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    Hello Everyone! I am going to be making a texture pack based off of the anime Trigun. I am not the best artist so don't expect something super awesome. I am just doing this as a first texture pack because I just finished the series ^.^ I will be posting pics and having polls soon, so I will be working on it as much as I can, in the meantime, Have fun!

    Everyone, I might be slowing down a bit due to school. I will work as much as i can, but it will not come out as soon as I had hoped, thank you.


    Okay here is the improved moon(could still need work):

    Also here is the arrow:

    Here is the boat:

    The sun(still working on larger one):

    Here is the tree(prototype), I tried to get it kind of dying bark feel:

    And the glass:

    The Planks:
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    Hey Sorry man i havent been able to play D: I just couldnt get around to it with classes and such
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    Mac or Pc?
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