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    Name: William

    Age: 17

    IGN: ADis

    Skype: RevolutionaryDick (It's an inside joke between me and my IRL friends)

    What rank you want to be: Mod/Admin

    Why do you want to be that rank: I want to be able to be apart of a server that I can truly help with. I get bored extremely easy when it comes to just playing as normally just grind for things. If I was given a rank of importance I would retain consistency when playing.

    Experience: I Co-Owned a server through most of 2014 and was staff on said server since 2012. The server was called Nemegaming and I really enjoyed playing and managing it, however I needed to focus on school and now that I'm at a break point I can really focus on things I can enjoy.

    Why us: Honestly, because you are looking. I'm treating this the same way a job application, you are looking so I am applying.

    How much time can you spend on the server: 4+ hours a day on weekdays and 12+ hours on weekend days.

    Have you ever been banned in any server (if yes, reason): Back in my extremely immature griefing days of early 2012, yes, but it was only on small servers that were basically private for them and their friends.

    Are you aware that you will be Backround checked?: Yes.

    Are you aware that asking about App = Denial of the App?: Yes

    How many languages do you speak (write which ones they are and which ones you are most comfortable to speak in, in the format of a list): English, and very basic Spanish.

    Additional Info goes here: I am simply looking for something to fill in the gaps between school and job and would really enjoy playing on this server. I understand i was very blunt about my application but there is no reason to go spectacular on an application to something you'd enjoy doing. Thank you for reading and I appreciate being put into consideration.

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    Hello, I am looking for someone that I can help config and run their server for them. I don't want to be paid(although i wouldnt mind it either c; ) but I am experienced when it comes to server plugin setups such as factions, Essentials, PermissionsEx, MyCMD, and a host of other plugins that help really well when setting up a server. My skype is RevolutionaryDick and just send me a skype request if you would like help with your server.

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    How many years of experience do you have with Minecraft, how many with servers?

    I have been playing since late 2011, and I have Co-Owned a network called Nemegaming. It's playerbase was steadying around 150 players before I resigned due to school issues.

    What is your age, and how would you level your maturity? 1-10What time zone are you in?

    I am 17 years old, and would say my maturity rating is about a 8 when in a serious moment, but I do enjoy to joke around and keeps moods light. I am also in the Central Standard Timezone

    What platform of communication do you use? Skype, TeamSpeak ect.

    I use both Skype and Teamspeak

    What would be the best way for me to contact you?

    My skype, Revolutionary_Dick

    General introduction of yourself

    I have recently gotten back into Minecraft and have been looking for a minecraft server to help setup and help maintain as it is about the only thing I enjoy with minecraft. I normally work in the background and farm and grind which is another thing I enjoy doing, basically "whoring" recourses to become the richest on the server. I also would like to state I do know quite a few plugins that would help tremendously with making custom looking menus and things of that nature. I am also extremely great with creating and implementing custom game modes as long as I am given the parameters of what you want. If you would like to talk to me more about what I mean, just shoot me a skype request.

    What position are you applying for?

    Anything to where I can help with configs and plugins.

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