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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Spect suddenly wakes up, though what awoke him he doesn't know, nor does he know where he is, all he can tell is that he's lying in some kind of nursery room, covered in toys. A small closet lines the wall, and a single door provides the exit.

    Spect suddenly woke up, his eyes snap open as some movement caused by the awakening makes a few toys on him fall off. Examining his surroundings, he isn't entirely sure whether to believe his eyes or not. "Well this is... new. I don't remember pretending to be a kid." he says to himself as he lie there, not really bothering to get up just yet.

    A minute or so passes by until he finally makes up the decision to get out from under the pile of toys, brushing off any dust he might've gathered while lying on the floor. "Can't be someone pranking me, I don't have any friends that are into that sort of thing... or can drag me around without me noticing. Oh well, better see where I've ended up." he continues as he walks about the room, casually opening anything he can and looking inside them. He doesn't expect much to be here, considering what the rest of the room is.
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    Quote from Pandolen»

    Like someone might suspect, Ezmond was going pretty easy on Betty because she wasn't as powerful as he was, and because she was his daughter he really didn't want to kill her, even though he really wanted to... IF THAT MAKES ANY SENSE! Anyway, eventually, being that Ezmond had it in his head that Betty had lost her mind because of her love for Ariel, he decides to whip up an old 'Mind Stabilization' spell. Now as you might expect, this spell is designed to snap anyone out whatever crazy frame of mind they are in and make them think normally again. But wouldn't you gosh darn well know it to be truth - when Ezmond cast that spell at Betty, Betty dived out of the way and the spell hit little Chissy when she entered the room right at that moment!

    When the spell hit Chissy, it had no choice but to expel whatever was possessing her so that Chissy could get back to her normal way of thinking. And just like that, whatever Order freak influence was inside of her was cast out and Chissy came back to her senses again.

    But that isn't all! When Betty picks herself up off the floor and sees her little dragon friend standing their all bruised and bleeding, she almost has a blazing fit! Thinking for a split second that Ezmond caused the injuries, Betty throws another one of them spells at Ezmond, like the one she used on the animals earlier, and just like that Ezmond wasn't in the room anymore! He was standing in the Library instead.

    Meanwhile back in the bedroom, Betty is screaming at the top of her lungs because of the mess that her little baby dragon is in.


    Right after yelling that, and a bunch of other stuff I'm not allowed to say, Betty runs over to Chissy and gets down on the floor beside her and, whether she likes it or not, she pulls that dragon into her lap and cradles her in her arms like a big ol baby, rocking her back and forth and telling her everything is gonna be ok in a really soothing voice.

    Back down in the library, Ezmond sees a very strange man with his face buried in the corner of the room.

    Chislle had wandered into the room with Betty and Ezmond inside as they were slinging spells and other things that could be called spells but were not. She initially had absolutely no reason to stay inside, being very much still full of rage while on her little mission. Even when she saw Betty move about she felt no reason to go over to her and greet her. However before she could wander over to the next door to continue her endless march through the house, a bolt of magic headed straight for her, having missed it's intended target when they dodged out of the way.

    As soon as Chisille was struck, she felt a wave of magic wash through her. The feelings she had been forced to feel or abandon due to both the influence of the order and Revel's fearless spell were gracefully dispelled from her mind. Her true emotions had some trouble filling the void that was left inside her as she stopped still at the entrance to the room. At first, she didn't know what to feel. All she could do was stand there while Betty furiously banished her father from the room.

    Then the fatigue of her actions set in. The pain she was feeling finally being felt, both physically and emotionally. Slowly and shakily she rose a front paw and looked down at it, covered in the blood of the people she had attacked. Sure she was used to killing various creatures in the wild to survive, but killing someone in cold blood, even if it wasn't really her fault, filled her with guilt.

    The guilt then turned into worry over what all the others would think when Faux returned to them, telling them all about what he had seen her do to poor Fin. The worry turned into fear when she figured they would all be incredibly furious and attempt to get their revenge for what she had done. There was no way she was going to be able to convince them that it wasn't her fault she did what she did.

    The feelings piled up in her system, the pain and the tiredness causing her to be unable to continue standing as it overwhelmed her. She collapsed to the floor, groaning when she hit the ground as Betty rushed to her aid after yelling out something that she hadn't listened to. Suddenly she was being grabbed and pulled towards the farm girl, brought into an embrace while being gently rocked about in her arms. She made no objections at all to this, being too consumed by her situation instead.

