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    Makes perfect sence :P

    sooo i've been thinking on better ideas for summoning, OR getting rid of it if it spawns early in-game

    (Also, how is a giant flying whale that could flatten you at will NOT scary?)



    2x2 of dirt crafts 4 dirtballs, hitting a Auroric Whale with one causes it to fly away, because auroras dont like dirty air... for some reason? IDEK

    This thing is designed to be fought after you've "went deeper" (the nether), but could be taken out before then.

    im not gonna keep trying to renovate this monster after this post, this is just becoming a drag-out :/

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    Quote from coolfishron»

    Hey Andr! How do I download The Titans mod for 1.8? The download isn't in the spoiler!


    It ain't out yet, bud. (last i checked)
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    In Reply to Nubbin:

    It'd spawn in any overworld Biome, but has to spawn at ~150 height, and only occurs at night.

    In Reply to Mowzie: This would serve as A Mini-boss, with a decent health pool and attack set, decent drops, but indicates "This is where it's going to get harder".

    Also, i chose to attack the whale, because, if you look at Minecraft at just the right way, it seems like things arent how they should be. it seems.. as if the world itself is trying to kill you. Peat moss becoming sentient and trying to blow you to peices? Skeletons and Zombies reanimating themselves? Heck, NATURE ITSELF (Creepers, Foliaaths, Slimes) seems like its trying to kill you. its as if nature is being controlled. so why the heck not have one of the most amazing sights in the world try to kill you?

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    Quote from nubbin2003»

    It sounds cool, but the phantom is supposed to be an evil creature that spawns in the darkness of the world and mind (dang that was deep. I need to remember that) and the Aururic Whale you are suggesting is a Light in the Darkness. Other than obvious character differences, a few of the ideas seem a little disjointed or pointless. For example, it has no way to defend itself unless there are Phantoms around, except for that levitation effect, and you could just pick it off with a bow to avoid this. And the rain serves no real point, because, unless you fight it till the sun comes up, no mobs are gonna really be affected by this.

    But my main point is that this would be a mob that drops potent item, that could be beaten without even engaging it. Just shoot it with a bow till it drops its drops, and go and get those drops.

    I am sorry if this seems harsh, but it is meant as constructive criticism. I like the concept, but it needs refinement.

    makes complete sence.

    New Attacks (To Comphensate)
    Auroric Whail: Summons 5 Phantoms Around it
    Illuminated Shield: Causes a protective shield, cannot be harmed by projectiles in this state
    Magnetic Grip: Drags All nearby entities to the Auroric Whale

    Dissapears at day

    I chose the "Aurora" theme because, well, the Aurora IS a light in the darkness. it drops a potent item.
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    I'm gonna keep trying to make a good monster... despite my past failures.

    Auroric Whale

    A Monster designed to be Partnered with Phantoms in 1.13, this powerful beast (which looks like a Small whale with giant fins, resembling wings. the skin also flashes with the colors of the Aurora Borialis) Spawns at night, usually with a Group of Phantoms at its side.


    Phantom Cannon: Grabs a Phantom and throws it at you, causing a Enhanced Swoop from the phantom. deals 10 damage to an Unarmored player, but, if it misses, the Phantom Takes Equivalent Damage. this only works if a Phantom is nearby.

    Mystical Aurora: Causes the area around it to glow with the power of the Aurora, causing everything near it to gain Levitation 1 Until the effect ends (usually after 10 or so seconds) afterwards, the effect spans 3 seconds.

    Waterburst: It Blasts a Large burst of Water from its Blowhole, Causing it to rain. doesn't seem that bad, but Monsters will not burn during the daytime anymore. 1 in 50 chance of using this.

    Death: It Slowly Desolves, Turn into Ribbons of Aurora.

    Drops: 5 levels of EXP, 25% Chance of Dropping a Stellar Emblem.

    Stellar Emblem Effect: When used, Ribbons of Aurora swirl around you (one Green, One Purple), granting levitation 1 for 5 seconds, and negating all fall damage for 10 seconds. has a 20 Second Recharge.

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    Quote from ALEXG00000000»

    I Imagined It Would look something like Volvagia from ocarina of time crossed with a more chinese dragon, Am I correct?

    Also, what were the other dragons that scared them off?

