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    Because of recent events, including a mayor grief that led to a mayor rollback because mymcadmin hadn't done server backup in 13 days.. we're going to make a closed forum and start from scratch, inviting new and mature players whom can play the game without ruining for others.

    I will make a new thread regarding the server when everything is ready, for now.. I'll request admin to delete this topic!
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    Hi all Minecrafters and welcome to our servers topic!

    Server: High Performance server from: Fragnet.net
    Realm name: [TBN] (currently Haarlem Acergy)
    Server IP: [TBA]
    Mods: [N/A]

    Information above will be released soon (no, not Blizzard or Valves form for "soon")

    Me and a couple of friends have been working on preparing an RP server over the past months, we've tried different server hosts, worlds and even requested custom maps but ended up with a random generated one that we felt quite happy with.

    Some information about what we've done:

    Starting Area:
    We've created a custom starting area with spawn in Jail of a ship, you don't know where you are, the crew is missing and you'll have
    to find your way out. I won't spoil more but you'll end up with a choice to join 4 different factions, all with their own unique
    "abilities", architecture and way of life.

    In the start we didn't have many ideas, we tried to come up with original names and races but as our ability to create names is crap, we decided to just go with 4 different races or factions from 4 different games/films as a foundation and this is what we ended up with.

    This is the Viking like faction of the game, they're barbarians but also good tradesmen and farmers. Their home is in the Valley of Might, and is protected by tall mountainous cliffs. The name is from norse lore, we quickly decided we wanted a barbarian faction and ended up with the Vikings of our homeland.

    House Baratheon:
    As the only british medieval age based faction, this faction has their home in the Eternal Tundra, a flat landscape with few signs of mountains and other protective nature. The House is the most balanced of the factions when it comes to diplomatic, military and research abilities. They prefer diplomacy over war but if provoked they're not to be underestimated.
    The name is from the books and now TV series: Game of Thrones

    Ironfist Clan:
    If you've played fantasy games or been into the lore of TES, Warhammer, LOTR, or Warcraft you probably already guessed it, this is the dwarven/dwemer faction of the realm, they live inside the mountain, carving and digging to expand their underworld domain and hopefully one day to find the long lost and sacred stonecore to learn its powers. Name is something we actually put together ourselves (we think) but the idea of dwarves is inspired by the titles mentioned above.

    The Minamoto:
    This is the faction of the game that's based from Asian games, movies and real life in general. The faction uses old Asian architecture like the pagodas and dojos you've probably seen before. Their warriors are the most brutal and feared in the land, they live in harmony with nature and train to become fighters from they're just kids. The clan prefer diplomatics over the use of military strength because they know people think twice before rejecting them because of their army. their home is on the Island of Suko
    Name is from one of the major clans during the the Heian period in Japan (approx 1000 years ago)

    After you're done with the starting area you're given a choice to join one of them, once you've chosen you can't go back and change it unless you want to be considered an exile of your old faction (that's up to the factions supreme leader to decide though)

    The first one to chose one of the factions will be given a map, leading to the factions starter area, if you chose another faction you wont have access to the others area so you'll have to find the other factions on your own through exploring, or connecting your town to the central hub (start area) When you reach the start area you'll find some billboards with both long term and short term tasks that will be rewarded with small helpful gifts to give a little boost in town growth when completed.


    Currently, the server is Vanilla 1.0 as I'm working in the offshore industry I don't have time until the 14th of december to update with mods, but I want to keep the server as Vanilla as possible but we will need some for administrative and other reasons (Griefer and general troll control)

    For mods I'm open for ideas, what I had in mind was:

    Permissions (Bukkit)
    Faction trait mods: (ex. 10% digging to Ironfist, 10% damage to minamoto) <-- Don't know if this is possible, any ideas?
    Chat mod to be able to talk local/whisper/worldwide etc

    I haven't thought of any mods that could be essential for RP'ing but I am thinking about an economy system, I don't want to use
    the Economy mod because it gives digital money, I want it to be physical. I like the idea of giving someone 60 gold bars for my house
    instead of /give 1000 don't know why but it's personal preference.

    1: Griefing is strictly forbidden and if a creeper destroys something, repair it (Other rules for war, I'll come back to that)
    2: If you want to start your own village, bring it up with your factions lord or council and maybe they'll let you for a price?
    3: Damage or excavation in, on or around the closest vicinity of the starter area = kick, then ban
    4: Rough language is OK but harassing other is not tolerated -> ****, LAVA! is ok, but ****ing idiot, go play in traffic = kick/ban
    5: Racism or hateful expressions will also be kicked on, a rough joke is ok amongst friends but don't go tell bad jokes in public.