    "What have I... done..." she muttered as she felt the darkness swirl about within her before it finally took her away from the waking world. Betty felt her go limp as she passed out in her arms.

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    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    Though the mist looked like it had worked on Faux, instead of his emotions changing, he quite literally shuts down right in front of the dragon. This was because, unbeknownst to Chisille, Faux lacked any emotion at all, therefore causing a malfunction. Then as the mist dissipates and Chisille leaps at him, a brilliant light blinds her mid-leap. She doesn't feel Faux's flesh before she lands, meaning she missed.

    When the light finally fades away, nothing seems to have changed. Faux still stands there as before, though now he seems to be in a daze instead of completely shut-down.

    Just as Chisille was about to sink her teeth into his arm, a bright flash occurred, coming from Faux. She quickly shut her eyes, landing unsteadily on the stairs as she tried to recover her sight. Leaving no time to waste she turned around while blinking hard, ready for another lunge at the man now standing there in a daze. Now even more furious then before, she wasted no time sinking her teeth into his arm again. Even though she could've, she didn't go for the throat, like what happened with Fin.

    Faux felt the dozens of sharp little needles pierce through his skin and sink into his arm, letting him know that he definitely was on the bad side for this particular 'dog'. However after the first second of hard biting, it was replaced with a stranger but still painful feeling. The area around where Chisille had her mouth felt stranger, as if he was being drawn up through a large straw, and her throat started gulping. For whatever reason, she was sucking his blood out from his arm and drinking it.

    The satisfaction this brought the dragoness was unexpected to her, for the most part. She knew that Fin and Annie's blood would taste sweet, as that's what she was commanded to feel. However drawing from Faux was just still sweet for her, satisfying in a way. Her anger subsided somewhat as this went on, though it was almost too clear that she didn't feel like stopping. At least not yet.

    Whether Faux forcefully ends this or she ends up being satisfied enough to let go, she licks her lips of the remaining crimson liquid.
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    posted a message on Abandoned
    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    "Whew," mutters Faux, catching his breath as he slowly ascends the staircase. "I really hate stairs... I'm the greatest engineer, not the fittest..."

    His breathing becomes highly exaggerated in a way, as if he were poorly imitating the act from memory. Eventually, the two 'dog' and person come into view at the top of the staircase. A gasp comes out of Faux's mouth.

    "Hey, you," shouts Faux, starting to increase his pace, "are you turning that guy into a statistic!? I'll have you know that you won't be considered a protected species by the government, and it won't be my fault!"

    In the nick of time, he finally reaches the top of the staircase. He quickly rushes towards the two and grabs what he can of the 'dog' with his small hands-- in an attempt to pry her off of the person underneath them.

    As Chisilles teeth-filled mouth was about to savagely tear into Fin's throat, Faux manages to pull her back at just the right moment. Her teeth clamp down mere centimeters away from Fin's neck. Almost immediately afterwards, she tries to have another go. Once more Faux's efforts save him a gruesome death as her jaws bite down on thin air. She attempts this a few more times but every time just narrowly misses.

    However, Faux doesn't have the best grip on the smooth scales of the 'dog' he's trying to wrestle away from the poor man in danger. One sudden and hard wing flap occurs, smacking him in the face and other nearby areas. This was accompanied by the spike of her tail finding it's way around and stabbing into his leg.

    After the aggression against Faux, Chisille tries even harder to get at Fin. In almost sheer desperation to end his life, she makes one final lunge at his neck. This time however, it connects. Fin can feel her needle teeth sinking into his neck, slowly making it's way to puncturing his windpipe. Time almost seems to slow down for him as he's about to lose his life.

    Even if he makes it out of this alive, he's going to have some cool neck scars he can show off.

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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Ezra is mostly hidden, crouched low in the dark corner. What can be seen of his translucent skin is covered in lacerations and darkly charred burns that meld well with the shadows. The white of his eyes, which are more of a jaundice yellow, stand out above all else and seem to give off a faint glow in contrast with the darkness.

