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    posted a message on Craftite SMP HermitCraft-Like Vanilla Server - Now running Snapshots!

    1. IGN: Kakobud
    2. Skype and Optional Email My Skype is kolton_hill and will give you my email over time
    3. Why do you want to Join? I am a very communicable and Organized person, I used to run (Not own) a vanilla server similar to this and organized UHC's, minigames, etc and did a lot of background work on the server. It went well until it got shut down but I plan to put the same time and dedication into this server
    4. Are you interested in learning more on our modded server? I would love too!
    5. Optional Age - 17
    6. How Mature do you think you are? Do you believe you are mature enough to cooperate in a community environment? I would say I am very mature, I am well organized and wont keep anything secret if it needs to be known. I stick up for myself and let my opinion be known, in the most respectful and straight forward way possible
    7. Have you ever been banned from a Server and Why? I have been banned telling an abuse admin to cut it out, but I have never been banned for doing to the wrong thing
    8. Do you agree to our Rules. Yes, of course
    9. How much time do you think you can spend on the server daily? I will be on atleast 5 times a week, possibly less due to work and school but minecraft is what I do in my free time so whenever I can be.
    10. What time zone are you in? EST (Eastern Standard Time)

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    posted a message on 1.8 Vanilla-ish Minecraft Server


    ~ Kakobud, and I also have another account I use for recording purposes(time lapses, perspectives, angles, etc)


    ~ I am 17 years old

    Banned? reason why?

    ~ I've gotten banned before for asking an abusing admin to stop cheating, but for reasons such as hacking, cheating, abusiveness, etc... I have not been banned for

    A few things about your Minecraft experience:

    ~ I have been playing Minecraft for a while now, 4 or so years I'm pretty sure. I know a lot about the game and its mechanics such as technical farms, commands, building, survival, and I would say I am exceptionally good at PVP and PVE. What gets me is redstone... magic dust I cant get to understand. :P

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    posted a message on Iridescence SMP [Snapshots] [Whitelist] [100% Vanilla]

    • IGN: Kakobud is my main account, but I also own account named 502kolt which used to be my permanent account but mainly I use it for recording purposes.
    • Age: I am 16 years old as of now, but will be turning 17 in June!
    • Skype: Kolton_Hill which you could probably guess is my real name.
    • Location/Timezone: I live in Kentucky; my time zone is EST which is 3 hours ahead of California.
    • How did you find this application thread?: I found this application on the 3rd page of the MCForums I believe, I was looking for a white-listed server to join after the one I had been on for a couple years was closed. I can go into further information on why it closed but I would rather say it than type it because it would be a long story, and if you should know me I am a person that cant skip out on any information or details while telling a story.
    • How long have you been playing Minecraft?: I've been playing Minecraft for a really long time, If I can recall it was since beta 1.something (1.3 maybe?).
    • Why do you want to join?: As I said earlier, my previous SMP server I played on finally bit the bullet causing me to go 'server-less' for a couple weeks. I was one of the only members that stayed on the server through its hard times and was with it from the beginning. I am loyal to whatever I have, whether it be servers, friends, etc. I am looking for a server that I can put many of hours into, I rarely get bored or tired of Minecraft saying I would be a very active and communicative member!
    • Why should we accept you?: Like I said previously, I am a very loyal and people-oriented member and looking for a server to fulfill those qualities. I wouldn't consider myself the best builder, the best at redstone or commands, but I have a vast knowledge of all of those. I also work very well with others taking that I give my honest opinion in a polite way, work well as both a follower and a leader, and can withhold my part of a deal, job, etc. I see your server is very picky and community oriented, in the best way possible saying you don't just accept anybody and take into consideration all of your members opinions and statements. I feel I would fit in great with your community and would really be honored to play on your server!
    • Tell us a bit about you!: Jobs, hobbies, sports, school, personality, anything interesting about you! Lets start off with your list shall we. I do have a job working at a fun-park, this allows me much social interaction and I know how to get stuff done but also have fun doing it. Hobbies consist of exactly what you see, I like playing computer games but often I go out with my friends and play sports (basketball in the warmer times and soccer and football in the colder months). I don't play on any teams but like previously mentioned I do play with a couple friends about once or twice a week. School... the best/worst time of my life, I do reasonably well in school; I am not a straight A student but I do get all my work done on time. Personality, I would say I have a pretty good personality. I am an easy-going guy and will find a way to make your day better, I enjoy talking to people and (I think) people enjoy talking to me. Some interesting things about me so to say, I have volunteered for my local zoo for the past 4-5 years. I really enjoy it and that gives me more fulfillment of people and also animals (Bonus!). I also am participating in my schools graphics and marketing club, we are currently doing a project to try and get more people that have dropped out of high school to either enroll back in, get their GED, or not to drop out in the first place. I hope I have done enough to make this a good application and would really look forward into playing on your server! :)
    • Please link any screenshots or your YouTube channel if you have them!: https://www.youtube.com/user/502koltGames is my YouTube channel... the two videos on my channel do not show the best of me so to say, but are the only remaining videos after leaving my previous SMP.

