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    Quote from TheOatBaron

    I don't believe that analogy is relevant at all. I see it as you buying lemons from the store (Minecraft) and you re-sell it at a lemonade stand (server). The base lemonade is free, but you rely on the small amount of people who will buy the add-ons, described later (F2P players and P2W players). But at the stand, you add and remove a lot of things to the lemons (Adding in plugins and mods, removing certain aspects of gameplay). You decide that you also want to sell other things in addition to the lemonade for an additional cost, such as more lemons, sugar, and/or an umbrella (paying for items/ranks/commands). Now imagine the whole block made up of these stands (All the Minecraft servers). People can choose to go to your lemonade stand, someone else's lemonade stand, or go home and make their own lemonade (Singleplayer).

    But then one day, the head of the lemon company (Mojang) strolls in and says that because you are using their lemons, you can no longer sell any add-ons, which your entire operation runs off of.

    This comparison isn't truly related to the current Minecraft situation since Minecraft is a game (a full product) while a lemon is just an ingredient that requires other food to create something tasty (a basic concept). Sure, you can try to eat a lemon on its own but its a FRUIT. There is no way someone can copyright/limit it's use since anyone can grow a lemon tree. A more suitable comparison would be chip bags.

    Let's say I decide to sell some chip bags to the public without a proper sellers permit. Obviously I would be in trouble if I get caught since I'm selling something that I don't own the rights to. Same goes to Minecraft. Mojang has made the game, therefore they have all the rights to make some terms and conditions and we have to abide by it whenever we like it or not.

    Take this scenario for example: Let's say I download a pokemon rom and decide to modify the rom to create an original pokemon mmorpg while charging people money to play it. Do you think Nintendo will care if I said that "it costs a lot of money to run a server and i created custom plugins to make it unique so you can't sue me"?
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    I seriously agree to protesting this. Owning a server is expensive and takes tons of work/dedication. Paying for advertising, hosting, and other things that goes along with it really adds up. It shouldn't be a problem if people are going to willingly DONATE to a server they enjoy and would like to see around for a long time.

    So you're saying that we should have the right to sell part of a game that players already own?
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    Quote from thomashomsy

    They are aware that they are going to kill all minecraft servers doing this, they just want people to buy their realm servers

    They are not killing all servers for doing this, you shouldn't be able to buy something that you already bought in the game in the first place.
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    Have you tried turning down the mouse sensitivity in the options menu? That might help.
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    Mojang never changed their EULA, it was always there in the first place.
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    as boring as possible
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    Day 22: The Second Railway Completed
    ...and after much mining and bridging, I finally completed my railway from Intersection 1 to the Amnita Caverns!

    Quote from ragirk

    I think he should go post here, or at least read the posts. It's not like there are 10 new pages a day like in the old days. It feels like he's shunning the community, really.

    That being said, I am looking forward to CC2, and I hope it won't be as much of a failure as IM was.

    B-b-but I like Inferno Mines although I'm also looking forward to CC2!
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    Almost at day 20 huh?

    Day 19: Never Mine Below You Directly
    Seriously don't do it. I got rid of most of the creeper spawners at the deeper section of the lower mines but I didn't know where the blazes were coming from so I had to light everything up. Unfortunately, in a fit of panic, I realized where the blaze spawners were while the blazes kept on respawning. I suddenly had a 'great' idea to just dig down below the fleece box, unaware that there was lava below it. So as soon as I was in the lava trap thingy, I knew that I had fire protection iv to and that I just needed building blocks. Except they weren't in my hotbar. I died, losing my wonderful Punch 2 Wraith Bow and practically half of my railway.

    I sometimes despise you Vechs but this time, it's my fault for breaking the #1 minecraft rule of mining: mining straight down. I'll be some Inferno Mines traps later on and I will fall for these traps like I always do be more careful,

    Quote from Kydnav

    I'm sorry, I want to play some of Veches older maps but I can't quickly find which minecraft versions are used for each map... Could someone provide me with the last 6 map's needed versions of minecraft? Or add it to the main thread since probably more people want to know...

    I would recommend Minecraft Beta 1.7 - 1.8 if you're looking to play any of the maps in the legacy pack. Otherwise, you can just use any minecraft version although it is recommended to go for Minecraft 1.6 or earlier.

    Quote from Almightyhope

    In my legendary play-through today we actually make some actual progress and move forward to the next area.
    Episode 4: Intersection One
    Again, if you have any suggestions, please let me know as I'm always looking for a way to improve both with commentary and in-game.

    Yeah, episode two was a bit slow but I think the next few should be a little faster paced. Also nice job working through Inferno Mines, I've quite enjoyed watching your progress so far ^_^ thanks :)

    Your videos are definitely improving in terms of quality. You edited the video to cut out the non-important bits, the sound volume of your minecraft screen is not perfect after you adjusted it and you made more progress than any of your last three videos. Interesting to have a quote at the end of every episode. The only thing that I could see you changing is the length time from fifteen to twenty minutes but maybe that's just my personal preference :P. Well done on your fourth episode.

    Quote from Aimoskeeto

    I think we're assuming CC2 because of that video of "being under a tree in the rain", which contains some shield palms in certain shots, and seems to look similar to CC. Or, it may be a completely new forest map, a remake of East Commons, or it's completely unrelated to anything he's making. I don't think he'd remake Sunburn so soon after updating it, though. I think CC2 is still his priority in terms of remakes.

    (acting as though I know what's going on... when really I don't... :/ haha)

    I don't even think Sunburn Islands needs a remake, it's perfect the way it is. Yeah, looking at his latest videos, CC2 will probably get released next.
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    Day 11.

    Day 11: Railway Station
    I started working on my railway track to connect the tree farm with the intersection 1 base.

    Quote from SaphirShroom

    Aw yiss, I've beaten Spellbound Caves on Ultra Hardcore. I feel kinda proud now :3

    To be honest, I never thought of using enderpearls to teleport to the entrance (mainly because I might enderpearl into lava). nice playthrough.

    Quote from Almightyhope

    I've taken a step back into beta 1.7.3 to play Vech's Legendary. I never really played a lot of survival minecraft before the adventure update and the new hunger system, in 1.8, so this should be interesting ^_^

    Episode 1: A Humble Start
    If you have any suggestions, please let me know as I'm always looking for a way to improve both with commentary and in-game.
    New episodes come out every Monday and Friday!


    I've watched the entire video and I found a couple of things that you might want to work on with your commentary. Don't spend your time standing there while you're talking (instead, try to multitask by talking and playing/building/fighting at the same time). I'm looking forward to your future videos (mainly because its not a speedthrough which means that you will probably build some sort of base) but try to talk and game at the same time :).
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    Interesting song pack but would probably get removed soon because you didn't claim that you don't own these songs.
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