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    Quote from Mystify

    I've been around just long, if not longer. And I have yet to get a satisfactory answer as to what is making the game so woefully inadequate.

    Furniture. What would I give for good furniture in vanilla. More ores, more uses for leather, now that its easily obtainable. An End that's as complete as the nether. Easier use for redstone. (Its a pain, really, makes pistons so pointless) Npcs at least on the state of millenaire (if you add a function a mod already offers, it has to be worth at least the same as the mod)
    More building blocks (What about cobble mixed with gold ore to make shiny blocks?) im tired of always having to make a house of wood or dirt at the start.

    Trap doors at the top of a block and not at the bottom, why is it at the bottom? More kinds of trees, also with different wood.

    Most important:

    A reason to build. You can survive by digging 2x down putting dirt above you and it's just as safe as building a house. There has to be a reason why you need to build your house bigger then for furnance, workbench, bed and a chest. Terraria did it with Npcs. I don't know, its just that after expanding your house so much that every room looks the same, the only huge things you can do are building dragons out of blocks, or other stuff, just something where its nice to look at. But I want a use for my room! I don't wanna build a huge underground castle when the only thing you can do there is going to the furnance for taking the clean cobblestone out or going to the chests for fences or something. There lacks a reason to build.
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    Quote from Jinxso

    I love your disclaimer. Of course it has no bearing on the fact you obviously missed a few key points when you bought the game.

    1) This is a beta product. Subject to whatever the Developers whim is until they deem it ready for release.

    2) This is a beta product. Subject and controlled completely in house as they are both developer and publisher. There is no thing like a firm release date, it will be released when they want to release it.

    3) You bought a beta product. In the future I suggest you wake up and understand what that means. Since 99% of these forum users don't get that.

    In summary. STFU and don't buy beta products. I am so sick of people who don't get what beta mean's. When I bought the beta, I fully expected the game to go in directions I was not expecting or possibly I didn't like. It is like going to vega's and putting money on black at the roulette wheel. I am hoping for black. If it comes up red, well that's gambling for you.

    Now here comes the counter arguments of "I can provide constructive criticism", "my opinion matters (you are wrong btw)" "The game should be what we originally paid for..." etc etc

    Fact of the matter is...You paid to let them play in the developers sandbox that is MC. They never have guaranteed anything ever. They cannot since development issues creep up new ideas bring down new directions.

    As owners of the beta you have 2 jobs...

    1) Play and enjoy the game as it evolves.

    2) Report any bugs encountered

    Threads like these don't matter but just allow the other morons on these forums to stand on a soapbox and yell their ignorance.

    "Steps down from the soapbox"

    If you haven't figured it out from my rant, I am completely sick of people on these forums. Largest collection of tools in the gaming industry.

    And you sir, missed completly the point. This game will be released in 1 month. The game is evolved now, it's pretty much done. Well, that should be the case. In one month hopefully wont be any bugs left (Because well, they take 1 full month for that)

    And yes, there is a firm release date. Minecon. They made it, and it seems they are struggling now and can't deliver a complete RELEASED game. I've seen a lot of tries of other people earlier, short after announce of minecon, to show that it's impossible to finish the game soon enough. They all got the response "Beta /thread". But now, that argument is....not good anymore, to say it as gentle as possible. We're not talking about a normal game anymore, its minecraft, 4 million copies sold, made an older genre more popular (infiniminer)

    They put so much money into minecon way too early, if the product doesnt get finished it will fail. Is that not a dead line? No one can tell me that its not. Dead Island got so much negative reputation because of a failed release, no, it was not a beta anymore. That argument is so abused, its invalid. If the beta was free, I could understand that.

    Does anyone read the general terms and conditions when he starts playing a game? No. Guess no one does. But it's a protection for the developers, taking nearly every right the customer has to avoid further trouble. A bit the same for the beta, huh?

    Now we're in a state where we exactly now how the finished product will look like. Not good.

    Also, the soapbox is a really bad comparison, due to the fact that most people care for the game, not for the fame they get when they post in one of the biggest threads in 1.9 discussions atm.

    Edit: The post above me is full of win, 100% agreement!
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    Quote from GobbieMarauder

    Do you seriously think Notch picked November to compete with Skyrim, a completely different game in 95% of respects which draw entirely different crowds, instead of the obvious reason, the same reason Bethesda picked their date, "because 11/11/11 is a really ****ing cool date?"

    And do you really then blame Mojang for not being clairvoyant and not foreseeing that a crunch time may occur in the last few weeks several MONTHS in advance?

    If there was no Skyrim, maybe the release date would have been pushed back. I think notch doesn't take his job serious enough. After beta, the price of minecraft is a lot higher then any normal indie game. Really few games get an own convention and to be honest, why should a normal consumer care for that? Really, I liked how the game had no deadline, and now Notch does one for himself. WHY? The fact that everybody wanted the minecon in other places then vegas and notch still does it there shows how much he cares about that little convention.

    Claivoyant? If you have to be one to see that they never get Mc done till November, I am one. If I see now that Notch is able to code a nearly fully functionating dragon in one week, it saddens me. It took them 1 month for wolves. Oh and cookies.

