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    While this map is no longer being actively updated, others have taken the reins to update the map to add things only available in new versions past 1.5. See the bottom of this post for links!

    No lava.

    No stone.

    Just you, some trees, and a couple friends.

    Skyblock is a wonderful map, but this is NOT Skyblock, and is nothing like it. Play it for 20 minutes and you'll see.

    4.0 Initial release. You can pretty much make, breed, grow, spawn, or trade for everything in the game, eventually. If you're smart :)
    4.1 Incremental Update to Minecraft 1.5. Added Quartz and more Soul Sand. Put most starting items in a chest. Increased biome sizes and replaced the Desert with a Mushroom biome. Modified the challenges to be much easier to mark completed. Moved the spawn point so slimes are easier to get. NOTE: This does not seem to have taken. I'll fix it again in 4.2, but for now follow the below instructions.
    1. Download and install NBTExplorer if you don't already have it.
    2. Open it and navigate to your SAVES folder (something like C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves)
    3. Navigate into OceanBlock_4.0 -> Level.dat -> Data: 24 Entries -> SpawnX and SpawnZ
    4. SpawnX should be 289. Change it to 250. If it is not 289, change it to a number near what it is but at least 25 away.
    5. Leave SpawnY alone. It's a height value that doesn't matter here.
    6. SpawnZ should already be 598. Change it to 550. If it is not 550, change it to a number near what is is but at least 25 away.
    7. File -> Save
    8. Exit out of NBTExplorer.
    9. All done!

    • Slimes (and sometimes passive mobs) won't spawn. Run the above fix if this occurs on your map. This will be fixed when I update to 4.2.
    • Zombie Pigmen sometimes won't spawn, or will spawn but only in very small numbers. Run the below fix for this. This will be fixed when I update to 4.2.

    • Open your map in MCEdit. If you are not comfortable with MCEdit, read up on it and make a backup of your map before using it!
    • Go to the Nether.
    • Highlight all "normal" looking areas. You'll have to do this step several times for each of the 4 areas North/South/East/West around the big lava lake.
    • Select the fill tool, and fill the area with bedrock. You'll have to do this step several times for each of the 4 areas North/South/East/West around the big lava lake.

    Normal Mode:
    ADFLY LINK: OceanBlock 4.1
    DIRECT LINK: OceanBlock 4.1

    Hardcore Mode:
    ADFLY LINK: OceanBlock 4.1 Hardcore
    DIRECT LINK: OceanBlock 4.1 Hardcore

    Version En Español (Thanks to MsFenixWolf):
    ADFLY LINK: OceanBlock 4.1 En Español
    MEDIAFIRE LINK: OceanBlock 4.1 En Español

    Multiplayer server! (Thanks to BritishCommando2 for setting up and running this):
    URL: oceanblock.us
    Just paste that into Minecraft and head on over!
    Alternate urls: oceanblock.me oceanblock.co oceanblock.in oceanblock.org
    Once connected hit T, then type /server Oceanblock
    Then read all the signs for what to do next!

    • Do not kill yourself in ANY way for ANY purpose.
    • NO mods/hacks/cheats that give you an advantage. (Optifine is fine, but TMI is not)
    • Play on at least easy difficulty.
    • Have FUN!

    • There is a bed on the island, and when you start it should be night. Sleep in the bed to set your spawn point, and sleep in it whenever you move it. This will keep you from spawning on the ocean floor, which is a Minecraft bug that I cannot fix.
    • When you start, there is no lava. There is no stone. You'll be working with wood until you can get iron tools, either from a mob trap or from Iron Golems, or from trading with villagers.
    • Most of the stuff you'll work with in on the little block of dirt, sand, and a few other resources that you spawn on. There are some goodies available if you search a bit, but don't look too far! *EVERYTHING* unique is within 16 horizontal meters of the bed in the center of the island.
    • There are 5 biomes in the world. Most of the world is a plains biome, but there is also a snow, a jungle, a swamp, and a mushroom biome. And like everything else of interest, they're all within 16 meters of that bed. They're also all placed symmetrically so if you can find one, you should be able to find the other 3.
    • There is an emergency cache on the non-hardcore version of this map. It's not exactly hidden but it's out of the way. It has a few critical resources that you start with, but could lose. For the ultimate challenge, try to do EVERYTHING below without ever opening that cache. If you don't like it but don't want to use its contents, feel free to destroy it and throw it and its contents into the sea or onto your cactus.
    • There is coal on this map. And diamonds. And obsidian. And all of the Nether blocks. And Nether Wart. Yes, you can get it all. And yes, you'll need it all.


