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    posted a message on [1.5_01] 8Bit's Mobs - Preview: Shy Guys! Tee hee~ [v1.5]
    I've got something to announce..

    I've come to the realization that I can no longer continue modding. I need a job and can't afford to be distracted and continue procrastinating. Me and my family depend on it. I know this is rather sudden, but it's the situation I've got going on right now.

    So, see ya when I see ya I suppose. Later.
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] 8Bit's Mobs - Preview: Shy Guys! Tee hee~ [v1.5]
    Quote from Kid Tiger »
    8Bit: OK, Buzzy's make a noise when they're tamed. I hear it. They follow me around, attack hostiles like rabid pomeranians, and float around when I tell them to. All is well.

    Some suggestions though. Some kind of way to tell how full-empty your Buzzy's life is so you don't dump a ton of fish into him prematurely. Life bar can be visually distracting, maybe some kind of hue change in the shell or skin. I had a regular Parabuzzy wreck 2 skeletons for me and I couldn't believe it. They're pretty weak so I knew he needed fish, but I just wasn't sure how much to give him. I use TMI, but what if I was down to my last couple hearts and I only had 2 fish? Do I give them both to the Buzzy? Or do I split 1 and 1?

    A notification for when you're telling him to stay or follow would be a nice touch too for players on the move. Sometimes I can't tell if he's making cute noises on his own, and if I right clicked him or the ground because they circle around pretty quickly. A puff of matter for when you tell him to stay or follow I think would help. Or a chat notification. Your Parabuzzy will explore with you. Your Parabuzzy is going to float around.

    Bob-Ombs are really cool as ****. I tried some more tests to see if they melee hostiles while I'm in the killzone and they could really care less. I heard one of them tell me to get the **** out of the way, but I didn't, and I died.

    RB: trolol.

    Alright, good to hear.

    Yeah, I already considered the notification when following/staying. I added a music note effect, but the chat message is cool too. Votes?

    Also, about health.. Hmm. You don't think a life bar would be good? The only other thing I can think of is create a custom effect to pop up when on low health, like maybe a skull or something..? Although I'd have to learn how to do such a thing. Actually, wouldn't it be neat to see a health bar only when you push F3? So basically you can have it out of sight when you want.

    Quote from FamousTriangle »
    First of all, great mobs, I really like the idea.
    Second of all, I cant seem to ride a parrabuzzy,i have fed it fish and tamed it and everything, but it wont let me ride or get on my head or anything, is there something you have to do?Please reply.

    Right click it with something in your hand. :Pig:
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] 8Bit's Mobs - Preview: Shy Guys! Tee hee~ [v1.5]
    Quote from mypasswordis12345 »
    Quote from alilala »
    can you change the name of your topic because I tink that mos of this game
    the name start whis 8Bit...

    there's also 8bitradio and other stuff with 8bit in it there's no reason to change it ones a game the other's a mod and i doubt he would have much success trade marking 8bit just like you wouldn't succeed in trade marking milk or pub

    Dammit! That avatar is gonna turn me into a lolicon!

    and lol wut? @ alilala

    Ahem.. As for the item IDs, I guess the game adds 256 to what I code in mod_8BitMobs so their IDs in-game would be: 3728, 3729, 3731 (3730 is a Shy Guy's mask)
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] 8Bit's Mobs - Preview: Shy Guys! Tee hee~ [v1.5]
    Quote from Zabor »
    Hello, awsome mod :biggrin.gif: Well... I am wondering.. Do you wanna add 1 of these mobs?

    This one is one of those I think is the most awsome, dunno if it fits minecraft, thats up to you.

    Link: http://www.mariowiki.com/images/f/f9/St ... aPlant.png

    Stalking Piranha Plant ( aka Ptooie: http://www.mariowiki.com/File:SMB3_Ptooie.jpg )
    Well, its hopless. It is way to hard to model those :ohmy.gif:

    Anyway, some one dont find your mobs, you should say that you have to be on Easy+ :iapprove:

    I never, ever play on peaceful/easy. Always at least normal. I forget people actually do. :tongue.gif:

    But yeah, I'm thinking of doing a Piranha Plant eventually.

