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    Hey guys! :D

    It has been 4 years since I play Minecraft. A lot of things happens I'd like to say, and currently I am a computer science student in some college in US. I know a lot of things regarding to Minecraft servers and community in China, so I'd like to share my story.

    I just find it might be interesting if I start this thread as AMA, so please ask me anything you want to know about! Oh yes, by the way, I am a Chinese server owner and a plugin developer. You may also let me comment on things by other people's behave, such as a normal player, some developer, a server owner or anything you want me to act, or I can also find a friend to answer the question!

    So I'll start with a simple question:
    Q: How many non-cracked, public, non-hamachi, non-vanilla server are there in China?
    A: 5(?) Located in China, 4 Located outside China.

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