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    Hey all! This here's my custom mobs. I'm still in the process of learning how to mod, so any help or tips is appreciated. Unless otherwise stated, they all require ModLoader and AudioMod to use. Basic instructions are included in the README. Have fun!

    Be sure to visit my MC Mod Center page as well!


    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange:

    ========= Downloads =========


    ========= Preview =========


    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange:


    A small, passive, and just plain darn cute creature!.. until provoked! The Parabuzzy (based off of the Super Mario enemy) are social beings and will jump in together to fend off any attacks on their brethren! They come in several varieties ranging from the common blue Parabuzzies, to the ultra-rare Spiky Red Parabuzzy! Be kind to them though (they LOVE fish) and they may just warm up to you!

    ========= Features =========

      [*:3m9sxbsv]Come in 4 different varietes!
      [*:3m9sxbsv]They are passive, until provoked!
      [*:3m9sxbsv]When provoked, if any Parabuzzies are nearby they will swarm!
      [*:3m9sxbsv]When killed, they may drop a Parabuzzy's Shell.
      [*:3m9sxbsv]Can be tamed with Raw Fish.
      [*:3m9sxbsv]Follows the player when tamed.
      [*:3m9sxbsv]Toggle following by right clicking the Parabuzzy with an empty hand.
      [*:3m9sxbsv]When tamed, can be healed with any food for 2 hearts.
      [*:3m9sxbsv]Mountable on your head when tamed.
      [*:3m9sxbsv]Jump 2/3 blocks high when mounted.

    ========= Statistics =========

    Health: 30
    Attack: 2
    Jump: 2
    Rarity: ✰ ✰ ✰

    Red Parabuzzy
    Health: 35
    Attack: 2
    Jump: 2
    Rarity: ★ ✰ ✰

    Spiky Parabuzzy
    Health: 45
    Attack: 3
    Jump: 2
    Rarity: ★ ★ ✰

    Red Spiky Parabuzzy
    Health: 50
    Attack: 4
    Jump: 3
    Rarity: ★ ★ ★

    ========= Video =========


    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange:


    Yes, that's right. Bob-ombs. Small, cute, and oh so dangerous! This lil' walking time-bomb doesn't occur naturally, it must be created! It'll follow you anywhere, and if there's any trouble lurking about it'll willingly, one might say almost gladly, give it's life up for your sake! Just don't smack him, ya hear? You've been warned.

    ========= Features =========
      [*:3m9sxbsv]They freaking explode!
      [*:3m9sxbsv]To be more specific, they hunt down nearby enemy mobs and explode after a couple of seconds.
      [*:3m9sxbsv]They try their best to not explode when you are nearby.
      [*:3m9sxbsv]They'll also countdown and explode if you smack 'em! Great for mining!
      [*:3m9sxbsv]Upon exploding, any creature near the center of the explosion will catch fire!
      [*:3m9sxbsv]Don't spawn naturally in the wild. Must be crafted.
      [*:3m9sxbsv]Can return to back into item form if you right click them with an empty hand.
      [*:3m9sxbsv]They do their best to follow you!
      [*:3m9sxbsv]They won't attack Parabuzzies intentionally.

    ========= Recipe =========

    ========= Video =========

    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange:

    ========= FAQ =========
    Q: I can't find any of your mobs!?!?!? PLZ HALP OH GOD NOOOOO
    A: Ahem.. Stop playing on peaceful, you yellow-belly. :tongue.gif:
    Q: You should make Koopas/Goombas!
    A: That has been said MANY times before, but it isn't a question!
    Q: Ok, can you make Koopas/Goombas?
    A: To be honest, I don't really want to. When I create a mob, I must have a "feel" for it. I have to be able to imagine them as if they've always belonged in Minecraft. As if they'd actually fit in. Plus their models are very difficult to create.
    Q: Fine, will you please make INSERTNAMEHERE?
    A: Maybe! Please add some good (and realistic) ideas with your creature suggestion. I'm still learning to mod, and am limited in what I can do. If I like it and get a good "feel" for it, I just may consider it. :smile.gif:
    Q: Do you only do Super Mario mobs?
    A: For now, yes since it's the theme I have going.. Unless I'm convinced otherwise. :tongue.gif:

