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    posted a message on Endermen Video Leaked [YOUTUBE]
    obvious fake, but GZ on being just barely good enough to actually fool people
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    posted a message on ideas for endermen
    Y'know, Notchs group said that they dislike using ideas posted by the people because then they would lack originality. Yet another great plot element MASSACRED by a forumer.
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    posted a message on Team Fortress 2
    my fav class is spy.
    stab stab stab
    other than that soldier and demo. Im a freak when it comes to skill demanding classes. Just feels so awesome to rocket/sticky jump and decimate your enemies whilst in midair, soaring behind enemy lines.
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    posted a message on What's the most overrated game you've ever played?
    black ops and everything in it
    yes, including zombies
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    posted a message on What's the first(MATURE) thing you would do if you woke up as the opposite gender?
    waking up to a different gender...
    The only mature thing i would do would be the initial realization of being a different gender.
    screw life and everything in it if i magically changed genders lol
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    posted a message on Talking To Yourself
    As a great man once said, it is healthy for one to talk to themselves, but unhealthy for the one to respond to themselves.
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    posted a message on Looking for a small private bukkit server
    All the server owners are looking in the server section. post their dammit, nobody who owns a server is going to be looking to recruit people in the single player section.
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    posted a message on I finally did it
    After being found out for pirating, the 2 types of people are revealed:

    The pirated: "How about you DEAL WITH IT!"

    The -censored-: "excuse 1. excuse 2. My mom cant afford to pay 60$ for all these new games. I was never going to buy it anyways, so they didnt lose a sale. If you dont pirate, companies will keep making ****. excuse 1412. Excuse 1421."
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    posted a message on Bill S.978: The End of Gaming Commentaries?

    Now we have a bill on video games!?
    No way!

    This bill was scrapped. And if for some strange reason it isnt, great. Yet another way they are violating our amendments and getting away with it. The fact that they even considered it shows how corrupt our authorities are.
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    posted a message on 360 No Scope
    Just goes to show how easy that game is. It is so easy, that people are even going to the extent of purposely making the game more challenging.

    That is yet another reason I despise the CoD series.

    And the fact you are going for 360 NO-SCOPES Shows you are a poor player. For one, no-scope no-skill. You are not in control of where the bullet lands when you no-scope, therefore it involves no skill.

    For two, you make us lose games. I hate losing a game of search all because the last guy on my team tried no scoping.
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    posted a message on Beta 1.8 Discoveries
    Endermen have a purpose
    one of the purposes is to kill you

    If you happen to look at an endermen, they will turn hostile, freeze, and stare at you. If you turn away, they will sprint towards you and teleport.
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    posted a message on **** Windows Live Games.
    Well, it's gta iv were talking about, youre not missing out on much.
    Judging PC gaming off one shitty thing is like me judging consoles off their power compared to PC.
    Oh, wait, pc is better all-around. nvm then
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    posted a message on Cube World Like Minecraft & Zelda
    I can see this going somewhere.
    subbed him for future info. Plus,so i can be a hipster
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    posted a message on Pikmin!

    Let's make a game based entirely around micromanagement.
    Let's make a game where every moment must be spent efficiently or else it can't be
    completed at all; any wasted time means a growing anxiety of being able to finish. All your
    units must be fragile enough that a literal stray wind will severely debilitate them, and
    every enemy must be powerful enough to steamroll through and obliterate your entire squad in
    an instant if left unchecked. Let's make a game that forces you to spend several hours and
    superfluous effort to reach a goal that, if not reached correctly, will cease to exist.
    Hell, while we're at it, let's put a time limit on the whole thing.

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    posted a message on What do you think of noobs?
    nobody uses the word noob anymore, unless youre the last on the social ladder *cough* roblox *cough*
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