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    posted a message on Looking for ELITE builders for Big Projects. [Builders Elite Clan]
    Hey people, it's 94sFinest, another member of the Mistveil server :smile.gif:
    You should come and join, we've got an awesome world set up with great structures, and you can level up, so you have something to work for :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Galaxy S II Issues?
    Hello all, I've purchased this for my Samsung Galaxy S II, and whenever I try to join my friends game, his server will show up in my menu, but when I attempt to join it, it says 'Connection Failed'.

    Anyone experiencing this who could give some advice?

    Of course, we could just get on the computers and play on a much larger screen with less bugs, but why bother, right? :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Sniper Duel
    It's funny..because you all got trolled by the mighty Notch.
    This achievement was designed to be un-winnable for the sole purpose of pissing people off.
    The only way this can be unlocked is through editing your 'stats' file and marking it as unlocked.
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    posted a message on STUCK IN THE AIR ON MY MC SERVER?
    Quote from jman1897


    Bumping something four times just makes you look like an idiot.
    Please refrain from it in the future, or don't be surprised if a moderator contacts you.
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    posted a message on Request : Sky Limit Modification/Ideas.
    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has come up with a legitimate sky limit mod, or some sort of command/code that could raise it?

    I realise it's a very difficult thing to do, (I did some reading into the subject and discovered that it's actually limited through a whole boatload of coding), but does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how this could be accomplished?

    Thanks :smile.gif:

    By the way, I know almost nothing about creating mods, or anything of the like apart from console commands and texture-related mods.
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