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    posted a message on Is this cheating?

    Guys, lets just remember this. He didn't break the number 1 rule of Minecraft: Don't dig straight down. (Seriously, that rule has been a thing for years!)

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    posted a message on Enigma: a tool for deobfuscation of Java bytecode

    I just started deobfuscating Infdev (April 15th). So far, most classes have been nonsense, but a few have been valuable. (Sorry if this is a little messy, it's late I can hear my dad snore and that always distracts me).

    Small list:

    "net/minecraft/client/d.class" is about the text that's displayed in game (like: loading level, respawning, etc.); also about the %appdata% folder, and has something to do with the "terrain.png" file (it's referenced)

    "net/minecraft/client/i.class" is about the sound resources; plus the link to download the sounds is listed

    "net/minecraft/client/p.class" is about the default keybindings, and about the settings menu

    "net/minecraft/client/q.class" is about the main menu

    "net/minecraft/client/a/b.class" is about how the sky is rendered and somehow references the .png file responsible for the bubbles and smoke and stuff, (possibly "icons.png")

    "net/minecraft/client/a/e.class" has to do with the "terrain.png" file, there's also a line of code that calls the "rain.png" file, despite rain being disabled in Infdev

    "net/minecraft/client/a/g.class" also references the "terrain.png" file, plus it also calls the "water.png" file and "items.png" file

    "net/minecraft/client/a/a/e.class" also references the "terrain.png" and "items.png" files

    "net/minecraft/client/a/a/f.class" has a line about the "terrain.png" file, and also a line that references the "shadow.png" file, funny thing is, shadows didn't render in this version

    "net/minecraft/client/a/a/g.class" has to do with armor

    "net/minecraft/client/a/c/c.class" is about gears

    "net/minecraft/client/c/b.class" is about the deleting worlds function

    "net/minecraft/client/c/c.class" is what gets rendered when escape is pressed (options, change world, quit game, back to game)

    "net/minecraft/client/c/e.class" is about the game over screen (game over, score &e(score))

    "net/minecraft/client/c/j.class" is about the world create/select menu

    "net/minecraft/client/c/n.class" is about the text in the debug menu

    the "net/minecraft/client/c/a/" folder have classes that seem to have to do with guis

    "net/minecraft/client/g/a.class" is about where to download skins

    "net/minecraft/a/c/e.class" references entities, which are in classes in subfolders in the "net/minecraft/a/c" folder


    -"a/a.class" is the giant model

    -"a/b.class" is the spider model

    -"a/c.class" is the skeleton model

    -"a/d.class" is the creeper model

    -"a/e.class" is the human mob model (not player)

    -"a/f.class" is the zombie model

    -"b/b.class" is the sheep model

    -"b/c.class" is the pig model

    -"c/a.class" and "c/b.class" have to do with TNT, ("a.class" I think is the primed variant, or something)

    -"d/a.class" has something to do with arrows (most likely)

    -"e/a.class" has to do with player logging in (found the line that basically says "if logged in as Notch, drop apple on death")

    -"e/b.class" has to do with the inventory

    "net/minecraft/a/c/f.class" has to do with the way the player is saved

    "net/minecraft/a/a/e/c.class" is about making the level.dat file

    "net/minecraft/a/a/e/d.class" is about the contents of "level.dat"

    "net/minecraft/a/a/b/a/a.class" references chests and furnaces in some way

    "net/minecraft/a/a/b/a/b.class" is about furnace contents

    "net/minecraft/a/a/b/a/c.class" is about chest contents

    "net/minecraft/a/a/c/a.class" is (I THINK) the world generator class (I recognized a value, "684.412"), editing this will most likely change how worlds are generated

    That's all I have. I'll continue looking.

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    posted a message on What Happened To Minecraft?

    Well, i started in 1.0.0 full, but back in 2014 and 2015, I played on this delightful Alpha 1.2.6 server. It was amazing. Survival, teamwork, griefers were the enemy, everyone was friendly (even the 10 year olds), and it was all about survival and building. Now, I admit there were plugins, but that was because the server needed them to basically run securely. Either way, that server died (crys) and now I'm stuck on singleplayer. However, that goes to show there are still good servers out there, you just have to look. =)

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    posted a message on Browsing Google Images for Old Minecraft Screenshots

    Though taken literally today, here's an image of Infdev that I took:

    Minecraft Infdev 2016

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    posted a message on Why being young isn't fun :(
    Quote from Alexthe666»

    Ok. Turn off your computer(which was brought to you by science), leave your house(which was created using science and math), get out of the civilization you live in(brought to you by science), and live in the woods, like an animal.

    Which STILL has it's roots in science.

    OT: Once your voice deepens, you can pretty much avoid all stereotypes. I actually watched a video where someone sounded 8, but was 14. I was 11-12 at the time, so it surprised me. However, age doesn't matter, I find that I get along with people over 40 kinda well (usually family, but it still counts).

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    posted a message on The Aether Mod does not work.
    Quote from WaspStripes»
    I just did this, and nothing has changed.. still the same scenario… it's weird. :/ Is there a specific technique in how to place the water??

    Where did you download the mod? Trust me, it matters.
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    posted a message on Can we build higher than 255 in Vanilla?
    It is impossible to build higher than 255 in vanilla, you need to install mods to build higher. Sorry, but that's the truth.
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    posted a message on So minecraft encourages violence against women .. aparently.
    Exactly, they just do what every they can for their anti white men campaign. These radicals try to make ALL white men seem like demons, just so they can get power. They TRY to antagonize everything that has LESS than no problem just so they can control everything. I actually got mad when I found out about this. They are secretly trying to DESTROY all sense by making claims against stuff that THEY have a problem with. Look at America, if you look at everything going on, there's global warming (lie), anything about the environment (not worth it), equal rights for women and minority races (actually lets just treat ALL white men like demons), and video games (no evidence to prove their point). "Oh, lets just target Minecraft because it has a large fan base and so it MUST be violent and the ONLY reason for gun violence, definitely not innocent COD, Minecraft is EVIL, we should get it banned because it is the ONLY reason for all bad, like global warming, war, hitler, Hell itself, and everything else; it's OBVIOUSLY Bush's fault, let's just take some flimsy claims and antagonize this game by saying it goes against women, just so everybody will instantly hate it so we can ban this Hell and let innocent COD be the only game ever, also did we mention it was ALL Bush's fault, ALL OF IT!?!" Going inside their heads RIGHT NOW.

    Edit: My MOM agrees that this claim is stupid. There. My point exactly.
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    posted a message on What do you think is the WORST minecraft player?
    Quote from ThePiDay»

    You almost got me.
    btw, i love your username, 314. pi, 3.14, anyone? no? k

    Exactly, I actually DID derive my username from pi, good job! :)
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    posted a message on What do you think is the WORST minecraft player?
    314rft, gosh, I just HATE that guy, he's so annoying, I JUST WANT HIM TO LEAVE THIS PLANET FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

    (jk, look at my username)
    but seriously: people who constantly ask for rare items in servers, and won't stop even after telling them no. Once in a while gifts are okay, but everything else you need to acquire by yourself.
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