    You're completely correct, a 4 tailed Red Chinese-Style dragon with a flaming tail, but a more "American" Head. the smaller ones have one tail.

    And those "Other Dragons"... you'll notice a lot of people like to play this mod with "Ice and Fire: Dragons in a Whole New Light!" so i was thinking of those, but the Ender Dragon could be said dragon, as ender creatures have the ability to travel through dimentions.

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    As a Response to Mowzie:

    You make a fair question. i've been reconsidering the "Story" of how these mobs were created, and their AIs, and i've come up with some stuff.

    For one, different variations (Male, Female, Boss, baby) have different AIs. for one, Males will constantly try to bite you. Females will shoot fire at you, but will RUTHLESSLY pummel you with attacks if you get near a Baby, which will always run away. the Boss has the same AI as i mentioned (IK giant, worm-like mobs are hard to make :/ but they made an ender dragon tail) but has a different story, along with the rest of the species.

    Re-made story:

    Ages ago, a great, powerful dark wizard ruled the land, and all who dared approach him were slaughtered by his evil magic. before his demise, he created a monster no-one had ever heard of.

    The Hellserpents.

    These Burning Creatures, Infused with Shadow Magic, were created to attack any who come near them. but when the wizard died, they were left on their own. due to their reason for existance, they dig their fangs into any hero who attempts to slay the beasts. However, after being driven out by the stronger, bigger species of Dragons, they were forced to enter the nether, and prey on ghasts and pigman.

    (Spawns in a minibiome known as the "Hellserpent's Den", no ghasts or Pigman can spawn near it) during world generation, 5 normal Hellserpents (usually a baby, 2 males and 2 females) and the Boss. the Boss will assault you with attacks, while the other Hellserpents will attack, and distract, you.

    The boss has enough dark magic inside of it to revive itself, even after death. here comes a new bit >:D

    After defeating it once so it ressurects, it gains a buff for 5 minutes. when the timer ends, it turns back into the 1st phase, thus sending the player back to square one.

    Another Monster Idea!!!

    The Enchanted Guardian

    This is a unique boss that spawns in its own structure. it starts off as an empty room, but when you enter, the 5 blocks in the center (in a cross pattern) Float into the ground, and form into a stony beast. (YES, YES, i know its like stone talus and EVERY other boss where it forms out of materials, but bear with me here)


    Stone Fist: The stone resembling its fist flies at you, untill it hits you or a wall. deals heavy damage and ruins armor.

    Orbital Fist: Spins its fists around itself so fast that touching it is dangerous, and acts as a shield. (Can be broken with explosives or a pickaxe.)

    Golem Spiral: all 5 blocks form into a pillar, lay onto the ground, and start spinning. either get to the corner of the room or play some jumprope with a giant stone golem.

    Weakness: Pickaxes

    Hitting it with pickaxes is the best way to kill it. its made of stone, pickaxes mine stone, ultimate weapon.

    2nd Phase: After its 4 limbs being broken off, the Eye on the main block (it has one) goes into an angry position, and 4 obsidian blocks fly over to it, thus replacing its limbs with a far more durable substance. this phase can only be damaged with a diamond weapon/pickaxe. all attacks now also light you on fire.

    3rd Phase: the block starts glowing red, and charges insanely quickly at you. dodge this/survive this, and you win. (the eye goes into a suprised position, then it explodes, maybe dropping the Earth Talisman?)

    soo.. i hope thats a good review of my mob idea and new mob idea in general :D i understand if you don't agree, but please atleast consider its possibilities!

    bai :D

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    Can anyone guess what I mean by this, and what my next potential mod may be?


    *Deep Inhale*

    STARMINE MOD HYPE!!!!!!11!!!!one!!!!11!!!!11!!!!!uno!1!!!!!!!1!!!!exclamation point!!!!!1!1!!
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    Quote from BobMowzie»

    I'm sorry, but the idea is just too disjointed. You've attached many unrelated features to this mob to the point where it serves no real purpose in gameplay or atmosphere. I'm going to have to turn it down.