    Quote from MineArtworks »
    Heyho. I´ve made a Video of the mod.
    Here is it :

    Awesome man. That's how they're supposed to act. :smile.gif:

    Kid Tiger! Are they not acting like they do in that video?

    Quote from GrogGuy »

    The Boo and Chomp are possibilities. Maybe even Blooper with kids. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [16x] Jolicraft ~ JOLICRAFT HD!!! (Bedrock only for now)
    I'm loving the rain, except it's a lil'.. Well, a whole lot thick.

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    posted a message on [1.5_01] 8Bit's Mobs - Preview: Shy Guys! Tee hee~ [v1.5]
    Quote from mypasswordis12345 »
    yep its tamed happened again as well

    So he uses playerToAttack to make them follow the player. I don't think there's much I can do about that.. I'll see though.

    In other news following/despawning/taming with Parabuzzies seems to be working perfectly for me. I can toggle following, they don't despawn if I leave them alone and walk for miles or relog, and they show the heart effect and and make a sound when given a fish. I'm not sure what to tell you Kid Tiger.

    Checking out Bob-ombs now... Which seem to be alright as well. o_ o

    Also, about the Remote Kid Tiger, I accidently added that haha.. It doesn't have a use yet.

    Could other please report on this? Are Bob-ombs acting strangely? Do tamed Parabuzzies follow, despawn, etc? Remember, right click on them with an empty hand to make them follow.
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] 8Bit's Mobs - Preview: Shy Guys! Tee hee~ [v1.5]
    Woah, OK let me see here haha..

    Quote from tippinarina »
    i can spawn bob-ombs but not parabuzzies in the newest version of the mod and minecraft..

    Parabuzzies are supposed to be somewhat uncommon, but I changed them to spawn in a small group. When one Parabuzzy spawn, it has a chance of spawning up to 4 others.

    Quote from AlexDolan »
    Are the mobs rare? even if they are rare, i think i should have found one. I wandered for like 30 minutes. Help with the installation? I put the resource files into the resources, jar files into jar and i have modloader and audiomod... Im lost. *I DELETED THE META INF*

    You did it exactly right. Just keep looking. :smile.gif:

    Oh, and Bob-ombs don't spawn in the wild.

    Quote from Kid Tiger »
    Bug Report:

    My Bob-Ombs don't make the cute sound when I put them on the ground.

    The remote doesn't seem to do anything except tell me that I am the Bob-Omb!

    When I punch a Bob-Omb it explodes as it is supposed to. It turns red and counts down. BUT, a Bob-Omb or the same Bob-Omb is in the detonated hole jumping up and down. When I walk up to it it explodes. When I stand afar it just stands there looking at me all cute.

    I'll post some Parabuzzy bugs next when I find them.


    OK, Parabuzzies don't seem to make any noises either. I'm not sure what I've done wrong. The Jar (class) files are all loaded correctly, otherwise I wouldn't be looking at Parabuzzys and Bob-Ombs, and the Resources Folder which only had 1 folder, Mod, I put that folder in the Resources folder. When I peek inside of it though I do see that it has 2 folders, 1 for Parabuzzy and 1 for Bob-omb. What's up with the sound?

    Other Para-bugs:

    I tamed one but I had no idea I had. If it's some kind of audio notification and I didn't hear that's understandable, but there should be some kind of visual notification too so I'm not just dumping fish into my little friend.

    When I right click him he does follow me, but when I right click him again, he still follows me. I need dat mofo to sit tight or just hang around a small radius and have fun while I, myself go elsewhere.

    Hmm.. Damn bugs. I read you fixed the sound though, so that's that.

    And yeah, when you tame a Parabuzzy there is a sound and a heart effect. Maybe it's your texture pack?
    Following and non-despawning isn't working? Bah!

    And I guess the Bob-ombs are acting funny too when detonated? I'll see if I can recreate these bugs.

    Quote from aleckbratt »
    will it still work if i change the name of the resource file instead of mod to idk 8bitmod or something... its conflicts with a different mod
    anyways great mod

    No, it will not work if you do that. And no, it shouldn't conflict with other mods at all.

