About Me

Hi. I'm Arek "AGDeveloper" Kwapis. I do things on the Internet.

I stream to Twitch. I make music on Spotify. I program. I play games. What more is there to say? 🙂

I'm also a MASSIVE Noragami and Kingdom Hearts fan. Favourite characters are Yukine and Rokusasu. Sora close behind.

I'm almost always online, and basically everywhere... Even inside your walls. So if you want a chat, try that first, and if I'm not there maybe find me on one of the many socials I use. Primarily Discord these days. I'm always open for a chat and meeting new friends 😁




Playing games

Reading manga

Watching anime


Making music

Yukine from Noragami

Rokusasu from Kingdom Hearts

Location Falkirk, Scotland

Profile Information

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