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    Server will be back up at least for a month, just got PS+

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    Quote from Kushd420»


    Quote from Vasilis12343»

    Great,my name in ps4 is stratos1221 add me ;)

    Added both of you, see you in Athens
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    Wow, MCF just butchered the formatting on this. Did the best I could to fix it without rewriting the entire thing.

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    The server is still a Work in Progress so we have no trailer yet. But it's brought to you by many of the same people as the PS3 Athena Server. This one is not 24/7, but has many other things going for it.

    Also, because it's still a W.I.P., the server is permanently on Creative Mode. It should be "survival ready" in a month or so.


    Better living through Redstone. - Athens City Motto

    The Athena Server is a Redstone-focused community server. The server is mostly built in Creative, but played on in Survival. The average player will build their home & possibly their business in Creative, then spend the rest of their time in Survival. Server Staff spend much more time on Creative, attending to server business & development.

    The server's goal is to make the Survival experience more pleasant, easy, and community-oriented through the use of Redstone.


    The list below is only things which are already on the server - we have a lot more planned for the future.

    • Town Square - The heart of Athens, all districts are connected to the Town Square (which is more like a circle). In the center of the towns square is Athens Park, with the Event Platform in the center - here, we will have seasonal, holiday, or other temporary event builds. For example, during the Halloween season, you can come here to get free masks.
    • Economy - Mining-based economy. Explained in-detail in the server, but essentially, most items available from mining are assigned an equivalent value in Coal, based on exponential growth. For example, Redstone is worth 9 Coal, Lapis Lazuli is worth 81 Coal (9x9), a Gold Nugget is worth 729 Coal (9x9x9).
    • Mall of Athena - The Mall is the center of Athens's economy. Automated shops sell a variety of goods here, as well as a handful of non-automated shops. Some examples include: various food shops; exploration equipment (Ice Walker boots, Respiration helmets, etc); Bottle o' Enchanting shop; and a Horse Armor shop.
    • Bank of Athena - The Bank is the backbone of our economy. Using redstone, you can convert one form of currency into another form. For example, if you have 1 Emerald, you can turn it into 9 Diamonds. Or, you can bring 9 Diamonds (in the form of a Diamond Block) and exchange it for 1 Emerald. It's kind of like an ATM with no "accounts," but which only converts currency, like bringing five $1 bills and getting one $5 bill back.
    • Atlas Tower - The center of Athena's government and the New Player Spawn.
    • PVP Arena - Two floors divided into 4 cells each, for a total of 8 cells. Each cell has a theme (Nether, Suburban, Desert, Ice, etc). Official fights will be hosted weekly (generally speaking). Winners receive 3 Diamonds, losers receive 1 Gold Nugget. Spectators can bet on fighters. There's also a Fighter Records section, which records the Wins & Losses of each fighter.
    • Department of Pig Vehicles - Get your Pig Cars here. Pig Cars are like Minecarts, but they can also drive very slowly off rails. This makes them ideal for transportation around the city, which is lined with Powered Rails. It's as close as you'll get to a true car on console Minecraft.
    • Athens Airport - Two-directional slimeblock flying machines will fly you to another location on the map, then back to the city when you're ready to return. (Flying machine design by RedstoneSpire on YouTube)
    • Free Mart - Some basic survival goods, like food and iron, are available to all players. Some other equipment deemed "essential and too difficult to obtain", like leads, nametags, and Elytra, are also available for free to all players. Except for the "too difficult to obtain" goods, all of Free Mart's goods are supplied by Redstone Farms, meaning the supplies will never run out.
    • Recycling Center - A well-organized recycling center. One miner's trash is another miner's treasure, drop your useless goods off here and they may become useful for someone else.
    • Athens Grand Fair - My current construction project (meaning it's currently the least finished), the Athens Grand Fair will be an Amusement Park with many functional rides (meaning you actually ride them), a few nonfunctional rides (only there for show), and many minigames.
    • Zoo - A Mob Zoo showing off various mobs, including rare mobs like Charged Creepers, Skeleton Horsemen/Horses, and Elder Guardians. And of course, there's also a souvenir shop.


    Rules are mostly pretty obvious. This server is usually pretty popular which means we have no time to deal with people who break the rules. If you're banned, you're banned, no going back.