    MILESTONES (Do in REVERSE order):
    1. Build a Village
    2. Mine the Obsidian
    3. Go to the Nether
    4. Activate the End Portal.
    5. Get a Dragon egg.

    (the remaining lists are actually in reverse order, the same order they are in the book. Do them in any order you wish, but the ones at the bottom of each category are a bit easier than the ones at the top)

    • Enchanting Room
    • A House for yourself (Include Brick, Nether Brick, Stone Brick, and Quartz)
    • Cobblestone generator
    • Giant red mushroom
    • Giant brown mushroom
    • Mob farm
    • Grass for Animals (Min. 8x8)

    • Golden Apple
    • Other Golden Apple
    • Golden Carrot
    • Brewing Stand
    • 16 Jack 'o' Lanterns
    • Anvil
    • Enchantment Table
    • Furnace

    • Get a tool, weapon, or armor with at least 2 level-IV enchantments
    • Enchant something with 30 levels of experience
    • Cake and Pie (eat an entire cake and a pumpkin pie in one sitting, to fill your hunger bar from 0 to 10)
    • Make a jukebox and collect records for it
    • Automate something with pistons, hoppers, and/or dispensers
    • Hang a map and at least 1 painting in your house
    • Pot some plants for decoration
    • Tame a Wolf
    • Tame an Ocelot
    • A Full set of leather armor, each piece dyed
    • A Mismatched Set (One each of helmet, chestplate, leggings, and boots in iron, gold, diamond, and chainmail. No duplicates)
    • Use a carrot on a stick to ride a saddled pig

    • 16 Blaze Rods.
    • 64 Bonemeal
    • 64 Arrows
    • A Bow

    • Mushroom (Min. 8x8 mycelium area)
    • Pumpkin (Min. 1 stalk)
    • Sugarcane (Min. 64)
    • Jungle tree (Min. 4 or a 2x2 square)
    • Birch tree (Min. 4)
    • Spruce tree (Min. 4)
    • Oak tree (Min. 4)
    • Wheat (Min 64)
    • Potato (Min. 8)
    • Carrot (Min. 8)
    • Melon (Min. 1 stalk)
    • Nether Wart (Min. 8)
    • Cactus (Min. 1)
    • Snow
    • Experience
    • Chicken
    • Cow
    • Sheep
    • Pig
    • Slime
    • Iron Golem

    WOOL (Min. 16 of each):
    • Magenta
    • Light Gray
    • Orange
    • Cyan
    • Purple
    • Gray
    • Light Blue
    • Pink
    • Lime
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Black
    • White
    • Brown

    POTIONS (Min. 6 of each):
    • Invisibility
    • Night Vision
    • Regeneration
    • Swiftness
    • Fire Resistance
    • Healing
    • Strength
    • Poison
    • Weakness
    • Slowness
    • Harming


    How do I get cobblestone? Where's the Lava?
    Until you get to the Nether, there IS NONE. This is not Skyblock, no matter how similar it appears on the surface.
    Anything you can do with cobblestone, you can do with wood, except maybe holding lava.
    What about Iron?
    Iron is a renewable resource, and getting it is one of your goals. If you do the challenges in order you'll get iron in no time.
    What about Whithers? I bet you didn't think about those.
    You're right, I could have accounted for Withers but I didn't.
    Your map is dumb and you're dumb and how can you mine diamond without iron you dummy.
    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but you'll need iron to mine diamonds.

    Spawn Island

    The Nether

    The Emergency Cache

    Others' Maps:
    OceanBlock 5.0 by Slytherite - Includes spawn fixes (both for players and monsters), the new Flower Forest biome, and the new tree types!
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    Quote from Slytherite

    Well thats sad, I was looking forward to an Oceanblock 5.0, I may be able to tinker with it and update it for 1.7 if that is ok with you 5thHorseman...

    I not only don't mind this, I encourage it! Make your own thread for it and post here and I'll update the first post. I will link to all versions posted here and won't have a ton of time to devote to checking them out, so will preferentially list maps from names I recognize and maps reported to be good.
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    Okay I've gone from worried that it would happen to resigned that it was inevitable to now able to accept it: I have no desire at all to continue doing anything with Minecraft. It's sad, but I've just moved on. There is not enough time to play every game I want to play and I have to cut some out, and Minecraft - after literally years - is one of those games.

    That said, OceanBlock 4.1 in its current state will always be available for download. I have no plans on removing it from the server its on and that server is my own personal site that I have no plans on discontinuing, ever. I will also continue to visit the forum and this thread in particular, of course.