    1: War must be declared between the two faction leaders, attacking without declaring is considered griefing.
    2: If the opposing factions town is surrounded by a wall, you're not allowed to destroy with pickaxe. Use TNT or ladders instead!
    3: No block jumping at all behind enemy lines
    4: If you want to damage something behind the castle walls without breaching, TNT cannon is the way, or sneak in with flint'n steel
    5: If you die during an assault, you can come back and try the next minecraft day.
    6: Placing beds within their territory to set spawn closer to their town is not allowed at all. You die, you run back the next day.
    7: If enemy has ditches around their walls, you can fill them with sand or gravel to cross.

    Application form:

    Minecraft Name:
    Place of Origin: (europe, north america etc)
    Faction of interest:
    Faction chosen: (edit this after you've chosen in game)
    Favorite way of play: (miner, builder, explorer etc.)
    What can you contribute with?:
    Have you been banned from any servers before, and why?:
    Minecraft experience level?: (are you good at what you like, do you want to learn etc?)

    More lore and information about each faction will be found in game as you progress through the starter area. You will also learn more about the past history of the realm and other relevant information.

    As for now, we have leaders for the Baratheon and Ironfist clan, the two others doesn't have players and are open to anyone who want to join.

    This is 5kyln3r - Server Admin - King of Baratheon
    ¨~ I'll be back in a while!
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    Hello fellow Minecrafters! I've been working on a server lately that will have both factions and RP theme and everything is mostly ready..
    Now what I need is a map. A quite unique map infact, so I painted my own map and combined them from movies and real life themes to get 4 different "lands" for people to start, expand and live in.. I need a skilled mapper to create a map that is generated in PRE4 so that it will be mostly compatible with full release of MC and has most of the features needed for the full release.

    I'll be paying 20-40$ via paypal when the project is done.

    some criterias:

    - The landscape must look as natural as possible
    - You don't have to make the fjords and other things exactly like it is in my poorly made painting.. try to make it similar but if you think something will be better another way just do it as long as it isn't WAY off the chart.
    - Map will not be released public, only sent to me with a private link
    - the Scale of the map is quite important, it have to be quite big, i was thinking maybe 500-1000 blocks from the red spawnpoint to the
    Island in the ocean
    - the reward may even go higher if the work is making me very impressed (I don't know how skilled people are but my expectations are quite neutral or medium i'd say)

    I'll start right off with the features:

    this is the map I had in mind

    I will explain and show what I had in mind for the different areas, i'll start to the right with a ROHAN like landscape

    The yellow like area will be close to this with open terrain, small bushes and just tiny height variations of like 5-10 blocks


    the brown spot is where the mountain in the background will be, where the castle of rohan is built, there should be nothing on it but try to make it similar.

    for the entrance to helms deep like valley it will look like this:


    the dark brown area will be like the mountains in the picture

    In the end of the valley the landscape will look like this:


    it's not a good picture but if you find any better of helms deep just look at the mountainside and stuff, try to make it similar

    I'm not very much interested in a desert, i'm not much of a designer with map tools so I don't know how similar you can make the ground look.

    now for the bottom part

    The ocean will be quite huge, with few to none islands except from the Sado island that is black, i'll post a detailed map off it so that you can get the basic design right so that the island looks just like the map.. the landscape on the island itself will be flat and green area with trees and such on the northwest side, and mountainous area with some valleys and stuff on the southeast part of the island.. here's some pictures:

    Island MAP


    the rest is up to you, just think about the stuff I said, also.. the edges of the ocean must be natural, not a sudden 20 block drop into the sea around the different lands..

    now for the left part:

    This area will be like norwegian fjords and the area should be a snow biome, the fjords are painted and the dark grey area will be mountains and the white in the back will be lower lands and a bit more flat, there are also two areas within the fjords that are white which will also be flatlands down with the sea..

    here's some pictures from norwegian fjords:



    now for the top area.. this one is a bit special...

    the black thick circle is a chasm/rift/canyon like thing.. the "story" is that some terrible force teared the land apart and it was disconnected from the surroundings while the rest of the land was sucked into the void. the rift will be like 40-70 blocks wide and has to be all the way to bedrock, there will also be a 3-4 block thick lava layer all the way around at the bottom so that you can't walk across.. The sides of the rift will be quite steep and unclimbable without block jumping but still look natural.

    the land inside the rift will consist from parts of the rohan and norwegian like area with some parts of the spawn land with forest, I guess it would be easiest to just make the land first and just make the rift around later and take some parts off each in with it, as you can see there's some mountains in the left side, some tundra like in the right and forest at bottom, the rest of the land will be just normal area, a bit flat with some small mountains etc.. this can be naturally generated (the light green area of the top part)

    that's pretty much it, if you have any further questions I'll answer them as best as I can.
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