    I'm not trying to counter your judgement, but HOW is this disjointed? think about it simply: its a basic 2 phase boss that relies on good bow usage or well-timed sword strikes, with a bunch of minions, and with a pet as a reward. so, ill ask it again, how it it disjointed? i get how the attacks are random, but they're SUPPOSED to be random! and the other flameserpents are there to take your concentration off the boss so IT can attack! it relies on 2 gimmicks, but in the end, its just a basic flame-based boss with 2 phases! and, seeing as how you don't have a flame-based boss, this is PERFECT in the atmosphere! no vanilla OR Mowzie'sMobs boss has the fire ability, with the closest relation being Barako, the Sun Chief, with his Sun Powers!

    (also, i forgot to put it in the first post, the design is based off Volvagia from LoZ OoT)
    (sorry if i seem a bit tense, my school schedule is CRAP because of 3 days of heavy coughing, and a lack of ability to get on my PC for school.)
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    Sooooooooo... IIIIMMM BAAAAACKKK!!!!!!

    And i have 3 new ideas, all original!

    however, i'm gonna list, in my opinion, the MOST original.

    "The Flameserpent" is a Neutral mob that only turns aggressive when you get within 5 blocks of it. it is a red-scaled, winged, flame-tailed snake-like being. they say the stronger Serpents can live after death, as a Skeleton. they are 7 blocks long (aside from the boss, which is 10 blocks long, and the babies, which are 5 blocks and really thin) that has different genders/ranking.

    females have long feelers (sorta like sylveon from Pokemon) on their head, and a slight glitter in their scales

    Males have a dark set of horns on their head

    babies have shorter horns/feelers depending on the gender

    the "Dreadful Flamewraith" is the leader of the flock of beasts. about 3/4s of the way down its body, its tail splits into 4, each having flame on the end.

    all flameserpents can defend themselves by flying into the air and performing a whip-like motion, shooting a fireball at you, or swooping from the sky and biting you. the flameserpents have 20 health each, with the babies being passive.

    Spawn Locations: on the peaks of Extreme Mountains, Extreme Mountains +, Nether.

    All the flameserpents can ignite nether materials, so its extra dangerous to fight them there.

    "The Dreadful Flamewraith"

    This massive beast is the leader of the pack. its quad tails and massive fangs are nothing to be messed with. this beast has 50 hearts.


    Quad Flamebolt: Performs the whip-like motion all the Flameserpents can do, but shoots 4 fireballs.

    Chomp: swoops down and bites you, sometimes inflicting poison

    Death 1:

    After being defeated, it crashes into the ground, everything except the skeletal structure turns to dust. But the skeleton starts flying again, unleashing a ear-splitting roar.

    "The Skeletal HellSerpent"

    The second life of the FlameWraith, this beast is even stronger, and has 100 hearts. as the name suggests, its a living skeleton, and this will be harder to fight.


    Absolute Firestorm: points all 4 tails at you, then folds all of them out to 180 degrees. then the joint holding the 4 tails together starts rapidly spinning, and several fireballs are released, and aimed at your general direction. this is his strongest attack, and can easily reduce a full diamond armored player down to half health.

    This beast uses all the attacks it knew before, but are stronger and have longer status effects.

    Death 2:

    It crashes into the ground (again) and the flames slowly begin to weaken, after about 5 seconds, they go out, and the skeleton starts disappearing (like the ender dragon's death animation, just yellow-red)


    a FlameSerpent egg. the flameserpent hatched will always be a child, as it takes 1000 years for a flameserpent to grow. it has a 45% chance to be a boy, 45% chance to be a girl, and 10% chance to be a FlameWraith. flamewraith. the flamewraith hatchling is the strongest flameserpent to have for a pet. the normal flameserpents have 20 health, and are healed with fire charges, or cooked meat. Flamewraith hatchlings are 50 hearts and eat Flint, Iron, Cooked Meat, fire charges, AND flint and steel. cooked meat heals the least amount, at 1.5 hearts, Fire Charges heal 3, Flint/Iron heal 5, and a flint and steel heals 20. they cannot be ridden due to their age and strength, but will help defend you in a pinch.

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    Left to die on a bunch of Glitched islands, you (and your friends, if you brought them) are left to Survive on a Improper Archipelago. will you survive?

    My first Map i ever made, this is a Survival map made with WorldPainter. i hope you enjoy :D

    (dont expect it to be good, it IS my first map)

    (Also, if the world dosnt work, then ill keep trying to fix it)

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    Aww, ya didnt even respond to my idea :( (first request, page 74)

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    So.... hi.

    i'm a big fan of the mod, and had an idea, but this time, it isnt about the titians... its about a way to help fight them.

    the Size Enlarging Unit! (SEU)

    This increases your size to the size of a zombie titan, but having size increase also has some issues...