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    posted a message on OrionSMP [1.8] [Vanilla SMP] [24/7 No Lag] [Looking For Mature Members] [1 Year Online]

    Youtube channel (if you have one) and if you plan to record: I do have a Youtube channel and I do plan on recording If I see that the server is as great as it seems
    Minecraft username: Kakobud (I also have an account "502kolt" which I use for recording purposes such as; time lapses, perspectives, 2 characters needed)
    Your age: I am 16 years old and I will be turning 17 in June
    How often do you get on Minecraft?: I play Minecraft and CS:GO mainly and combined about 5 hours a day.
    Why do you want to join this server?: The previous server I played on for about 3 years finally hit rock bottom when some of the only active members decided enough was enough and quit playing just to delay the inevitable.
    Tell me a little bit about yourself: I am a junior in high school, I volunteer at my local Zoo during the summertime, I have been doing that for 5 years coming this summer. I also have a part time job at a fun park by my house. Both of these require good people skills which I believe I have. I plan on going to college to major in marketing and minor in communications.
    What is your favorite thing to do in an SMP community?: My favorite thing about an SMP is the people, although Minecraft has been a game I have played since beta you get to know everything, but with people there are always new things to learn and working with them is always fun!

    What is your least favorite thing about SMP communities?: My least favorite thing about an SMP is.... hmm... probably when people argue or become inactive. It causes much trouble for the owner and hardly ever ends well. But I think with your council system that this wouldn't seem to be the problem a lot.
    Have you read the rules and do you agree to them?: Yes! I really think the rules you have laid out for your servers community are very fair, also the guilds idea is very cool!
    Do you have TeamSpeak and are you willing to use it?: I do have a teamspeak and find it very helpful for chatting, in other words yes, I will be willing to use it.
    What is your Skype?: Kolton_Hill
    Were you referred by an existing Orion player?: I was not, but think that the servers community seems very pleasing.
    Do you have any questions for me about the community or the server?: I think you did a good job in the post describing the server, I know you are a busy guy so I understand if it takes a while to view my application. If I have any questions in the future I will be sure to message you though!
    What would you do for a Klondike Bar?: The age old question, reasonably I would do anything that would keep me out of harms way (Duh!), but I wouldn't pass up on the offer if it had a reasonable trade.

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    posted a message on Brave New World! Whitelisted. Vanilla. Survival.
    In Game Name: Kakobud
    Age: 16, 17 in June.
    Working Mic (Not required): I do have a working mic and a Skype.
    What you like best about Minecraft!: I really like the building part in minecraft the most, I may not be the best at it but I really like all the block combinations, build styles, and what you can do with it.
    A few sentences about why we should let you on to the server: I was previously on a white-listed vanilla server for about 3 years before it was shut down due to inactivity and lack of ownership. I was an admin on that server and helped a lot with applications, events (such as UHC, minigames, etc, and also making the game fun and entertaining for years. I am looking for a new server that I can pour hours a day into and think this server has much potential to be that server, I love community interaction and look forward to joining and becoming a very liked member.
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    posted a message on Nations SMP! Vanilla 1.8 and Modded 1.6.4!

