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    hi yes i return wassup
    i, uh, finally have a non-nightmare fuel idea that actually sounds kinda fun
    and doesn't involve any useless items that are solely there to craft one thing
    AND serves as a cool miniboss if you decide to fight and completely neglect how the thing works
    ..and is still probably bad anyways lol

    the Cantatumire Imp
    a Thin, grey, slightly furry and very tall figure. has slick, narrow black ears, and 4 arms. has 4 green eyes; two on the front, and two on the sides of it's head. is often seen carrying two normal swords with it's lower arms, and a hulking greatsword with it's upper two. it's usually either crawling or crouching when moving around passively. while not sentient, very intelligent. Denizens of the End, though can be seen in other dimensions. fairly rare. Neutral.

    the Cantatumire imp is a intelligent creature who collects and creates swords. that being said, it often seeks to forge a sword to replace it's greatsword with a more reliable weapon. should you provide it with the materials to make a stronger weapon (or the weapon itself), it may leave you it's own sword and run off to forge a new one.

    they often crawl on their legs + lower two arms for increased mobility, but are capable of hunched bipedal movement and hexapod movement. they dwell within Imp huts, which are structures that can spawn in all 3 dimensions. these are Crude lean-to huts, made of different native materials. examples being trees + leaves in the overworld (or various stones if found in caves), biome mushrooms in the nether, chorus and endstone in the End. one Imp per hut.

    Fighting AI
    Should you decide to fight one, it's a force to be reckoned with. they're highly mobile, and are capable of dishing out a lot of damage.
    -Can evade attacks
    -can Block attacks with all 3 swords at once, if hit when it's not doing something else
    -can sweep attack with lower swords
    -can Slam with it's greatsword
    -can Spin with it's greatsword
    -can Lunge with all 3 at once
    if you successfully defeat it, it will Retreat and disappear instead of dying. it will only drop the two Normal swords, rather than it's greatsword. it still despawns nonetheless.

    by providing a Imp with enough materials to forge a powerful greatsword, or a valid substitute, it will give you it's current greatsword as a collectible weapon. each one having it's own perks and downsides.
    Variants + Drops
    Overworld Imps will drop their greatsword, the "Formidolosus Terra" (Terrifying Land) when given 10 diamonds. they use 2 iron swords for their normal weapons. when traded with, they will instead have a Diamond Greatsword.
    Nether Imps will drop the greatsword "Hell's Bulwark", when given 10 Netherite Ingots. they use Enchanted Golden swords for their normal weapons.
    when traded with, they will instead have a Netherite Greatsword.
    End Imps will give you the "Endgoal" greatsword when given a Axe of a Thousand Metals. they use Enchanted Diamond swords for normal weapons.
    will use the A.o.a.T.M instead of the Endgoal when traded with.

    all 3 Greatswords have the same ATK speed, resembling that of the A.o.a.T.M. they're also two-handed weapons, meaning offhand weapons and items cannot be used. (totems and food are still useable.) they all will cease functionality when they break, and will stay unusable until they regenerate to a useable state again. because of this, they are unbreakable. even if you somehow get it to 0 durability, it will not break.

    Formidolosus Terra
    a Hulking mass of various Rocks (Cobblestone, granite, andesite, diorite), with the backside of the blade having grass growing out of it. has a Emerald embedded near the handle.
    This greatsword draws upon the power of the Overworld to strike down opponents. it has the innate passive of acting like it has Smite V. however, it cannot be Enchanted. it passively regenerates durability when within the overworld, has 500 durability. 9 Damage. can be used after regenerating at 250 durability.

    Hell's Bulwark
    a massive Conglomeration of Gold and Netherite Scrap, used to make a rudimentary netherite alloy. not nearly as effective as the real thing.
    this greatsword calls upon the Nether for it's strength. it can be enchanted with one level past a normal enchant's levels (and has a passive high enchantability), as well as being able to have multiple incompatible enchantments at once on it (sharpness + smite, etc), but it will lose 2 extra durability points per use with every teir 3 or higher enchantment placed on it. having incompatible enchantments on it will also cause 2 extra durability to be lost each use, per set of incompatible enchantments. 600 durability, 8.5 damage. regenerates Durability when in the Nether. must regenerate to full if it breaks.

    a heaping tower of Endstone, with Chorus tangling around the blade. has 3 ender pearls embedded in each side of the blade, and a End Rod for a handle.
    Using the End's energy for power, the Endgoal is capable of parrying attacks with right click for a short time. enemies that hit you during this will be warped backwards 10 blocks and take 7 damage. however, if you mess up this window, there's a 25% chance that the parry will backfire, teleporting you randomly instead + dealing 6 armor-ignoring damage. this sword is also bigger and heavier than the others, inflicting a passive slowness 1 debuff while holding it. has 750 durability, deals 10 damage, and regenerates durability in the End. must regenerate to 250 durability to be useable when it breaks.

    note that unique abilities from these swords CAN be triggered by the imp as well, if you choose to fight it
    though, the only one that really matters is the Endgoal's parry, unless you have a mod that makes you undead or smth

    also, the Diamond Greatsword + Netherite Greatsword the imps craft when traded with are unobtainable in their entirety.

    feedback is nice

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    random idea: what if a select few barakoana were granted a weak sun's blessing from barako? i mean, they are the leaders of the hunting parties, so it'd sorta make sense that the most powerful and resourceful would be granted the ability to use the sun's power.

    this wouldn't twist them too much, just maybe have them raise their spears into the sky to call down a sunbeam.

    eh, idk, i'm just bored and throwing out an idea.