    1: any armor that is not "Titan" teir will break when used

    2: you are unable to use swords EXEPT for the Ultima Blade, which looks like a normal sword in your hands

    3: the fuel required to use this is.... a bit hard to get. ya need a titan soul, or a Bottled Titan Soul (used by a special item i talk about later in this request)

    Animation: you hold the SEU into the air, and the soul, if within 10,000 blocks, flies at you at an insane speed. (if you have a bottled Titan Soul, skip this part) the SEU starts to glow, as do you. you then rapidly increase in size, and you gain the effect "Titanic" for 10 minutes. this can be canceled by using the SEU again.

    Crafting: a Hypercharged Nether Star (fill the crafting inventory with nether stars, then do it again with the resulting Supercharged Nether Stars)

    surrounded by Compressed bedrock, corners filled with air.

    Mystic Bottle: a useful tool for gathering Titan Souls, crafted with a Hypercharged Nether Star in the middle, a bottle on the bottom, and a bedrock on top. if a titan soul is within 10,000 blocks of you, it flies into the bottle, shrinking as it gets closer.

    Buffs: you become as strong as an unarmed Zombie Titan, unless you have the Ultima Blade, due to damage being increased, you can 1v1 the WitherZilla (with the best Titan Armor in the game, of course) all ally wither Turrets become rapid-fire and homing, while all enemy turrets lose homing and fire rate. the "Titanic" effect also acts like all buff potions, teir 10.

    Killing Blow Animation: this occurs on any titan that is 1 block tall or less, AND you have le ultima blade. you take the sword, and plunge it right into the titan's head, when at under 1k health. this shortens weaker fights a LOT.

    i completely understand if you dont choose to add this, as its gonna make the later fights a bit easier (still takes strategy tho, cuz its harder to dodge, and being tanky isnt always good if you're fighting rapid-fire mobs) but it also makes sence, since you're going for the whole "Titan" thing, and this thing's massive fuel requirement also makes it hard to use. i hope you consider :D

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    Quote from Epic_Jules»

    Hello mod creator! I just want to let you know I'm using your mod in my mod pack InsanityCraft:

    Yeah...... dude, he didn't create the mod, and is asking for someone to recreate it. Starminer is A Japanese mod, make by someone in japan.

    Everyone who is asking him to ad stuff, HE ISN'T MAKING A REMAKE, JUST ASKING FOR ONE. also, for anyone who is asking for a space dimension, just place a human cannon facing up at build height. move around with solar fans. now stop spamming him with suggestions.

    Also, the ORIGINAL creator dosn't want their mod in public modpacks (i think), so if its a private pack, you're good.

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    its me again! :D and i have an idea for another NORMAL mob, believe it or not!

    Stonerax Worm: a small worm at lives in a group of two to three inside clumps of Condensed Stone, a semi-rare block that occurs naturally in world generation. if you try to mine it, it will poke its head out and bite you. its head is about the size of 1 pixel, so shouldn't be hard to make XD

    Also, swords are useless against these worms, they can only take one damage at a time.

    Death animation:

    Their head goes squish. kinda obvious, amiright?

    How to kill:

    Stand back, punch the block and the worm will poke its head out and try to bite you. just squish it.


    Overworld (1 hit kill, drops coal/lapis)

    Nether (2 hit kill, drops quartz/ghast tears)

    End (3 hit kill, drops Ender Pearls, only spawns in ender islands)

    Sturdy Stone:

    Can craft 4 together to make a diamond.

    Sturdy Netherrack: craft 4 together to make 16 nether Brick.

    Sturdy End Stone: Craft 4 together to make 32 purpur Bricks

    Usefull drops:

    In the center of the Sturdy Stone, there is always a Worm Nest. these only generate in the overworld and can be placed with a single worm automatically inside. this little worm is tame, and likes to wriggle around inside the little bowl-shaped nest. this block is a decor/utility, and feeding the worm some dirt gives you bone meal. once you've right click the bowl with dirt, however, it takes about a minute. this does, however, give you 10 bonemeal, so its worth it XD

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