    Also, if someone would like to take a try at maintaining the map and bringing it up to the current version, I wholeheartedly support that. I may even play it, eventually :)

    Sorry to anybody who feels led on by this. I truly thought that the past few weeks' of extra spare time would afford me a chance to work on the map, but I've just had 0 desire to do so. And I don't think that will change.
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    Quote from Slytherite

    so with 1.7 coming soon...(i think)...are you going to make a new version of Oceanblock? if so, that'll be great! Give me a reason to start the map from scratch...(although I'm not done with this one yet...almost, just need to make blaze farm...craft potions and kill ender dragon, and take the egg trophy.)

    I'd say it's pretty likely. However I cannot guarantee when it'll come out. I'm going to have some free time over the next month or so but I'm not sure when that time is, and I basically haven't played (or really followed) Minecraft since 1.6 came out so I'm not up on anything that's come in the snapshots since then.
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    Quote from awesomeman617

    i got fire into my nether portal and it wont light please help me

    Did you have anything else in the portal? You need NOTHING but AIR and FIRE in the 6 blocks that make up the interior of the portal.

    Don't put a block inside the portal and light it on fire. Put blocks in front of and behind the portal and light them on fire.

    If you are already doing that, do it several times. Eventually it'll light.
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    I'm happy to announce that OceanBlock has its own Multiplayer server!

    Thanks go to BritishCommando2 for setting up and running this. I have nothing to do with it.

    URL: http://oceanblock.us

    Just paste that into Minecraft and head on over!
    Alternate urls: oceanblock.me oceanblock.co oceanblock.in oceanblock.org
    Once connected hit T, then type /server Oceanblock
    Then read all the signs for what to do next!
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    Quote from MegaTrain

    If you have another reason to re-do the map, it might be cool to have the two villagers already named by tags at the start, though? Tweedledee and Tweedledumb? Tom and Jerry? Dumb and Dumber? Paper Guy and Restone Gal?

    I refer to them as "Pappy" and "Red" :)

    "perfect villagers"

    I've actually thought about this, but never did the legwork and research to see what is needed. The perfect librarian is probably the easiest to get done especially if you start with a guy who already has a gold trade. I'm surprised it's just 9 trades. That seems pretty easy though the last few have got to be a chore to get even if you do start with gold. I guess what would make them perfect in Oceanblock is a paper trade, but I'd be happy also with buying a bookshelf as the final trade. They're pretty cheap and at worst you can eventually break them down and sell the books back to him, likely for the exact number of emeralds you paid for the shelves. The perfect butcher wouldn't be too bad either, with any "buy cooked meat" trade last or (my favorite) buying (char)coal. Though with the probability of that one, I can't see expecting it to show up last very often.

    I'd assume the book enchant can change, but only if the cost is lower than the last one. It probably generates a random book enchant for a random cost, and then (like with any other trade) sees if there's already a book enchant for more money already there. I'd like to test it though and you need to test to see what happens when the cost is the same, as there's no way to know how they programmed that even by guessing.
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    Oh if they're in the game they're vanilla. I am not opposed to adding a chest full of them except it's such a small thing to add for a full update. The map update process is far from simple and anybody who's established in their map won't get the bonuses.

    I have no moral objections to hacking in a chestful of the things, either. :)
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    Quote from ReptileHL

    nice map...GREAT MAP ! good job bro...only one prob. idk how to install a map !!!!

    If only there was a vast network of interconnected computers that contained an easily searchable archive of most all human knowledge!
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    Quote from Chefbarbie

    How do you find "fortress zones" with out mods?

    You have multiple options, depending on what you can and are willing to do:

    Make big platforms at y=64 (which is always within a fortress zone if one is present, as far as I have seen) until you get lucky. This will likely take a LONG time, but is probably the "purest" way to do it.

    Search through this topic, I'm sure someone has posted the coordinates somewhere. I don't know them else I'd toss them in here behind a spoiler tag.

    Find an online resource that will show or tell you the coordinates of the fortress, given the map's seed (which you can get in the game).

    Once you get the seed and coordinates in the Nether of the portal, start a new world in creative mode with that seed, go to those coordinates and look around until you find the fortress. This is what I'd do. It's a good mix of "do it yourself" and "doesn't take 30 years."

    (You said no mods but I love this one so include it here) Install The Bounding Box Outline mod.

    EDIT: One more I forgot about:
    AMIDST which is a separate program so not actually a mod.
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