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    Quote from RattlingAlien»

    bruh, when will you downgrade this gold to 1.7.10? The problem is it being very laggy in 1.8 to the point of being unplayable

    first off, the chance of them backporting this is effectively zero. they're much more likely to update it to more recent versions once they finish updating the Titans Mod.

    second, all of ender's mods are buggy; they're incredibly big and are effectively labyrinths of code. it'll take forever to update any mod they make due to how ambitious of a project these mods are in the first place.

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    OK, so, uh
    The Mowzie's mobs logo
    I say it gets turned into a mob for the mod because why not
    It looks like a bat-like thing, with the Vertical sticks on the M looking like wings and the V shape looking like a face
    I'd think it's be a flying, batlike mob that moves incredibly fast horizontally but struggles to gain vertical height due to it's wing positioning
    i'd also think it'd dive at you in an attempt to either bite or impale you with that face
    edit: no, not like a phantom, i think it'd try to dive fast enough to where it'd get itself stuck in the floor if it missed.

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    1/1000 chance for ferrous to be retextured to a LoZ iron knuckle
    sorry i just don't have any genuine ideas
    also considering the sunbeam on ferrous is a mario reference, why not just go overboard and make it get two references

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    So i decided to make another one, but instead of it being this big scary monster, i went ahead and vouched for a small, neutral mob that can be either a help or a hindrance while caving.
    a small, cubic creature where most of it's body is it's eye. it wanders the caves in small groups, scavenging on the various drops of the cave-dwellers that have fallen in combat using the small mouth located on the bottom of it's body. it defends itself by shooting singular small fire-charges out of it's eye, which deal no impact damage but inflict a small burn. if you hit one, all nearby Ibok will aggro onto you and start pelting you with weak fireballs from a safe distance away. they're also resistant to fire, but due to their low health pool, that doesn't really matter.

    Ibok can also climb walls using their tiny feet, and they look kinda cute doing it. (Foot movement animation would look a bit like a caterpillar's foot movement)

    Unique benefits: feed it anything that's both edible and found in caves (spider eyes, rotten flesh) and it might become temporarily "tamed" to you. it'll follow you around and ignite any enemies that aggro onto you, as well as draw aggro onto them instead of you, in which case they will try to run away so it isn't hit. they will leave after 10 minutes of assisting you.

    Drops: 1-2 Fire Charges, 1-2 Ibok Hide
    Ibok hide can be used to craft the Firewalker Boots, which give immunity magma blocks and act as if they have fire protection 1 already on them. they have the same durability as leather, however.

    Basically, it's less a lurking horror and more of a small ambient creature with a few neat side effects. it also gives you fire charges which are a pain to craft and basically useless, so that's nice.

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    Quote from BobMowzie»

    Also, why not have it just drop the enchanted paper? Or even just drop the book directly? The extra crafting steps seem pointless to me.

    Because the book explodes violently on death. also, early/easy enchanted books are not exactly a good thing. AFK fishing is hated for a reason.

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    NGL Mowzie, i wanna see how you would create a set of automatons...
    Anyways, time for a mob suggestion. this one's been done nearly to death and i know you won't do it, but i may as well drop my version of it here.
    Unbound Enchanted Books
    Spawn Rarely Underground
    Drops: 1-2 Enchanted Paper Shreds
    AI: A Pseudo-Flying Enchanted book that either attacks you at range or supports any nearby enemies. they can only contain one enchantment, and there is hardly any visual difference between them.
    Different Books:
    Shoots a constant beam at you, locking you in place. can do this for 10 seconds before stopping and recharging for 20 seconds. if hit during this state. the binding automatically stops.
    Shoots a small flaming projectile at you, setting you on fire.
    Gives Skeletons, Crossbow Pillagers and Unarmed Melee enemies a temporary knockback buff.
    Gives Melee-Weapon Enemies a temporary damage buff.
    Projectile Protection
    Gives all nearby enemies a temporary 50% Damage Reduction from Projectiles.

    All AIs: Will dash backwards if approached, and getting too close will have it produce a point-blank magic burst, sending you flying backwards.

