCD when it comes to details, Kaii also has cubic brown pads beneath her feet.

    This is a front shot, with her weapon removed. I had to create the tribal wrap-around top myself.

    This is an example of what I'm doing to the classes, and their specializations.

    Finally, I changed the mission marker, previously two crossed swords, to a paw print. I'm rather happy with how it turned out.

    So, thanks to those that had a look. Currently working on something at the moment, glad to be back. Maybe.

    Excellent work! I haven't really spent to much time with Cube World yet, because the gameplay isn't really refined yet. If you can somehow make the character customization include other animals that would be awesome!

    Also are you guys are just starting highschool? My first college classes start the 26th.
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    EDIT: ­, my tab was messed up and I thought I hadn't posted that image already. ignore this post.
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    Radda Radda College Guy.
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    Digitaled it.
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