    While Fin speaks his greeting, the abrupt arrival of Chisille is heard at the door, causing Ezra to react nervously, narrowing his eyes with ambivalent scrutiny as he attempts to tuck further into the shadows. He then emits a hiss, somewhat like that of a threatened cat, followed by the sound of wisp and cracked voice speaking one word, as though it were a warning to Fin –


    Unfortunately, the repeated pounding and growls from Chisille at the door provides no relief for Ezra. His blood-ringed iris’s start to quiver as all of the room begins to shake. A painting falls from one of the walls, its frame breaking when it hits the floor, while a clay vase trembles atop a dresser before tipping from the ledge and shattering into shards across the room. The sound of the vase smashing, though it were indirectly caused by Ezra, causes his defensive behavior to intensify. With a shrilling scream, he bursts from the shadows, no longer in the form of a man, but rather a grey mass that sweeps across the room like a cloud of ash blown by a strong wind that knocks Fin clear off his feet, causing him to break through the door he had entered.

    As Fin comes down on Chisille in a shower of wooden splinters from the door, Ezra, keeping his clouded form, storms down the stairs and passes through the next wall in his path.

    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Fin fell back as the mutilated man rushed into him, slamming him through the door and onto the dragon trying to bounce in outside of it. Two things happened then: One, the dragons bouncing had stopped, now that she had finally returned to the one who had thrown her. Two, Fin rolled off the back of the serpent in a backwards sommersault, landing flat on his back again, stunned and breathless by the things that had taken place.
    Ugh... I'm never coming to a mysterious town again... And there Fin was, at the mercy of the vicious killing beast before him, now free of her unwilling bouncing, able to attack him without even the beginning of a struggle. Although... Fin could have sworn he may have saw someone when he sommersaulted over the dragon. ((Mackerellatorn's Faux. A.K.A., that's your cue!))

    Chisille continued to press against the door in a desperate attempt to get it open and take out her anger on the human inside, when suddenly in a burst of wooden shrapnel and splinters the door caved in. Chisille gets knocked down backwards as the wood and Fin lands on top of her, knocking out the wind from her lungs as tail, wing and claw beat ferociously at the weight above her.

    As soon as the weight had started, it fell off again. Chisille didn't waste any time setting herself up the right way again and looking around at what had happened. She instantly looked to the door, now with a large hole in it. A quick sniff of the room indicated that while his presence was within it, that was no longer the case anymore. Instead his scent led her to the spot right behind her. There he was, lying flat on his back from whatever impact he had received. Whatever had happened to him was of no concern to her.

    With a quick snarl, she launched herself onto Fin's chest, sinking her needle-like claws into his flesh again. This time however, she wasn't going to give him a mere warning by biting his shoulder. No, this time she was going for the neck. After all, she wanted him dead instead of merely out of the way.

    Opening her jaws, she lunged down at Fin, aiming directly for his throat...

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    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Pain... That was all that Fin felt at that moment. Excrutiating, mind-melting, leg-jellying pain, so harsh he couldn't even scream. Got to... Run! With all his strength, all the force he had in his body, boosted by his adrenaline, he threw the dragon off of him, even if it was just a foot or so. That was all it took for him to get up and start running through the halls again, although not quite as fast as he did before. The pain... It penetrated him with every step, a harsh acid that was melting him slowly from the inside out, waiting for him to give up and consume him. But Fin had learned long ago that after pain was done, it left but a faint memory in his mind.
    Unfortunately for him though, as he kept running, the great serpent with wings started, believe it or not, bouncing. While it wasn't a very strong throw, and he hadn't thrown her very far, it was enough to activate his powers, and the dragon kept hitting off the walls of the hall, in a magical pursuit to come back to the one who had thrown her, who happened to be going where she intended, even if unintentionally.
    ((Yes, his powers can affect living beings. Get over it please.))

    Chisille continued her relentless attack on Fin, making it very hard to remove the angry dragon from himself. However with one mighty shove he just manages to tear her off. Everyone can see where 4 sets of claws and any other bites and stabs happened, as his clothing was torn and blood was pouring through.

    When Chisille landed on the floor, she unintentionally shot slightly into the air again, as if she was overexcited about leaping back onto him and giving him another go. However this was not really her, but the magic Fin's powers had brought onto her. Chisille didn't even really notice anyway, she was so angry, so instinctively she started chasing him again, purposely leaping along with the magic bounces that were being caused.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    As Chisille attacks the man, Fin, she is fevered with fury that this man has delayed her prize. His blood is sweet and his actions have caused frustration, further hatred, animosity. The undeniable voice in her head gives further instruction.

