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    Friendly, Vanilla 1.16.5 Server Now Open to Public!!!!


    1. Try not to swear in chat

    2. No hacks

    3. No DDosing or Doxxing players


    5. Don't spam in chat

    ** Hacked Clients are not allowed**

    DM evan_#5438 on Discord for IP!

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    When is next Minecon? Was there supposed to be one, but did Covid cancel it? If anyone could find out that would be great.

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    Honestly, Baby Skeletons aren't a bad idea. If Mojang released a "More Babys" update or something like that, baby skeletons, baby witches, baby pillagers and vindicators all would fit there pretty well. I definitely support the idea.

    Quote from FawesDaWombat»

    Baby witches would be absolute monsters.So would baby evokers,baby pillagers,and baby vindicators.A baby ravager wouldn't be that bad.

    I'm sure if they were released, Mojang would find a way to make them balanced...

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