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    Minecraft-POM Package
    This package be based on Minecraft default package make,
    In order to guarantee POM and Normal-Map precision,
    I put the map zoom 128x128,but within the game see or 16x16,
    I came to China,I englist no good,so this thread content is not smooth,please forgive !
    1.Minecraft 1.7.10 Forge / Minecraft 1.8
    2.You need GLSL Shaders Mod For 1.7.10 or 1.8
    3.Shaders : SEUS / Chocapic13 or All support POM/SPEC Shaders
    4.GPU : Can run smoothly

    Now I only in China SkyDrive upload This Package,If not download,Please contact me,I upload to Google Drive or other.

    Link : http://pan.baidu.com/s/1pJpCV4f (Extract Password : ibeb )

    After entering click corresponding file {Download icon} can be start download

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    but not beautiful,complete water-reflected should not require much higher performance,and Specular map reflection also use "screen space reflections",imaging effect not good

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    Could you Fix Some BUG(I'm sorry,I engilsh no good,you sure see picture understand my expression content)

    1.All ShaderPackage POM Effect,edge can not be transparent。

    2.Water-Reflected In the high angle appear no reflection BUG,such as:From the perspective of vertical almost no reflection

    Hoping to fix it BUG,Please!

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