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    Ign: 846Steve

    Age: I turned 13 years old on June 17th, I may seem a bit more mature or immature at times, but thats my age, I promise.

    If you were staff,what would you do to make the server fun?: If I was staff, I'd like to brainstorm ideas of smaller, new role-plays, have little trivia games to test people on the servers knowledge of the server (Just for fun), and just interact and get to know with every player on the server, no matter who they were.

    If 2 players were fighting,what would you do?: If 2 players were fighting, I'd do this. Ask each players perspective of the story, and then negotiate a solution to their problem. Even if one players perspective or thoughts were better or more mature about the argument or fight, I'd compliment the other players perspective and at the end just make each player happy.

    What would you do if another staff was disrespecting me?: If another staff member was disrespecting me, It would probably be because I did something to make them upset because I try and be a very likable guy and enjoy seeing everyone happy. So if a staffer were upset with me, I would privately have a chat with them and apologize for my actions, even if I didn't do anything hurtful because everyones different and thinks different than you do. But if they were just being rude and unfriendly, I would deal with it appropriately.

    If a player was spamming cuss words in chat, I'd kick them right away because spam is not tolerated on the server (If those are your rules,which I'm assuming they are) and cussing too much is not recommended, due to younger individuals playing on the server as well as older kids who don't like to hear cussing. If the player came back on and continued to cuss, I would mute them for at least 10 minutes and deal with it appropriately, Usually after the kick and a warning, most players do in fact stop, so I wouldn't be too worried about harsher punishments.

    If a new player was frustrated and started to yell,what would you do?: If a new player was yelling at me or frustrated, I would chat with them and tell them that I had once been in their footsteps, and than give them a step by step through anything they were confused or upset about. On my first MC server I joined, the Owner actually showed me around the server when I was a new player, and though I was a pain in the neck, he was still patient and extremely kind. I would like to be like that.

    How do you stand out from other applicants?: One thing that makes me really stand out from most of the other applicants is my experience as a staff member. I have worked my way up from the lowest rank (User) to the highest rank (Manager, which was basically one rank under the Owner) on a server in the course of a little over 6 months (half a year). That means, I already know things (like: commands, world edit), you would not have to train me on that or constantly answer my questions. I was on the server I mentioned before as a staff member for almost two years until I decided to quit, because I wanted to focus more on school. I am patient, which is very important when you are a staff member (I am sure you [staff members] all can relate to that). I also do not do things half-heartedly. Fairness is very important to me, in a conflict, I will listen to every side, take a little time to think about the whole situation and then I will decide. However, I will admit to every mistake I may have made and try to fix it to my best abilities.

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    What are you applying for? Builder, or Admin?:Admin

    How long have you played minecraft?:Since late 2010.

    Have you ever been staff on any other server?: Yes. You can ask me for a list :)

    Are you willing to put hard work into this server?: As much as I can.

    Are you willing to donate to keep the server up?: Maybe.I'll see.

    Have you ever been an Admin?: Yes. Many times previously.

    Anything else you want to add?: Nothing much.

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    Best server EVER! I joined,and you have friendly staff,awesome builds, and a nice community :)

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    The server doesn't work....

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    SnapCity (Need Builders and Players!)

    What is SnapCity?

    We are a brand-new factions server, slowly growing more popular. We have friendly staff and a nice community, but are looking for builders (And maybe a GFX designer)

    Builder application format:

    IGN (In Game Name):



    How much can you be on?:

    Maturity level (1-10):

    Why should you make a good builder?(Minimum 2 sentences):

    Do you get distracted easily?:

    What is one good characteristic about you?:

    What is one bad characteristic about you?:

    Pictures of previous builds:

    Have you ever been builder on another server before? (Optional):

    Any other info?(Optional):

    IP is

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