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    1. Age: 28
    2. Minecraft Username: 8BitGoldfish
    3. Country/Timezone: central (US)
    4. Why are you interested in joining this server?: Looking for a new server to play MC again. Been a little while since i played and looking to get back into MC.
    5. What do you think about our server rules? Rules seems fine to me. Short list and not hard to follow.
    6. Screenshots of your builds (optional): Sorry don't have any screen shots on this pc :( I am mostly the mining type. Build a nice small above ground base, and then build larger underground structures.

    Hope to see you all soon on the server!

    PS my old MC forum account is lost in the wind. I have been playing MC since alpha release. i know my forum account now looks sus.

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    posted a message on {UMCN} The minecraft experience you've been searching for. Limited slots apply now! {Whitelist}{Vanilla}{1.14.3}[9 slots open]

    Age*: 27

    Timezone*: US Central

    Discord*(zzzz#1111): 8bitgoldfish#5263

    Username*: 8bitgoldfish

    How long have you played minecraft*: Since Alpha release for sale.

    What is generally your priority in a new world(Mining, building, farms)*: Mining, basebuilding, and farming are my goto on a new server.

    How often do you play*: I try to play 3-5 times a week based on my work schedule. Usually play longer hours at first to get myself set up, and happy. Then i like to start a project that will take me time to complete and require some teamwork.

    Favorite dog breed*****: I have 3 Coonhounds, so i think that tells you what i like. :)

    Anything else you might add: I have a friend who recommended this server, AndersonBlue. We were playing on a different server before, but he says this one is better. So i would love to come join him, and find out if that is true!

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    What Timezone are you in:Central (us)

    Why do you want to join SquareFarms: Looking for a fun server to join and play minecraft. Been a long while since i had played this game. Just looking for a stable server with a fun community!

    Note: Never merged my old forum account so this one shows as new :(

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