    ========= Change Log =========

    - Fixed tamed Parabuzzies despawning on the peaceful setting again, haha..
    - You can't hurt a Parabuzzy riding on your head now.
    - Tamed Parabuzzies won't attack you at all.
    - Parabuzzies spawn in groups of up to max 5.
    - Right clicking a tamed Parabuzzy with an empty hand will toggle following the player.
    - While following, a Parabuzzy will teleport to the player if the distance is too far.
    - Bob-ombs now have a small countdown time when within range of a target.
    - Bob-ombs change to a red texture when counting down.
    - Bob-ombs also countdown when attacked by the player, allowing for controlled blasts.
    - Changed Bob-ombs' voice pitch to always be the default when spawned.
    - Right clicking on a Bob-omb with an empty hand returns it into an item.
    - Bob-ombs will try to not explode if the player is within range. (A tad buggy)
    - Parabuzzy heals randomly for 1 heart while mounted on your head.
    - Red Spiky Parabuzzies allow you to jump 3 blocks high while mounted.
    - Parabuzzies should now be less common.
    - Fixed bug where wild Parabuzzies wouldn't despawn.
    - Added rare Parabuzzies! Additions are: Red, Spike, and Red Spike Parabuzzy.
    - You can now heal tamed Parabuzzies, which shows heartFX, with any food for 2 hearts.
    - At max health, Parabuzzies won't show a heartFX.
    - Parabuzzies now have a 1/2 chance of dropping Parabuzzy's Shell.
    - Removed Parabuzzies' hop when following. They were too retarded.
    - Any creature close to the center of a Bob-omb's blast now catches fire.
    - Decreased collision box on Parabuzzies.
    - Tamed Parabuzzies and Bob-ombs no longer despawn on the peaceful setting!
    - Parabuzzies mount on your head.. for now.
    - Parabuzzy move speed increased when following you.
    - Parabuzzies' wings now flap constantly.
    - Parabuzzies and Bob-ombs both give a lil' hop animation randomly while following.
    - Water kills Bob-ombs.
    - Lava does not!
    - Added Bob-ombs as craft-able, suicidal companion mobs!
    - Made Parabuzzies a bit more aggressive when angered.
    - They now follow the player when tamed.
    - Tamed Parabuzzies won't attack you on the condition you don't attack other Parabuzzies!
    - Added a hopping animation when attacking.
    - Merged mod_* files into one called mod_8BitMobs.
    - Made compatible with 1.4_01.
    - Now "tamable" in that they don't despawn, but they don't follow yet. Tame with fish.
    - Mountable once tamed. Needs work to be like riding koopa shells in Super Mario 64.
    - Added custom drop: Parabuzzy's Shell! (No use yet..)
    - They now attack in swarms if provoked, red burning eyes and all! (Thanks Mr okushama!)
    - Fixed up the texture and model a bit.
    - Fixed spawn rates so they're not so common.
    - First release.

    ========= Special Thanks! =========
    - For helping me here and there and putting up with all my stupid mistakes! Just a cool, chill guy. :smile.gif:
    Mr. okushama
    Was a huge help from the beginning! I'd be nowhere without his help. Thanks man!
    Helped me finally solve my texture problem.
    Helped me with my swarming code! Thanks man!
    Made a great program called Techne. I'm always using it! All around nice guy as well.
    Helped me get that tricky rotating animation done. Thanks!
    Gave me some useful taming code! Thanks man!
    For the Human Mob tutorial!
    birjolaxew & nicaetinismo
    For their Absolute Beginner modding tutorials. It's where I started from the very beginning!

    ========= Support! =========

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    Enjoy my work? Like to buy me a drink? Click away!

    ========= Copyright =========
    This document is Copyright ©(2011) 8BitGinno, hereinafter referred to as "the author", and is the intellectual property of the author. Only Minecraftforum.net and mcmodcenter.net is able to host any material of the author's without the author's consent. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission from the author. Use of this mod on any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
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