    Quote from Samoth »
    Quote from lolcoptr »
    the spawn rate may be a bit off

    http://s1188.photobucket.com/albums/z40 ... wnrate.jpg

    Yeah, whatever you do, DON'T ADD A MOB SPAWNER FOR PARABUZZIES.
    When I did that, it added 30 parabuzzies in 5 seconds. O_o

    I'm not sure why there are so many in that pic..

    Like I said at the top of this post: when one spawns, it has a chance to spawn up to 4 others. Maybe 2 spawned together or something..? I may have to lower the number to 2 or something if this keeps happening.

    Are they still relatively rare?

    Quote from mypasswordis12345 »
    omg BUG tamed parabuzzy and guinea pig's fight each other

    Uhh.. That's not really a bug, haha..

    Wait, are the Guinea Pigs tamed as well? Parabuzzies are only supposed to attack creatures that attack you.

    Unless.. Freakstritch uses playerToAttack code to make them follow.
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] 8Bit's Mobs - Preview: Shy Guys! Tee hee~ [v1.5]
    Quote from Zephadus »
    This has probably already been said, and if not, then just wow, but...
    As much as you don't wanna make koopas/goombas, I think that if you did,
    this could be coupled with a high-jump mod to essentially let us play Mario in Minecraft.

    The hard part in the realization of that ultimate goal would be making your mobs
    die/withdraw-into-shell when you land on them from above, making the player bounce off said mobs,
    and also making brick blocks destruct upon jumping up at them.
    Seriously though, could you imagine playing Mario in Minecraft? That would be awesome. :Pig:

    Yes, and I understand lots of people want this mod to be like Super Mario in Minecraft, but it's not.

    It is 8Bit's Mobs that are based on Super Mario enemies. I appreciate the idea though. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.5_01]Extra_Terrestrial&Terrestrial_Mobs_V26 (Modloader!)*
    Quote from nadine »
    Quote from 8BitGinno »
    Ouch man.. Those are Firehazurd's suggestions/mobs. Did he at least give you permission to make them?

    yea sure he gave permission to all people he said

    "I really don't think it's that big of a deal. My threads are suggestions. It's cool that people want to make them!"

    Well, as long as you give him credit for his own creatures, as a common courtesy, I guess there's no problem.. =/

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    posted a message on [1.5_01]Extra_Terrestrial&Terrestrial_Mobs_V26 (Modloader!)*
    Ouch man.. Those are Firehazurd's suggestions/mobs. Did he at least give you permission to make them?
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] 8Bit's Mobs - Preview: Shy Guys! Tee hee~ [v1.5]
    Updated for Minecraft 1.5_01! Thanks TravisMoehring!

    No Shy Guys yet.. Still trying to make them a decently interesting first release!

    Please report any bugs. :smile.gif:

    - Fixed tamed Parabuzzies despawning on the peaceful setting again, haha..
    - You can't hurt a Parabuzzy riding on your head now.
    - Tamed Parabuzzies won't attack you at all.
    - Parabuzzies spawn in groups of up to max 5.
    - Right clicking a tamed Parabuzzy with an empty hand will toggle following the player.
    - While following, a Parabuzzy will teleport to the player if the distance is too far.
    - Bob-ombs now have a small countdown time when within range of a target.
    - Bob-ombs change to a red texture when counting down.
    - Bob-ombs also countdown when attacked by the player, allowing for controlled blasts.
    - Changed Bob-ombs' voice pitch to always be the default when spawned.
    - Right clicking on a Bob-omb with an empty hand returns it into an item.
    - Bob-ombs will try to not explode if the player is within range. (A tad buggy)
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] 8Bit's Mobs - Preview: Shy Guys! Tee hee~ [v1.5]
    Quote from TravisMoehring »
    Hey 8bit, if you needed this at all to update your mods (although I remember someone saying you didn't need to) MCP has a test build available but for some reason hasn't posted so on their thread.
    Link Removed

    Hmm! Alright, thanks man. I'll try it out. :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from Brownhair2 »
    Goombas would NOT be hard to make.

    :Black: :Black: :Black:
    :Black: :Black: :Black:
    [] :Black: []
    :Black: [] :Black:

    EDIT: I mean the model. Not crafting them. That wouldn't make sense.

    I know the basic structure, I had a go at their model once and wasn't satisfied. I will say though that there is a possibility of me trying them again. Just not yet.