    The rules will also be available in-game in a book by the time we switch to Survival, so don't worry about remembering them - just read them all now to make sure you agree to follow them.

    General Server Rules/Settings

      Difficulty: Hard

    • Fire Spreads: Off
    • TNT: Off (Ask a Staff member if you need to use it)
    • Mob Griefing: Off
    • Keep Inventory: Off (Except during an Official Arena Fight)
    • Everything else: On
    These rules govern how people are required to act on the server.
    • Murder / Assault - No unprovoked PVP. This means you're allowed to fight/kill people who either A) agree to the fight beforehand or trespass in your home if it's clearly marked with a "No Trespassing" sign. Punishment: Immediate & Permanent Ban
    • Theft - No unapproved taking of any items, including food items - yes, even if you're starving. Punishment: Usually a Permanent Ban
    • Griefing - No griefing. That means no damaging any property besides your own, including pets/livestock, or excessively building on private property. Punishment: Immediate & Permanent Ban.
    • Trespassing - No entering homes, fenced-in areas, or other properties with clearly posted "No Trespassing" signs, or any similar signs ("Friends Only," "Employees Only," etc). Any properties without these signs will be assumed okay to enter. Punishment: First-time offenders will be kicked, after being killed to see if they stole anything while trespassing. Repeat offenders will be temporarily suspended or possibly banned.
    • Harassment - No bothering/harassing players who have asked you not to. This includes things like: following them, getting in their way while they build, smacking them to get their attention, or any similar actions. Punishment: Warning, followed by either being kicked or the harassed individual being given permission to attack you if you get close. If that doesn't solve it or you harass other people, you will be banned.
    • Language/Profanity - This is more of a "mature" sort of server so you won't be banned for swearing or similar things, but some things will still get you banned, like giant builds of certain anatomical features.
    These rules govern the use of Creative Mode.
    Only Creative-approved players may use Creative Mode (see "Joining the Server" section).
    • Animal Control - Players may not have more than 1 of each mob as a pet, or multiple of one types of mob. (This rule has many exceptions, for example, a Farmer may need a Horse. Just talk to a Mod before breaking this rule.) This rule only exists due to the Mob Limit on every map. Punishment: Warning & excessive pets or livestock may be killed.
    • Illegal Goods - No supplies from Creative Mode, except: book & quills, Elytra, saddles, leads, nametags, and signs. This only applies to hoarding items in your chest or inventory. Example: You can fill a field with wheat, but you can't fill a chest with wheat. You can fill your house with Cakes on the ground, but you can't fill a Chest with cake. You can build your house out of Quartz, but you can't fill a chest with Quartz. This rule also applies to items placed specifically to break them in Survival (ie, filling your basement with Diamond Blocks or leaving a Diamond Sword in an Item Frame). Punishment: Permanent Ban
    • Zoning Law - Creative builds must be in the appropriate district (minigames in Minigames & Art district, homes in Residential District, etc). Ask a Server Staff member if you're not sure. Punishment: You may be asked to remove your build if it's not in the appropriate district.
    • Height Limit - Creative builds may not exceed Y:230 without my approval (due to the Airplanes - can't have them crashing). Punishment: Your build may be trimmed down to Y:230 if its in the path of an airplane.
    • Valuable Block Restrictions - No gold, diamond, or emerald blocks in your builds, even if you're legitimately not placing them just to break them in Survival. This is because other players will break them even if you don't plan on it. Exceptions can be made for Gold, which is the least valuable of the 3 and really required in certain builds. Punishment: Blocks may be removed and replaced with a similar block, if it was determined not to be a case of "Illegal Goods."
    These rules govern how Server Staff are required to act / limits of their power.
    Moderators may not destroy private property without prior approval from an Owner or Admin. Mods can't trespass in homes without a good reason (recent thefts, seen the person trespassing, etc). This does


    equate to "reasonable cause" in US law - in other words, they don't need to actually see you doing something illegal to check your house, but they can't just freely enter homes either. Mods can't break the

    Illegal Goods

    rule. Mods and other staff may not abuse their power, subject to discretion by server owners & admins. (It has occasionally been an issue with the PS3 servers)
    • Theft through Business: If you agree to deliver a product or payment in return for something, and the other party fulfills their part of the deal and you do not, you may be suspended or banned, as well as the other party being paid more than the original deal, out of your possessions.
    • Sales of Creative Goods: Shops supplied from Creative Mode are allowed, but you are not allowed to collect any profit from the shop if it's supplied from Creative Mode.
    • Out-of-Order Shops: If you use an automated shop and don't receive the product you paid for, put an "OUT OF ORDER" sign on the Payment Hopper and message a Staff member for a refund.
    • Secure Your Account: If you break the rules and then say, "My little brother did it," "Someone hacked my account," or anything else to try to pass off the blame, you will be punished all the same.