    On Death: On death, the cover folds back (aimed at the ground), and the standard galactic alphabet (enchant particles) appear and flow rapidly into the pages book. after about 7 seconds, it will slam shut into a enchanted explosion, dealing no block damage and either performing a final buff to all nearby enemies, or debuffing players at full strength. (For example, binding would be on for 10 seconds and unable to be interrupted) this causes the book to explode into paper/leather debris.

    Enchanted Paper Shreds
    The only drop from Unbound Enchanted Books.
    Can be crafted into Enchanted Paper using 9 of them.
    Craft the Enchanted Paper into a book using leather and three Enchanted Paper for a random medium-tier enchanted book. can also be a blank enchanted book, which has high enchantability.

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    They changed their mind and are going to add a lightning dragon eventually but it will be very rare I think.

    hehe, whoops :P
    i joined the discord and saw that at the top of the list thing, yea that's entirely my bad

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    Quote from user-100241510»

    when will we get lightning dragon? also what are your projects besides that?

    They've confirmed Multiple times that there's only going to be ice and fire dragons, and i doubt they've changed that.

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    Ok, so i've watched the mod for a while, and i'm just gonna

    Dumb Idea
    Some form of Ender Goop that poses no direct threat- being quite visible as it literally glows purple- but when paired with the dragon's high knockback and the endless swarms of enderman, can catch you off guard. due to it being ender-based, i'd also think you aren't able to enderpearl out of it.

    Also, more carnivorous plants. those are always fun. i know it's not super simple, but couldn't you theoretically create reskins of the current man-eating plant with different petals and use those?

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    Quote from boomphobia»

    I wasn't saying that a mob that drops quartz is bad, I was saying that a quartz version of a grottol is not so good. Grottols are already designed as a living diamond, adding more variations to it would ruin the uniqueness of the mob. Also adding mobs that drop resources, would ruin Minecraft's core mechanic of mining. The Grottol is an exception as diamonds are a rare mineral, but for something as common as quartz I don't see a reason to make a mob that drops it, just so the player can kill instead of mining to obtain a rather common mineral.

    1: unless you're a builder or big redstoner, quartz is useless (unless modding)
    2: it's not renewable, and people only skim the surface for the stuff due to naturally forming lava pools in the ground.
    i do agree, it shouldn't be a grottol. it could easily be a cousin to it though.

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    I have a suggestion. It's a simple variant of the Grottol.

    Mock-up texture

    (A mock-up texture I made for it)

    Meet the Quartz Grottol. He is very similar to his Overworld cousins, except for the fact that his shell has quartz on it, and that he is immune to fire.

    He'd drop Quartz(2-3 pieces?) instead of the one Diamond. That's it, it may not be a fancy new mob, but I personally think it could be a nice bit of variety.

    Quote from boomphobia»

    It wouldn't add much imo, just a grottol that drops quartz. Adding a re-textured grottol that drops something else would lose the uniqueness of the grottol, but that's just my opinion

    That's literally what it is, boomphobia. it's physically designed to be a quartz grottol. you'd be suprised how often people would rather not go exploring for the posh white stuff, and would rather just go kill something. alas, that isn't possible. something tells me this quartz boyo would be much more common than the diamond crab.

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    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    As for skeleton spawners, a way to patch them would be to greatly reduce the number of drops they would leave if they were not killed by a player, meaning if people wanted to make an auto arrow and bone farm out of them they'd have to wait 10 to about 20 times the amount of time they do now. Encouraging players to actually get off their virtual backsides and kill the skeletons themselves to get them.

    Manual Kill Grinders are still heavily used for a reason.

    Quote from undefined »

    But you certainly shouldn't be allowed to hit a monster through a half slab hole. In addition if you kill a monster without their path finding on then it shouldn't drop anything, punishing players for attempting to get items from easy no risk kills by trapping the monsters that come out of their spawner and drop down a hole.

    so basically, what you're saying is "If you don't look a mob in the eyes when it dies, you're unable to skin its corpse and take whatever bits and bobs it may have had". that's Bullcrap, even for minecraft logic.

    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    the existence of AFK fish farms actually defeats the point of luck of the sea enchantment. Why bother with it if you could get it for free by setting up a machine that auto grinds it for you?

    Personally I find that annoying, I don't like useless items in the game and unfortunately lure and luck of the sea have less value because of the auto farm mechanics that have been allowed up until now.

    LotS and Lure both work in AFK fish farms, which makes them more efficient. they're also used when free-fishing, which most people still do.
    oh and, even with a unenchanted rod, you'd get a enchanted book faster than half a day. LotS can shorten it to less than an hour, with a bit of luck.

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    Ok, everyone. Stop thinking our world's logic/physics and the minecraft world's logic/physics are the same. they're quite obviously different.
    Minecraft's world has very little proper mass, it has infinite fish that occur out of nowhere. entities literally fabricate out of thin air, and the amount of time it takes for an animal to grow into an adult is less than two days.
    This is not our world. do not compare them.

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