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    posted a message on I reccomend Minecraft to have this:

    - If water in swamps look like the swamps in real life, why don't they poison you if you swim in them for too long. They already look horrible, why doesn't it act horrible?

    -Minecraft already has a bunch of breeds of cats, why don't they get a bunch of breeds for dogs?

    -Minecraft doesn't want to be too realistic, but in the Caves and Cliffs update (1.18), why didn't they add some sort of echo when you play a music disc in one of those open caves below, or the sound of muffling behind a wall, or my personal favourite, the sound of talking or walking in the deep blue. I would feel much better when I go down for those diamonds and a creeper kills me!

    -Minecraft should add some sort of way to add pictures from your computer or the web. I have spent more time than I should have when I'm trying to get that self portrait in my living room, or when I try to get a coat hanger, or a plate, I don't care!

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