    “Eliminate the intolerable. They force your delay. Nothing will stop you from reaching this child, yet they mock you with their hindrance. Let nobody stand in your path. Make him suffer. Kill him! Taste the sweet blood of your wrath!”

    More plumes of smoke rose from her nostrils as this new command ran through her mind. She licked the red that covered her lips. The sensation was enjoyable, but it was enjoyable for more then just the reason the presence in her head had commanded.

    She bared her teeth again and sped up, the bouncing reducing her control over her movement, but also reducing the energy consumption of the run as she needed to put less effort into her sprint. Her old target would have to wait, this new one was going to die first for their actions.

    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Fin, unaware of the thoughts sent into the dragon's head, continued running, going through a corridor with a door at the end while the dragon continued bouncing off the walls at him, getting bruised more and more.
    As he quickly opened the door, he slammed it behind him just as the dragon banged against it, before bouncing around some more and hitting it again and again, weakening the structure of the frame as he ran forward and around a corner, not sparing a thought as he was heading up some stairs and running through a doorway into...

    OOC: I would just like to point out 2 things. Not only did I not get a chance to reply to your first post in this series of events, but you also happened to reply to a post that had absolutely no relevance to your character, and so they could not have reacted to it anyway. I'm readjusting parts of it to make up for what would really happen.

    IC: Chisille couldn't stop her pursuit of Fin even if she had wanted to, but she didn't. She had a target in her sights and was not going to let it get away. While her fury and rage flowing through her made her running a little less precise when it came to navigating the halls, made worse by the uncontrolled bouncing, she was quite agile on all fours letting her only hit the walls a few times. Her tough draconic scales reduced the force of the impact further.

    She wasn't able to slow down in time for the door to close in front of her snout, but any injury she had received upon hitting the door was completely ignored by her fueled anger. A door. That's right, she knew how to open those, and she had been even when hunting after Annie instead. It too her several attempts to accurately leap at the door handle because of the constant bouncing, but she eventually got a hold of the handle.

    It clicked, allowing the door to be opened again. With one rear leg pushing off from a wall, the door swung open. She breathed in deeply. Chisille could tell her target had ran up some nearby stairs. She could smell their fear, their sweat and their blood. So, like a predator on the hunt for her prey, she followed.

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    Combat and shenanigans initiated. Horrible, terrible, wonderful things are happening!!

    Just when Chisille was about to fall asleep, she suddenly felt a lot warmer... Then the warmth rose to uncomfortable levels around her. She quickly opened her eyes and saw that the floor that she was lying down on had suddenly burst into flames! She knew she couldn't have done this since she doesn't breathe fire in her sleep. It wasn't nearly as flesh-searingly painful to her as it would be to any other mortal being thanks to being who she was, but it was still quite painful to her as the intense heat worked it's way through her scales and into her flesh below.

    The worst part about the whole lying on a burning floor thing... her bucket of cookies was burning away! As soon as she had stood up, she snatched the bucket with her jaws and suddenly leapt up onto the dining table. This move had caused a large amount of cutlery and food to go scattering about the table and onto the floor, knocking over drinking glasses, smashing plates on the ground and all that sorts of chaos.

    She neatly set her bucket down in the middle of it all.

    With a large amount of loud hissing the flames surrounding the room had been extinguished by water pouring into the room from the same cracks where she had seen the eyes appear. Another good reason that she had abandoned her position on the floor was that the water didn't stop until it was at her shoulder height. There was no way she would've been happy with wading around in it all like that.

    "Sorry bout mess." she mutters to Lyudmila and Revel as the mess slowly grinds to a halt. "Don't think I'll get sleep tonight... Not first time..." she sighed sadly to herself, resting her her on top of the bucket. Lyudmila has an opportunity to get at the cookies again... though there is a sharp set of dragon teeth awfully close to the prize.
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    Quote from Buttons»

    As it turns out, Chisille did indeed get an answer to her thoughtful question, and even more astonishingly, spoken in her own dragon tongue.

    "You got it right, just like that. Revel, Revel, Revel, Rev. Such a clever dragon.... And to think they locked you up for all that time...."

