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    posted a message on Tupac-9 SMP [Survival] [Economy] [PvP] [friendly, relaxed, and mature community]

    Name: Jorge

    IGN: Nikoburrito

    Age: 21

    Steam {optional}:

    Random fact about yourself: Im a senior in college so ill play as much as i can

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    posted a message on Blocky Village - Great Community with an Even Better Experience

    Name George

    IGN: 77George77

    Age: 20

    Why would you like to be part of the community?

    Just looking for a small server where i could play comfortably. and where people are always active

    Tell us a little about yourself

    Im currently in college so i like to play whenever i get a chance. I really like to build and be part of the community.

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    posted a message on VibraniumCraft SMP: Status: CLOSED - Started on July 28, 2015

    Minecraft IGN: 77George77
    Name You Go By: George
    Skype: can i just give it to you guys if i where to get accepted?
    Age: 20
    Location / Timezone: Colorado, mountain time
    What are some of your biggest Minecraft accomplishments?: I was an admin/mod for a while on a server until they shut it down :( On that server i built a huge city. Every time i get accepted onto a server i usually stay on it for a long time.
    What are some of your Minecraft skills?: Building and exploring
    Will you participate in community builds / projects?: yes!
    Rate your Minecraft knowledge / skills from 1 to 10: 10, been playing since the betas
    Is there a particular field in Minecraft that you are good at?” Building maybe, I like to help out when i can.
    Rate your maturity from 1 to 10: 7, gotta have some fun :)
    What is your average frame rate?: not sure actually, but i never lag.
    Will you follow the rules?: Always, cookie :P
    How much do you expect yourself to play on the server?: I always try to play whenever i get the chance.
    Will you play on the server even if no one else is playing?: yes :D
    What makes you stand out from other applicants?: I actually have admin experience and know what to expect from other people. Ive always been one to follow the rules and I've never been banned from any server.
    Why do you want to join VibraniumCraft?: Im looking for something more than just being a regular player. If its possible i would like to be an admin/mod. I like smaller based communities. I really like helping others whenever i can :D
    Describe yourself: pretty hard question lol pretty lazy but i am funny, In college so i try to play to relive stress and stuffs.
    Any additional information: Ive played since forever so i feel like i know the game pretty well. I really like building medieval type stuff.

    Thanks for your time!

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    posted a message on [★] [1.8] [★] The Verge [★] SMP [★] Small Community [★] Events (UHC) [★] Brand New [★]

    Age (13+): 20

    IGN (In-game name): 77George77

    Have you ever been banned for any reason?: nope :D

    Why do you want to be a part of our glorious server?: because it seems really fun! Im just looking for a small community where its fun and relaxing. Im pretty laid back so i don't get easily offended or any of that!

    Did you read the rules?: yes.

    Are you suuuuuure? (hint, hint.): I Couldn't find anything.. ?

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    posted a message on Shikaka Grand Opening - Incredible Map - 1.8 - 21+ - Small Community

    - Your age 20
    - IGN 77George77
    - What is your favorite thing in MC: Build! and explore mostly.

    I know I'm a year younger than what you guys are requesting but i have been playing this game forever!

    I am currently in another whitelisted server that has been up for almost 3 years but no one is active on there so I'm just looking for another place to start my adventure. thanks.

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    posted a message on closed
    n-game name:77George77
    Age: 19
    What got you interested in the server: Ive been looking for a community based vanilla server where people are actually active.
    Questions or comments about server: none :)
    Solo/Group: Mostly solo but i like to live near spawn to see what people are doing/building
    PvP/Non-PvP: non pvp lol not much of a fighter, but i do like to every once in a while even if i lose :P
    Leader/Follower: I'm really kind of both, it just really depends on the situation
    Giving/Reciving: both!

    About me: I'm currently in college so i always try to get on whenever i have a chance. Ive played since alpha i believe, and i play mc everyday, I was a moderator on a server i was on once, but the server ended sadly. I really like to build and mine.... Thanks!
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    posted a message on Closed
    I'm not whitelisted?
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    posted a message on Closed
    1. In-Game Name? 77George77
    2. How active can you be? 3-5 hours a day at least
    3. Age? 19
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    posted a message on Pure Vanilla Server
    IGN: 77George77
    Age: 19
    Why do you want to join the server?: i like playing in small based community servers.
    How will you contribute to the server?: i like to contribute and build a lot of community based stuffs
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    posted a message on MLS-Craft (A Mindcrack/Mianite Inspired Server) Whitelist and Full Vanilla Survival
    Name (First is fine): Jorge

    IGN: 77George77

    Age (Won't Matter): 19

    Skype (Requested That You Have it): georgerivas7

    What color is the goat?: green

    What will you bring to the server?: I like to talk and play with people and building things for the community

    How long do you play per week?: depends on homework

    Are you able to be committed to the server? yup!

    ------------ Optional Questions -----------------

    Favorite Youtuber?: i have a lot lol

    Are you familiar with Mindcrack/Hermitcraft?: yup

    ---------- Please Answer Below ---------------

    Anything else we should know?: I've played minecraft since forever. since like alpha. I'm in college too so i have a lot of time to play
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    Skype Name: ill give it, if i get added
    Minecraft Username: 77george77
    Age: 19
    Best At: building!
    Why would you like to be on the server?: I like small based community serves where everyone can help one another
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    posted a message on 100% Pure Vanilla ⋙ WindiaMC
    1. IGN: 77George77
    2. Age: 19
    3. Anything special about yourself that you want us to know? Ive played since like minecraft beta, lol I've played this forever haha
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    posted a message on [Adventure Time] - 1.8 - Whitelist Community - Mature/Friendly Players-
    IGN: 77George77

    AGE: 19

    Reason of Joining: I like playing on vanilla servers with friendly people :D
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    posted a message on No Longer accepting thread will be abandonned
    GN [In Game Name] : 77George77
    Age : 19
    Why Do You Want To Join?: I want to play on the new snapshot and i like vanilla mc.
    Will You Record? : no
    Youtube Channel [Optional] : have one but not for mine craft
    Will You Cheat?: i never cheat
    Have You Been Banned From Any Server Before?: nope!
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    posted a message on Attack Of The B-Team Server
    hi, I'm george I'm 18 i would like to join your server! :D
    Skype; Georgerivas7
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