    Quote from Toasturr »
    This mod is fantastic, Downloading it soon.

    For a suggestion, you should be able to craft a propeller which tames the shy guys which allows them to follow you. Basically the same function of wolves

    I really don't want to make Shy Guys tamable. Every mob shouldn't be tamable, haha.. Especially them being biped sentients such as yourself.

    Quote from Kid Tiger »
    This guy knows what he's doing. There's a reason this mod is snowballing fans, because he's avoided vainly adding mobs, and he's perfecting the ones he's got.

    Koopas, goombas, yoshis... they'd be detrimental to the unassuming charm this mod already has. Putting something so default and ordinary like any of those would just make this mod into something unoriginal. Just another fan mod. 8Bit Mobs stands on its own by giving unique personality to peripheral characters from the Mario universe.

    You guys with the silly suggestions who don't read the FAQ, talk to my friend here :SSSS:

    Kid Tiger knows what I got going on. :smile.gif:

    I like to be original too. Adding the default Mario characters such as Yoshi, koopas, goombas is boring. That's why I started with Parabuzzies. I always found them cute and knew EXACTLY how the model would look in Minecraft as well. Like he has said before, somewhat: These are 8Bit's Mobs, my mobs, with inspiration from Super Mario, not "Mariocraft" in a sense.

    Quote from nhg1 »
    Ok a few ideal you said that you want the shy guy's to be traders the some of the items they have should only be found with them. A few items the would fit this theme would be the red mushroom witch when eaten would heal you lets say 3 hearts, the 1up mushroom witch when eaten will heal lets say 6 hearts, the fire flower witch will act like the bow in that it is a ranged attack but will set things on fire and will have a set number of uses, and lastly would be a Yoshi egg when thrown will produce a tamed Yoshi

    Yoshi will have 30 hearts, can move 1.5% more then you, can be mounted, can jump up 2 blocks higher then you, can regain 5 hearts after killing a mob, can be fed fish raw or cooked to be healed, and after killing 100 mobs will lay a Yoshi egg. Would say add an attack wile mounted on him but not sure how that would work.

    Although I'm cautious about adding millions of custom items into the game, I do like the idea of the Fire Flower. People have mentioned there's a sprite limit or something? I really need to look into that.

    I did add a Shy Guy's mask though as a possible trade item/drop from Shy Guys. :smile.gif:

    I was sort of thinking wearing the mask could prevent Shy Guys from stealing from you. This is my dream: When you enounter a Shy Guy you have the option to either trade with it or walk away. Walking away is a bad move! They are envious lil scavengers! They want your stuff! If I find out how, I'd like to code it so that when your back is facing them while walking away, they quickly sneak up to you and WHAM! Knock out all of your slot items that you can choose on the bottom of the screen. You know, where you change slots to use swords, food, and such? After knocking your stuff out, they take as much as they can and run off with it. Chase them down to get it back. :smile.gif:

    Quote from TrChap1799 »
    Skeeter -

    This is kinda ambitious b/c of the walk on water thing, but if you could do it, it would be pretty cool. In the games they just wander aimlessly, but still damage you. I think you could do that.

    The Skeeter one is... Sort of interesting, I guess. Too bad the model is so bad, haha. But the idea of it being a water mob that isn't exactly in the water. It's different. Hmm..
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] 8Bit's Mobs - Preview: Shy Guys! Tee hee~ [v1.5]
    Yoshis don't really fit into Minecraft. :Pig:
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    posted a message on iPixeli's Gender Mod
    Quote from iPixeli »
    I don't know how to use / what is ModOptionsAPI other than that one youtube video with the guy in the snow.
    L>help. :Pig:

    Ahaha.. There, there. It's just in-game options for your mod. Ever use Gui API? It's like that.

    I don't know how to use it exactly yet either. I checked out the example block.java that comes with the developers download which shows how to implement it, and it was pretty useful.

    What kind of settings would you implement?
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] 8Bit's Mobs - Preview: Shy Guys! Tee hee~ [v1.5]
    Quote from lolcoptr »
    heres the video you requested

    its pretty bad but hey... it has good music

    Cool man. I'll add it to the OP. :smile.gif:
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