    Chisille subconsciously nods at the confirmation that Revel gives her, though the talk about when she was locked up brings back bad memories. Thankfully with the spell of sorts she's under, she doesn't feel nearly as bad about them. 'Yeah, but back then I wasn't as clever... I can't really remember how I got captured either. I just know I didn't used to be held in a cage, some sort of dark hole instead, and then I was in a cage for most of my life. I really didn't like it in there after a while. Especially when I sometimes woke up sore.' She thinks as a reply.

    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Lyudmila sighs. "Sounds to me like you're just here for me, as if you're either madly in love or very desperate. Besides, you know that she's gonna pester you if she sees you, you know?" Lyudmila says as she takes the mashed potatoes.
    "Yea, there was noise coming from the attic a bit ago too. And that cowbell noise as well, this place is less silent than it used to be, though neither of those sounds sounded like the people involved were having quite as much fun as those two. I wonder if they know that none of these rooms are soundproof."

    Quote from Buttons»

    "Pester pester, that's what pests do." Revel replies. "One can't help their own nature. But we both know she loves me." He jests. Once Lyudmila was done dishing out the potatoes he places them back on the table for her. "And why put yourself down like that, my lady? The only thing I'm desperate for is a little bit of... fun with that special person, maybe? Given, sure, I'm not the fussy type, but you can hardly call that desperate." Thinking a moment while licking away a dab of potato that got stuck to his thumb, he then says; "To be perfectly honest, thin walls are my thing, why sleep when you can listen to the doings of the couple next door? But you know..." He says, looking like a light turned on in his head; "...I really should get myself a cow bell."

    A cow bell appears on the table beside him.

    "Would you like one too?"

    While she was talking mentally with Revel, Chisille had soon finished off everything on her plate, lightly burping afterwards. She still wasn't satisfied, so she dragged another plate of food over to a closer spot and started munching on that too. The conversation between Revel and Lyudmila was somewhat intriguing for her, particularly the part where she didn't really know what they were talking about. They kept hinting at things that she didn't understand.

    After a while of the others chatting, she decided to question them. "Lillid... What are you talking about? You say they're having fun? What do you mean?" she asked Lyudmila, then turned to Revel. "What fun you talking about? Why does Betty want cookies and love angels?"
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    Quote from Buttons»

    "Oh, for crying out loud." Ariel sighs, feeling that all his efforts were in vain; "Chisille, don't even worry about that noise up there, I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you. It's probably just Annie making a nuisance of herself again. She's up there in the attic with that other weirdo, Ei, or whatever her name is. You've met Annie, right? You know, that little girl that seems bent on causing trouble for everyone in town. And believe me, I understand what you're feeling right now; I know exactly what it's like to be constantly looking over your shoulder because something might be after you. That's all I've been doing since I arrived in this town, thanks to Annie. She's been out to get me ever since I arrived. I mean,"

    Ariel leans forward, allowing his wings to be fully visible as he opens them up to show Chisille. Phasing them back out of view again, he continues;

    "I'm not even human, I'm an angel, and I'm guessing that's the reason why she keeps picking on me. She doesn't like angels or something. So yeah, I know what its like to feel different and scared.

    Ariel sighs again and takes a sweet from the table, popping it in his mouth and chewing thoughtfully for a moment.

    "And you know what else, for countless years as an angel I went around making life better for people, but since I arrived in this town not one thing has gone right for me. But that's karma for ya, right? No good deed goes unpunished. I mean everything - everything has gone wrong for me since I landed in this place, and all I want now is to have just one friggen thing go right for me.... But no... I can't even make a scared little dragon feel better. I'm useless...."

    Ariel's voice trails off in a depressed kinda tone, as he looks up at the noise coming from the attic and shakes his head. "So do what you want, Chisille." He looks at her, a tear welling in his eye. "I'm just trying to help you, but I guess I'm just wasting my time in this town. I might as well have kept drinking, at least that felt good for a while."

    As Ariel started talking again, Chisille's attention was once again drawn to him. This time the sound of his voice was more... frustrated or irritated as well as calm and caring. Even though she was just about ready to leave the room from how incredibly uncomfortable she felt right now, she stayed a bit longer just to hear him. After all, they seemed to be doing nothing but talking and all that and she wanted to straighten as much things out as she could.