    What is your Minecraft Username? Kakobud (Also I have an Alt account I use for recording purposes which is 502kolt)

    Do you have a Skype account? If so, would you be willing to add one of us? I do have a Skype account and it is Kolton_Hill

    How old are you? I am 16 now, 17 in June.

    Have you ever been on any other private servers? Yes, I have played on a previous server for almost 2 years. The server was slowly declining in activity and we just now hit rock bottom.

    Have you ever been in a position of leadership on other servers? (public ones do count) Yes I have been, I was an admin on the previous server I played on for 2 years.

    How experienced are you with mods? I understand a lot of mods, on my previous server we also had a separate server for an FTB server (Direwolf20's pack) and I got to know a lot of the mods.

    What is your favorite aspect about Minecraft? Mining, redstone, building, etc. I really like the building part of the game, I may not be the best at it but I have a good eye for builds so to say.

    I would love to play on your server and would love to get to know everybody on it well. (:

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    posted a message on Craftaway Vanilla, Whitelist Server

    Still Accepting applications!

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    posted a message on Need Command Help!
    So I am working on a PvP map that will teleport you to a random location in the world and form a world border around the arena... then clear the border when somebody is killed. I have worked out everything like extra game-type/scenarios to the game but I was just wondering how you will can teleport somebody to a random set of coords, scatter them 100 or so blocks away from each other at the random set of coords, then when a player wins the 1v1 teleport back to the lobby. If somebody would please explain how this is possible I would love to hear!

    This is a 1.8 mini-game so all commands in 1.8 can be used!

    Thanks a ton!
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    posted a message on Craftaway Vanilla, Whitelist Server
    Age: 16
    IGN: 502kolt
    Skype: kolton_hill
    Maturity(be honest): 9 (now)
    YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/502koltGames
    Why do you want to join?: I love the people on the server and although I had left I have regret leaving the entire time I was gone, I would love to join and either stay to my self or become a big role in the server (which ever causes little chaos :P) I have created many memories with the members of the server and what better ways to preserve them than to play games with the people and be constantly reminded of the good 'ol days.
    Will you participate in community events?(UHCs,Other games,etc.): I would love to!
    How often do you plan to play?: Pretty much daily and if not daily at least a couple hours a week!

    Building(1-10): 7
    Leadership(1-10): 9
    Redstone(1-10): 5
    PvP(1-10): 9

    I <3 dark prismarine (honestly)
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    posted a message on ** 1.8 ** ---WHITELIST--- ~~~Decade Of Statues Vanilla Server~~~
    IGN: 502kolt but most people just call me kolt :)

    AGE: I am 16 years old.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? Although I don't remember the version it was in December of 2010

    What kind of player are you? I am a very community based player and love to make creations for public use such as spawn and and technical farms... As in terms of what I like to do in the game, I like to build and test my abilities. I am a pretty good builder and getting better every build I complete/take on!

    How Often are you Available?: I am available basically everyday and if I am notified ahead of time I will be available whenever I am needed for say an event like the dragon kill or similar.

    What do you do as a job (If you have one)?: I'm a painter for my uncles business for a while and thats where my artistic/building ideas come from!

    Do you have any Hobbies?: I love to do graphic designs, I have only done it for about a year and that was only learning the basics... But now that I have learned and become comfortable with photoshop I will soon be able to make wonderful pieces of art.

    Tell us A little about your Minecraft journey so far: I have become very knowledgeable with commands and decent with redstone, I am a decent builder and I understand almost everything in minecraft to a general and possibly expert knowledge level.

    What is your favorite thing to build? My favorite thing to build would either be pranks or technical farms... Pranks in my eyes are very well made and you spend a lot of time into the entire process, technical farms are also my favorite because they just further level my understanding of how things work.

    Timezone: EST (Eastern Standard Tme)

    Tell us A little about yourself: I am a graphic student which you already knew, I volunteer for kids and animals and am a part of the youth board for my local zoo which entitles me to get financial and economical knowledge and customer satisfaction AKA what people do and dont like.
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    posted a message on SMP Server looking for members 15+ to start YouTube series! (MindCrack / The Cube -like server)
    Name: Kolton (IGN: 502kolt)

    Birthday: June 16th 1998

    YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/502koltGames

    Will you be able to upload a minimum of 1x per week?: Yes! Maybe more after a while

    Are you available to talk a minimum of 1x per week over Skype, or Teamspeak?: For sure, I love talking and meeting new people and I will most likely talk more than once a week

    Twitter (if you have one): https://twitter.com/502koltGames I don't use it very often!

