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    posted a message on Looking for co-op builders for a modpack

    I'm building a mod pack featuring adventure with skyblock with famous mods...

    The mod pack starts with a spawn where the player can adventure through, unlock stuff, trade, and enjoy an amazing (hopefully) adventure. An amazing adventure requires an amazing atmosphere where I can not call myself quite a builder and I suck at it :lol:

    The main mods I currently use which you can also use in your builds are:
    * Create
    * Supplementries

    * Waystones
    * AE2
    Though it's just a start, I will add more mods as I progress and I'm open to suggestions.

    Contact me on discord "00ashenguard" if you are interested!

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    I want to make a dimension with pre-existing structure and entities (Villagers, NPCs and etc...) as an adventure world in my modpack, But I wasn't able to find any mod that make a custom world from a schematic and entities in it...

    I'm using 1.16.5 Forge, Also, I have KubeJS if it does help

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