    Joining the Server

    Creative-Approved Players

    If you want to be approved to build your home, business, and possibly other things (like Art) in Creative Mode, do the following:

    1. Send me a picture or video of one of your builds. You can send it by email ([email protected]), directly on MinecraftForums, you can post it in this thread, you can even send it to me on PSN. But, I don't have time to join servers to check out builds - sorry everyone, it has to be a picture or video.
    2. If it's good enough, I will approve you. I'm really not very picky at all, this is just to avoid having basic box-homes or other very "noob-like" homes covering the city. It's not a building contest, but we do want to keep it looking nice.
    3. Post your PSN in the comments or a message to me, along with something indicating you read the server rules.
    4. Join the server and ask to be switched to Creative whenever.
    Survival-Only Players

    If you don't mind being limited to Survival-only or can't submit an image/video, do the following:

    1. Post "I have read the rules and agree to follow them" in the comments to this thread or a message to me, along with your PSN.
    2. Join the server.
    3. Talk to a staff member to figure out where you will live - you can either move into one of our pre-built homes, or build your own home on Survival. Unlike Creative homes, Survival homes are allowed to be built anywhere on the map (within reason - no dirt huts in the middle of the Mall, for example).

    (Note: Survival-only players are not currently being accepted, since the server is currently in Creative only. Check back in a month or so.)

    All Players
    • Join our Discord to easily chat with other people in the server: https://discordapp.com/invite/WqyHX5d (All Discord operations are managed by xCurlyxTopx)
    • Players of any age are welcome to join, but younger players will still be expected to follow all rules.
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    Quote from StarThief26»

    The texture of elytra currently does not change for any skins or capes in any of the console versions.

    Too bad. Thanks.
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    Looks like a very angry or very terrified clownfish

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    posted a message on What capes show up as Elytra?

    I have the Nazir skin and its cape doesnt change the Elytra color.

    What skins do?

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    Quote from Daib»

    Have you actually played the PS4 or XBO versions? They are not without their own issues.

    I've played both PS3 and PS4 - PS4 has minor issues but nothing which even vaguely compares to the broken-game trainwreck that is Minecraft PS3 Edition.

    Mojang/4j should seriously refund anyone who wants a refund. They won't, but they should. The game is broken and has been for years.

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    PS4 version of this server coming...not soon, but eventually. Going to be big.

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    Server is open to players to join again. MCCE-441 isn't fixed, but it's not as bad as it used to be.

    We're currently doing the Halloween Decorating Contest, so anyone who joins is welcome to decorate their house in Halloween decorations.

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    Quote from BloodyPhoenix»

    Are you sure that it's not a skin that already has a cape?

    It was, unfortunately. The cape just looked similar to the banners hanging on the walls in the image, so I thought wearable banners were a thing.
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    They did a really good job with the Banner Crafting interface, much better than they did with Fireworks (which weren't bad, but definitely not this good).

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    The preview image for this update showed two people wearing banners as capes. Can't figure out how to do it.

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    Just because it can't be obtained through normal means on the PC doesn't mean it'll be the same for Console Edition if it ever get's added.

    Look at PC Edition through, they don't have obtainable Mob spawner *blocks* in their inventory but on Pocket Edition, you can easily get them in your creative inventory and place them like any other block. If one day, Minecraft Console Edition is still alive and command blocks are added, I expect to see them either in the Redstone tab or the miscellaneous tab. I'm 95% sure if they are indeed added you won't have to use command to get them ;)

    And I guess if they did really want to make them only obtainable via commands, they could just put a "Give Command Block" option in the Host Privileges menu, or the menu when you click on someone's name as a mod / server owner.
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    Other games such as Skyrim and Fallout do/will I believe

    On XBox yes, Playstation no. Doubt 4j would want to favor one console edition over another.
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