    Location (for timezone purposes): EST

    How many hours do you use the computer daily?: To much, Basically when I'm not on the computer I am either playing sports or on my phone.

    Minecraft Skills: Building and PvP are my main skills but I am definitely not bad at anything else!

    Why do you want to join an SMP/Community server?: I spend lots of time on the computer and I feel I don't get anything productive done, with an SMP I feel I could be helping others and working on long term projects.

    Favorite Minecraft Youtuber?: Mindcrack, I don't really have a favorite but a majority of them are the people I watch. A few others as well like Xisuma and MumboJumbo!
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    posted a message on CloudCraft-1.7.10-Whitelisted Vanilla SMP Server
    1. Age: 16
    2. Skype Username: kolton_hill
    3. YouTube (you'll have a better chance of getting accepted): https://www.youtube.com/user/502koltGames
    4. How long have you been playing minecraft? alpha 1.2
    5.Why should we whitelist you? I am a very communicable and Organized person, I used to run (Not own) a vanilla server similar to this and organized UHC's, minigames, etc and did a lot of background work on the server. It went well until it got shut down but I plan to put the same time and dedication into this server
    6. What do you like to do in minecraft? building mostly and doing cooperations with others on the server!
    7. Whats your favorite animal/mob in minecraft? the pig obviously ;P
    8. Have you been banned before, and if so, why? Yes, It was an admin that banned everybody for no reason then shut down the server
    9. Rate on a scale from 1-10 on how good you are at building. 7.5
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    posted a message on Minecraft KooKoo SMP! SMP Server for Small Youtubers Like Myself!
    Minecraft Username: 502kolt

    Age: 16

    Interested In: Pvp, Building, Redstone (kinda), and Cooperations

    Speciaties InGame: What I said prior, I am also very good at the technical side of the game and servers in general

    Why you wanna join the server: I am a very communicable and Organized person, I used to run (Not own) a vanilla server similar to this and organized UHC's, minigames, etc and did a lot of background work on the server. It went well until it got shut down but I plan to put the same time and dedication into this server

    Skype: kolton_hill

    People you wanna suggest to join: Maybe 1 when I join but I dont really talk to anybody right now which is why I am trying to join the server :)

    Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/502koltGames

    How often will you be on: Almost everyday, if not everyday.

    Subscribers: 20

    Any Last Things You Want To Say: I really hope you accept me and I plan to really get dedicated and meet tons of new people!
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    posted a message on DarkSpruce SMP [1.8!] [VANILLA] [NICE COMMUNITY] [Youtube] [LiveStream]

    IGN: 502kolt
    Name: Kolton (you can just call me Kolt for short)
    Age: 16
    Skype: kolton_hill
    YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/502koltGames
    Will you Record: Hopefully 2-3 times a wee
    Will you be active: For sure!
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    posted a message on Craftbound SMP [14+ Mature] [Vanilla Server] [Whitelisted] [1.8] [Mindcrack-Inspired]
    IGN: My in-game name is 502kolt but most people just call me Kolt (because my real name is Kolton).

    Age: My birthday is June 16, 1998 which obviously means I am 16, but I am very mature and organized.

    Skype (Necessary): My Skype username is kolton_hill, not sure what else I could put about this.

    Timezone: I live in Kentucky (I don't have a country accent just saying) which means my timezone would be EST

    Why we should chose you for the server: I used to run a server(not own it) and I would be in charge of doing all the technical stuff behind the server and organizing it to where It would be easy to get information across to all of the members. I did things like make a separate Skype group for important messages of upcoming events, server troubles, or just anything of importance :P. Some other things I did were making a Google document everybody could edit, went through 1000+ maps to find the perfect one. Basically what I did was everything that would make others time easier. I feel I could implement the same techniques to this server. I understand completely if you don't want me to be an Op on the server but I could still do stuff like go through maps and do things on Google and Skype.

