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    • Name:Cameron J. August (please don't ask my middle name, I like keeping it a secret.)
    • In-game Name:5chickens
    • Experience: I have been playing Minecraft for 2 1/2 years, I've been admin on a few servers and, One of my first servers to play on as staff was called RusticCraft, I was a very trusted staff member. I know how to take care of problems.
    • Why do you want to be an Moderator? I want to be an Moderator because I think that being part of this server would be a big accomplishment and I would be able to help many players if they are in need of any help. I want to be useful
    • What separates you from the other applicants? Humans are all different, everyone has their special talents, Im very good at being kind and understanding people the way the want to be understood. I wish to help no just for the sake of being a moderator on a awesome server, but to help people I will soon understand more then I thought.
    • How may we contact you? (Skype preferred) I have Skype, yes. I would only like to use the messaging part of the Skype because the world is crazy and I'm not saying I don't trust you but we got to be careful. my Skype is Camaug17
    • Have you read the Terraleet.com goal - What do you think? I think its wonderful you care about peoples experience about the game, it makes them want to come back if they enjoy this server you have put together. When I joined TL I thought "Hmm, pretty good I think I'll stay for a few mins and check it out." THEN!!!! I FIGURED OUT YOU HAD A LIVE MAP! My experience was amplified from 50 to 100! A live map! THATS AWESOME!
    • Please tell us a little bit about yourself - What about minecraft do you love? I'm very likable and I have always loved minecraft. I watch this movie about Minecraft and i thought, "Minecraft isn't a game, Its a way of life. I breath the minecraft air, I mine the Minecraft stone, I am a miner craft lover." I love to build I enjoy it a lot. I'm very good at buildings things at the top of my head and building is so fun because I get to build and explore!
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