    Annie. That name rung a bell, though she didn't quite understand it until Ariel explained about a... little girl. Images rushed through her mind, similar to the time when she was forced to see all the things the strange hunter had shown her. "Annie..." Chisille whispered under her breath. 'She's the only one I can think of... the only one who I've seen... Must be her... the so called deceiver.' she thought. From the sounds of what Ariel was telling her, she seemed like a real troublemaker. Right here in the house making the noise.

    As Ariel talked, he could see that Chisille's constant panicked stance was slowly loosening and relaxing. Seems as though the talking, the stressed sickness or just simply being tired was making her lower her guard once more. Perhaps it was a combination, but it was nonetheless effective right up to the point where he brought forth his wings.

    The wings caused her to jump with surprise, but it was less fear and more just being startled by them. Upon both being told and realizing that he wasn't really human even though he looked like one... a large amount of her fear drained away. The way he was talking now was driving her to feel somewhat empathetic for him. She certainly knew all about what he was telling her about particularly with constantly checking over your shoulder. She remembered when she first got free... every twig snap at night felt like she was about to be found... brought back... locked away again... more nastier things...

    In the end, Ariel's constant depressed way of talking, among all the other things aided by her young naive mind had made Chisille drop most of her aggression and fear, exactly as he had planned all along. She sat down and groaned in a dragonlike way, now feeling the full effects of her stress with nothing else to distract her. Her eyelids drooped a bit and her claws tensed up at each ache. "Owww..." she whimpered quietly.
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    Quote from Buttons»

    While awaiting a response from the unknown watcher, Ariel identified an aroma in the air. It was a distinct smell of lingering smoke, but not from any regular source. He had smelt this specific smoky scents at numerous events during his time as an angel, and it was a smell that could have only been caused by a few specific things... Interestingly enough, all but one of those things could have actually been responsible in that mansion, at that time, in the town of Waise.

    Ariel smiled once he realized what had caused the smell, feeling glad that it wasn't a monster watching him - well, not a real monster, even though some people might call it one. But to Ariel, Dragons were far from being monsters.

    "Hello Chisille...." Ariel spoke softly and as kindly as he could, which was something he was actually very good at being that his previous line of work called for it quite often. It's the gift of practically any angel to subdue someone with a gentle voice; "We met earlier, remember me? I'm not going to hurt you...." He paused for a moment, then continued; "I was only joking with what I said back at the house.... I'm very sorry for what I did. Truly I am. I didn't mean to scare you. I didn't want you to run away. Really though... you have no reason to fear me. To be honest, I actually love dragons. They're one of my all time favorite creatures."

    To prove he had no intention of being aggressive, and to appear a little more submissive, he took a few very careful steps towards a chair and sat down slowly.

    "You can come out. It's fine. I know your there. And I give you permission to burn me to ashes if I ever say anything like that again. It would be my honor to meet you properly."

    As Ariel softly spoke his first words, Chisille's eyes widened with surprise. 'Gah! They already knew I was here! They already knew who I am! How? How did they know? This is terrible!' she thought as she shifted uncomfortably. It wasn't enough to give away her disguise, but the sound she made gave a very clear impression to Ariel that there was definitely something in the room he was in.

    The way he spoke was kind enough, and as he continued he revealed how he knew her. She didn't remember him at all at first, but when Ariel explained about the thing he had said, how it made her run away she sifted through her memories to when such a thing could've happened. Suddenly she remembered. The taller new human that was in the house with Lyudmila, Betty and Renard. The one who had taunted her by declaring a hunt for her hide. She felt a burst of anger and fear rise up from within her for what he had done, but it was not enough to bring her to abandon her position and run. Something about the way he was speaking made the situation she was in seem calmer.

    As Chisille watched Ariel move over to the chair and sit down, she felt her bubbling anger slowly fade away, and with it... she accidentally lost her focus on her chameleon ability with the wall. Her scales returned to their usual grey and yellow colours. In the darkness she's once more completely exposed. Chisille looks down at herself in shock when she realizes what she's done, then panic flowed through her as she looked towards the door, Ariel and herself, one after the other in quick succession.

    In the end, she held her ground and waited to see the angel's reaction to her presence. The fires within her belly lit up again and her tail twitched nervously, ready in case he started to advance towards her. She held her tongue, as usual.
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