    Are you mature (Honestly): I am a very responsible person as you might be able to tell from above. I manage to balance schoolwork, a job, and volunteering along with playing minecraft multiple hours a day. I also plan on adding on to the pile of life by doing more regular YouTube uploads of the SMP server and maybe some other collaborations with other people on the server.

    Strength's Some of my strengths in minecraft are PvP, PvE, Building (more interior and decoration than large scale buildings), I enjoy making farms that will benefit me and other members on the server.

    Weakness's: Some weaknesses would be redstone for sure, I can do basic redstone and follow tutorials well but when you tell me to make a Block update detector I wouldn't have the slightest Idea of how to do so, another weakness would be large-scale, technical farms like the enderman farm, iron golem farm, and gold farm.

    Do you know basic SMP skills? Such as how a nether hub works: Yes, I have played on servers before that haven't worked out but I completely understand and have a wide and vast knowledge of how minecraft and servers work. I have built nether hubs, slime farms, sheep farms, almost every farm in the game and can understand how they work.

    Have you ever watched Mindcrack, Hermit Craft OR The Cube SMP before?: I have tried watching all three SMP's and in order of my liking would be Mindcrack>HermitCraft>Cube just because when I need to be entertained I will watch Mindcrack because I find their comedy hilarious and I never stop laughing. My favorite and least favorite member on the server would be Guude (my favorite) and Vechs (my least favorite). Hermitcraft is a group of all technical players and they have many good designs that I have copied or modified many of times and my favorite person on HermitCraft would be Xisuma. Then The Cube, I haven't really tried the cube to much and the only person I have watched is Bayani(I think) which I wasn't very fond of.

    Have you ever played on a Vanilla Server before? Why aren't you playing on it anymore if you haven't: The server I played on prior to this one was a server called Craftaway, I played on it for a year and It had its ups and downs. It started with Adc403 who owned the server a while back, then when he disappeared into thin air one day a member by the name of Mendozaf2 had taken over. Mendozaf2 is currently still paying for the server but doesn't fully understand how to run it. I did all the work for a bunch of members I was great friends with, they had their problems to (immaturity to be the most common). I did so many things for the server and never once was appreciated or taken seriously for doing it and one day when I was having a bad day I let the worst get the best of me and left without saying a word. I had another account in the group Skype chat that I had forgotten to leave the group with so I logged into that account to find out nobody had even been upset that I had left. Which was the worst, most gut-wrenching things that had happened in a very long time. To know that a server you dumped your life and soul into didn't care for you is possibly the worst feeling I had ever felt in my life.

    Why do you want to join OUR Vanilla Server?: You're server seems like a great fit for me because it seems safe, makes sure its members are perfect for the server, and its not a ton of people where I wont get to know them as well as some other people, and I plan to be an active member that can provide great knowledge to the server and make great friends with the other members.

    Oh no! Someone has pranked you... What do you do?: I would go to check the sign and enjoy the (hopefully) well thought out prank that isnt just a ton of obsidian or water. Write down in my memory or in a book of the person that pranked me and get back at them for unleashing the monster inside of me(the very nice, cuddly monster of course). Then tear the prank down after a while of enjoying it.

    What makes you better than an average Minecrafter?: I have vast knowledge such as you can remove the color off a leather armor piece by right clicking it onto a cauldron, or maybe that you can sleep in thunderstorms even if it isn't night, or possibly that the three slime sizes are .6, 1.2, and 2.4 pixels tall. Simple knowledge of colors that go together and blocks that don't. I have been playing minecraft since alpha 1.2 so I can remember things added to the game instead of starting now trying to know everything at once and just scraping the surface of an amazing game.

    Screenshots of your builds (If you have any. Doesn't really matter, I'm just curious haha): I don't screenshot my work and I deleted the world files of the backups of the old servers world so I can't go and take screenshots of It now. Sorry ):

    Any other information what you would like us to know or that we should know abut you?: I think I have gotten most of my information out throughout this post but if you have any questions or anything you want to ask me I would be glad to answer them to the best of my ability. I am a graphics art student at my school so I am able to make good art for the server given that I'm not an artist and you tell me how to make it.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my application and I hope you like what you see!
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