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    Wow, I'm bad at this.
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    Well this is gonna take a little while, isn't it.
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    posted a message on CakeCraft NEW MINECRAFT FRIENDLY EXPERIENCE-NEEDS builders/staff/mods/plugin admins, DEDICATED SERVER
    Age: 12
    Country: Canada
    Moderating Experience: Quit a bit.
    If yes, which servers? Heroes Of Dragonia, about 2 more of which I do not remember.
    Do you understand bukkit plugins? Yes, of course.
    How active can you be? I am very active on servers, I try my hardest.
    More info: I am a girl, I am 12. I have had a ton of training on servers. I know when to kick/ban/jail/mute people. I have been accepted many times, the people who accept me are satisfied.
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    posted a message on ★★★★★ PhanaticMC Network ★★★★★ skyblock skygrid factions creative minigames + more
    Ign: Markl77
    age: 14
    Why do you want to join?: I've played skyblock before and I just want to try it on this server :).
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    Hey guys I'm back. Good with the proper credit X) I suck at posting and you're doing awesome.
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    posted a message on (WIP) Snow's Wrath: The Hunger Games- Nation of Panem [TAKING IN BUILDERS NOW][MAKING PROGRESS!][TWO CUSTOM TEXTURE PACKS!][CUST
    Quote from da_stunty

    IGN: da_stunty
    Age: 15
    Explain Role-Playing: imagining yourself as another character and playing their role accoringly
    Why Us?: because i found it in search on google, it looks really good and after seeing the film last night, i wanted to join a server all about it
    Tribute Name: Ferrum Durus
    Tribute Age: 15
    Tribute Gender: male
    District: 12
    Personality: Strong willed, secretive, short temper
    Skills: good shot with bow and arrow, can make what he requires out of the materials to hand,
    Appearance: small, blond, messy hair, blue eyes, scar on right eye
    Job: mineral vein finder/ miner
    Tribute's Backstory( At least 3-5 sentences !): born and brought up in the district, skipped the schooling process and went straight in to the mines at 12. got bored of not earning enough so began seeking out into the woods at night to take up a sine line as a poacher (hence the bow skills). now craves the opportunity to enter the hunger games, as he soon realise the girl he loves, doesn't care for his existence. he wishes to use this as he way of proving himself to her, if not at least get a chance to vent his anger in the process
    Katniss everdeen much..
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    Who cares about the other mod, we are making a much bigger one. And I believe the knife texture has been used a lot.
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    Quote from germs81

    Download link just links to the adfly homepage. Please fix soon! :)
    Thanks for telling us.AMG AND DTROLL--
    Make a new topic. And tell me link.
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    Quote from TrickingRedStone

    DrTroll needs to get his facts right, he declined my coding app, I still applied to be builder, and was following through with it. But after a while, I saw no progress done. And I simply asked to be taken off the list, besides this post, that's all I've done on this thread. "Trashing the mod" makes no sense.

    We dont need anymore builders and sure. Whine about it we don't really care.

    Dtroll please make a new forum post.

    Quote from dTr011

    Hey markl, um because you won't seem to give us credit, I'm reporting you and making my own thread unless you give proper credit.
    Just give me a damn minute, I was at school.

    Quote from 66markl

    Hello everyone,

    Credit to: dtroll amgshaffer and all of our builders and coders.
    Builders, IP:
    Version 1.3 Is Now Ready!
    This version includes a fix so now regular mine craft mobs can spawn again. I do not know if you have released it, but they didn't spawn naturally. SO that is now fixed. Also, Grooslings don't like to have sex anymore, meaning they are less spawn happy!
    Fixed Sickle recipe, it is now two ingots of iron in top left, one on middle two right, and a stick bottom row middle. Im too lazy to upload pics!

    Reporting Errors!
    This has been happening way too recently: idiotic posts and questions. And I am sorry if I freaked out at you people who asked Idiotic questions, like "DOes this need mod loader?" and yes, all mods need mod loader.

    Here is how we will report errors, or NO ONE will answer you.

    1. Post your ModLoader.txt
    2. Say what you did.
    3. Did you delete meta-inf?


    This is very simple too install. One, install mod loader if you haven't. Two, open the HG beta v1.3 and copy all files into your mine craft.jar. Yes all of them! Including the textures! So everything!




    Now, if you haven't read the past sections, read the now, or else nobody will help you!

    Here is a link! http://adf.ly/7uery

    So far the mod is just beta, we are working a lot on it. The arena isn't built yet but we still have some awesome things added :) .

    We will soon be adding these once the mod gets all built.

    -23 CPU tributes. They can see you and they have hunger, thirst. Just like a normal player. They look like tributes. They have to get weapons at the start just like any other tribute, they can still attack with fists though. At cornucopia they go for the items but some run into the forest right away. To become allies, you have to be a career, starting in district 1,2, or 4

    -Cornucopia with items. Any items! Random items that will help you survive. Golden. Has at least 3 rare items.

    - Metal plates. To begin with! They rise up and once they are up there is a 10 second count down.

    -Arena. With a bedrock dome around it texture makes it look like glass, BIG! Jungles, Oceans, Forests, Deserts.

    -Mutts- Tracker jackers- Live in nests, if the nest touches the ground (its like sand)
    it will explode with tracker jackers.
    -wolf mutts- angry wolves

    Items and weapons suggestions.

    -New weapons -throwing knives Stone Iron Gold Diamond, 2 damage from close distance 4 damage from far distance. TO MAKE: 1 stick on bottom and one stone,iron-ingot,gold-ingot,diamond on top.

    -spears Stone, Iron, gold, diamond, 4 damage. used for fishing. TO MAKE: 2 sticks on botton one stone, iron-ingot,gold-ingot, diamond on top. DIAGONAL

    -flaming sticks 2 damage close combat. TO MAKE: 1 stick right click on fire.

    -rocks throwing, 4 damage.TO MAKE: put stone in every space of the crafting table.

    -New items!
    -fire, TO MAKE: 3 sticks on bottom 1 flint and steel on top.
    -tent TO MAKE: Leather in small triangle. 4 leathers

    If you die you LOSE. And you restart at the district you chose.

    ---The beginning----
    You would start in the training center and train for like 15-30 mins then you would do you individual session, the CPU game makers would mark you're score 1-12. Then after one more "day" you would start the hunger games, on you're starting metal plate which would rise up and then you would wait 10 seconds and the announcement on chat would say "Let the hunger games begin!" then you'd start



    Builders- We need a bigger team! Apply!



    To become a coder ask dtr0ll (???)


    - Designers

    If we haven't heard from you in a week then you get removed.

    Builder app-
    What is you're building experience 1-10:
    If you read the hunger games, how do you suppose what the capitol and district houses look like?:
    Have you read the hunger games?

    Thank-you please comment and tell others about this topic!

    Theres you're credit. Happy?I cant believe this, I never needed to beg or threaten for credit. I was fine without it.
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    Quote from WL_Frank

    It just bothers me that everyone sais that they read the books, while most of them didnt't read them.
    Im sorry.
    You have a point, from now on everyone has to explain the books. Catching fire and The Hunger Games
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    Alex, get back to you're topic. We don't need you people starting fights, we are working on a mod.Ok, you guys, you know knives and throwing knives have a difference? look up "throwing knives". See the difference? So shall we make one of those?
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