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    posted a message on Steam URL?

    Why would you not just google "steam". It's the first hit! Yes, store.steampowered.com (just typing in steampowered.com will redirect to that page
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    So just a few minutes ago, I'm sure you are all aware that minecraft hit 4 000 000 copies (if you are not aware: ). This is a look back at my life in minecraft, month by month.

    Month 1 (October 2010): After seeing Seananners and X play the game that we all know so well as minecraft, I was sure that I needed to buy it. A little sweet-talking later, and I had a copy of minecraft in my hand, with the Username 35cool35. (Just a note, the game was in the alpha stage 1.1.2 I believe? Yes, 1.1.2) Man was I ever excited to play this game.

    Month 2 (November 2010): First creeper encounter. Scared me off the game for a while. Also, I had my first encounter with lava, and fire. And burning trees. And burning houses. And burning players. And death. And hard-to-find houses. And how items spawn out after 5 minutes of frantic searching. Yep, those were the golden days.

    Month 3 (December 2010... You know what? I'm not gonna write these anymore, they're pissing me off): First Diamond. ****. YES. I LOVE THIS GAME. Also items burn in lava. Specifically those diamonds that you just got and were throwing around because they were pretty.

    Month 4: Whoa, there are these blocks called mob spawners. And they spawn skeletons. Skeletons hurt. A lot. LIKE A LOT. Also, when you don't place torches next to those blocks, they keep spawning skeletons. Again. And again. Until you die. With that apple from that chest. Hmm... Weird stuff, haven't seen one of those since.

    Month 5: Hey, you can make tools out of diamonds. And they work well! And when you drown at the bottom of the ocean, well, let's just say they're hard to find.

    Month 6: My first farm. It was pretty successful too. Whoa, looking back, I got a good 400 bread out of that thing (in 14 hours of gameplay :biggrin.gif:)

    Month 7: As this is April, I gave up Minecraft for lent. Pretty crazy stuff.

    Month 8: A little rusty in the hinges, I decided to dig straight down. Yea! Whoopee! Look at how fast I got down to the lava layer...

    Month 9: Decided to try filming a minecraft LP for youtube. Yea, did you know that recording lag + zombie = death? I sure do.

    Month 10: Tried my first mod out... It was Too Many Items I believe? Maybe? It also might have been elemental arrows.

    Month 12: Didn't do minecraft for a month... something about a girlfriend? That relationship didn't last very long...

    Month 13: Yep, passed a year, and also Minecraft hit 4 000 000 people.

    Please, write your own in comments, I really want to hear what you all think!
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    posted a message on What do you think the most elegant block is?
    Possibly the Red wool or the Lapis Lazuli Block. Maybe the Diamond Ore even, I love the look of it just because it's so freaking rare.
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    posted a message on [rule request] False FPS Claims
    Hey everybody, I'm getting really fed up with something. That something is the amount of texture packs that claim to speed up your minecraft speed. As long as the resolution of the image is the same (16x16/32x32 etc.) the speed will remain constant. This is because all the pixels we see are loaded individually from the image onto the block texture. So this means for any texture pack that is 16x16, 256 individual pixels will load per block. It does not matter what color those pixels are.

    All in all, if your texture pack is 16x16, it will not speed up FPS more than the default minecraft texture will. End of story.

    Comment your feelings on this, (and add rep plz :biggrin.gif:)
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