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    posted a message on Minecraft was 'Know Your Meme'd
    Quote from 8BitAnimations

    wait was there terraria music in there?

    Really? I didn't seem to notice :huh.gif:
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    posted a message on Minecraft was 'Know Your Meme'd
    It appears to have been uploaded recently :smile.gif:

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    posted a message on My brother literally thinks Minecraft plays the same as Diablo
    Quote from Yazman

    For real. I was talking to him tonight and he actually thinks that Minecraft plays the same as Diablo.

    His argument:
    "You can play Minecraft the same as Diablo, because in both games you run around, left clicking, and gathering resources."

    How retarded is that? I brought up the camera angles, different genres, fundamentally different gameplay, etc and he goes: "Oh but that's just CONTENT DIFFERENCES, you can still play them the same way!"

    Just thought it was so retarded I had to share.

    Sounds to me like he is your older brother and is simply trying to troll you.
    Seeing how you made this post, I'd say he succeeded.
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    posted a message on Are you a COD addict??
    Quote from MiniMinerMan

    CoD Sucks...
    They pump out the exact same thing every year with some new maps a few neew weapons and sell you it for £40!

    Your avatar describes the entire internet.
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    posted a message on Will we get to Pay more after minecrafts official release?
    Quote from Vraxxx


    seriously, is there any real proof Notch is really going to release DLC after the full release (that only means an higher price)??

    Here is your proof sir:


    Now stop whining and keep living your life.

    To sum up what the post says:
    Notch did not use the term or word "DLC".
    The post was made public 10 months ago when minecraft was about to become Beta.

    Notch said that Alpha buyers will get all future updates for free, and Beta buyers will also get all future updates for free up until the official release.

    So basically, if you bought it during Beta, you will pay for updates.
    However: keep in mind since Minecraft will be in release status, it is safe to assume that updates will be much bigger in size, and will come by less frequently.
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    posted a message on The truth about endermen
    This is stupid, its really really stupid.

    There is no truth about the Enderman, and there is no need for you to call your assumptions fact.

    This is the part where I begin to poke holes in your theory:

    - The sky in the End (yes, it is called End, not 'Ended') is not a space sky, and the minecraft "earth" is nowhere to be seen either.
    The sky is not even a sky, it is just a little static screen.

    - Since it is so small, it's easy to confirm it's in no way 'round' or even square like it used to be.

    - I bet the astronauts from the Apollo spacecraft weren't expecting to find dragons on the moon. How will NASA explain this, huh? I blame the Mayans.

    Also, what is this obsession with writing in a specific font? What is this need for attention? This need for uniqueness?

    Can't you use the default font like us normal people?
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    posted a message on PoP98's Realistic Texture Pack!
    Would YOU play Minecraft with this on?

    I mean, it is obviously lacking a whole lot of work and the tiling is absolutely terrible.
    You are a human being with logic, you can probably see this also.
    So I must ask, why would you make this public if it is obviously not in good shape to be used.

    Really, this puzzles me.
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    posted a message on Steam?
    Quote from TheAvatarOfWar

    * Steam download estimates are never remotely accurate (you're downloading at 100kb/s? Okay, heres the estimate for 1mb/s)

    Doesn't every single download estimate I've ever used in my windows career been like this?
    In fact I don't remember ever seeing a download estimate and believing it :tongue.gif:

    Quote from TheAvatarOfWar

    * No option for "an update? no thanks, I'll download it later. please let me play the game now instead."

    When developers release an update, they want to replace the current version with it, sometimes for bug reasons. You also can't play Starcraft 2 without updating it, unless you play offline, which is the same answer with steam.

    Quote from TheAvatarOfWar

    * You can't return a game. A violation of the First Sale rule in the U.S.
    * You can't resell a game. A violation of the First Sale rule in the U.S.

    As far as I'm concerned you can't do that in any video game store I ever heard of, even none-digital ones.

    Quote from TheAvatarOfWar

    * Some day, Steam will cease to exist. And your games will go with it.

    That I highly doubt.
    I mean I'm sure it won't be around forever, but console games will become obsolete quite sooner for instance.

    I actually feel safe putting my games in steam, its like a bank.
    I had many disc games die on me because of a disc scratch or other reasons, and I had them for a shorter time than I do my oldest of steam games, which I can still play without an issue.
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    posted a message on there will not be a 1.10
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    posted a message on Herobrine
    You say it's not a troll thread,

    but it is a troll thread?

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    posted a message on Why is Notch called Notch?

    Skip to 0:35
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    posted a message on Biome Texturing
    Quote from sgt_taco_II

    ok lets say this :Purple: is the shade you want so you color it :White: and it shows up as :Violet: how do you get :Purple:

    The Foliage.png and Grasscolor.png are what determines the colors of grass and leaves for different biomes.

    Play around with those files and see what you get.
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    posted a message on Texture For Button?
    You will have to make a mod for that.

    Well.. its pretty much just changing 1 line of code or so, but its still a mod.
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    posted a message on Invisiblock
    No photos no downloads.

    Am I doin' it right?
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    posted a message on Shadow of Israphel Part 31!
    Quote from MCDigItUp

    I am subscribed just letting folks who aren't subscribed the great news! Cheers!

    Why don't you stop to think for a second that maybe most of the people who aren't subscribed don't really care?
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