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    Age: 12 ( I know i probably wont get in because of this D: But i'm mature )

    Gender: Male

    Location: USA - Wisconsin - Kaukauna

    Real life Name: Andrew

    In Game Name: AGTMaster

    Have you ever been on a whitelisted server? Yes, and its for another SMP but it was shutdown :(

    Have you ever been banned? (Be honest it doesn't mean no): Yes due to other people,

    If yes Why? I was playing on a server and someone who i trusted got my password, used it to raid a faction base. But he also used it to do other bad things. IDK exactly what he did, but i have changed my password.

    Tell us something about yourself: I'm A soccer player and i enjoy drawing and playing Video Games . Im in 7th grade now (Im young for my grade), and hoping of becoming a YouTuber . Youtube- Bectom1 , Im also a part of BxB (Block by Block) a building team (their post is a somewhere above me) I don't have Skype but i do have Steam http://store.steampowered.com/ And i can use that to voice chat/private message. I like building and hanging out with friends on Minecraft and i play most often on weekends, But because school is starting it might be reduced a bit. And i would Love to be a part of a great community :)

    Steam Username - AGTMaster or agtmaster2.

    Thanks , and please don't deny because i'm a kid. (I mature)

    I hope to see you on the server :)

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