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    :grass: The Lost Timers :grass: is a brand new vanilla server much like Hermitcraft and we are looking for dedicated players who would like to build up a community with us.


    • Age 16+ [preferred 18+]
    • Functional mic
    • Able to have lost of fun!

    Server Details

    • We use a shopping district so you could earn some sweet diamonds
    • The server is still very young, it was published at 20 - 11 - 2019
    • We have an active community of daily players on The Lost Timers
    • We have an active Discord Server for The Lost Timers
    • The server is not only in use for The Lost Timers, we also have Survival [with plugins], Skyblock and Creative


    1. One Player Sleep
    2. Silk touch spawners
    3. Enderdragon elytra

    And a lot more for you to discover ;)

    Pleas join the TLT Discord Server to apply!

    Want to have a look around in the server first? You can by joining this ip:

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments or join the Discord and create a ticket.

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