    Now when I think about it, what's up with achievements? Haven't seen someone mentioning this and I read nearly the full thread and they are not done yet. And new achievements were 100% promised.

    Why are Npcs even there? They have worse AI then pigs, because they don't run when they get hit. Its the main point why Mc can't get released yet. 1 month fast coding, and maybe that feature is done.

    Sidenote for admins (because I saw that the thread would have nearly get closed earlier on):

    Don't close this thread please, there are so many valid arguments in here, it's not even funny.

    Oh and don't worry folks, if you get bored of minecraft, there's still notchs twitter with easily 35 tweets a day /sarcasm

    Just my 2 cents

    Oh and edit: I saw the "got my money's worth out of it" argument a hundret times already. There was a good comparison to cars on site 3 or something. (If your car gets broken and if you cant do a better one, gtfo)

    A car (beta model) gets sold 4 million times. He doesn't work perfect but its comfortable. Now the creators wanna do a convention about it and release him completly, yet hes not finished.

    Would you stop complain?
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    Only the fact that it took them 1 month for pistons and shears shows how true OP's opinion is.

    I agree with everything OP said.
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    posted a message on "Scrolls" Lawsuit Goes To Court
    Mojang would have loosed anyways, Bethesda is better at playing Quake
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    posted a message on Why Enderman need a buff
    Lets get straight: In my opinion, they are way too weak. Why?

    I think the main problem is that they're neutral until you directly look at them. Notch wanted to make them scary so he invented this mechanism. But - that's a huge nerf in general, due to the fact of being able to avoid them completly if you dont want to fight them. Thats the fact, but now in general, its not a big deal to kill them without any kind of weapon.

    Chances of getting attacked by an enderman when you dont want it are pretty low. So he should actually be very hard to kill, thats the only way to make him scary. But right now, its like a little child that's getting angry when you look at him (and drowns in water ; is avoidable with pumpkins (Ok, to be fair those are pretty rare))

    If I have to compare it to the other mobs...way easier to kill then Creepers and something between zombies and skelettons. Thats okay, IF he would be angry all the time and not only when you "hit" him with your tiny white thing in the middle of your screen.

    As I read, Notch plans to remove the ability of enderman picking up blocks. That's a great thing, I hated that ability too, but now I think they should get a pretty high attack + defence buff instead.

    I think 5-6 hearts per attack without gear is not too much, because let's face it: creatures that only get angry at you when you point directly at them should actually be a monster that can kill you easily. Not to mention that killing it without gear should be extremly difficult (So his vulnerance to water could actually be useful)

    I guess everybody was happy first that notch revealed that enderman are avoidable by wearing pumpkins, but did you really had the urge to put on one to avoid them since 1.8? No, but thats what they should do. Scare you in a way where you want to avoid them! You dont want to face them, that's why you get a possibility not to make them angry other then running away! Hunting enderpearls should only be able to be done with good gear (lets say at least iron) You shouldn't want to make them angry just for the lulz. That's what im talking about.
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    posted a message on What I dont like about 1.8 (constructive criticism)
    First of, I love Minecraft and I spent lots of hours in it.

    Some months ago I ran out of stuff to do and I guessed lots of new stuff would be added if I came back half a year later.

    Now, 29 june this year, 1.7 was released. The update took 1 month and it was just one of those patches where nearly nothing has been added (Believe me, even I could have scripted that in fewer time) Now I guessed (tbh I was completly sure) that notch already put lots of effort in the 1.8 cause he planned to release pistons and adventure at the same time.
    It was ok for me, even as he said he had to release it because adventure was nowhere done.(So my first thought about adventure already being in work was wrong.)
    Now 2 months passed and I saw this footage of the upcoming stuff. New generated worlds, Enderman (Seems a little overrated, I like him but he is just getting hyped like the creeper was) fully working Npc villages (Actually I like millenaire a lot, they could have taken ideas out of it), completly integrated exp bar (With being able to skill mining, woodcutting archery, meele and stuff), and the other smaller improvements.

    But now to hear that it may take a little (1-2 weeks) longer was okay for me first.

    But then hearing it would even be splitted was a huge dissapointment (I mean really? 2 Months time and a really small update at that time was not enough time to programm that update?)

    Npc village makes _absolutely_ no sence without Npc's and having no use for Skill points (and only getting them by fighting) is ridicolous.

    Dont get me wrong, Enderman, new terrain (+ dungeons) the bow mechanics, the new food mechanics (this way food got nerfed a lot, totally needed) and the Building mode are great, but really few things if you look at how much time they had.

    1.9 is surely going to take 1-2 months too (I expect it to be released just days before minecon)

    The reason why I feel dissapointment is cause it probably is the last big update mc gets before it fully releases. And as you know, there is a small chance that new big updates may cost more money (And if not, they surely will take double time cause they will be focusing on Scrolls) so its just not what I expected. I already don't see this game in beta anymore, cause I know now what the full version will look like.

    Your thoughts on the update?
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