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    Join now and have some fun
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    The world needs to see this great mod :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from HamachiServer

    I am sick of saying this to everyone, but when you cannot connect to minecraft.net keep trying to log in!!!

    Stop deleting your files and forcing update, minecraft.net is just too overcrowded and cannot support the amount of people on it.

    Keep trying to log in why? stop putting pressure on their servers.
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    Don't use mods! It ruins the magic of minecraft.
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    ZombieRealms Zombie Survival Server
    ZombieRealms is a server with zombies that can destroy blocks, how awesome is that?


    We're Back!

    You are getting your armor on, correcting your chest plate, as your wife packs you a knapsack of bread. Earlier that morning, before sunrise, your king asked you to go on patrol. "Search the woods, leave nothing alive." Were his exact words, offering no further explanation, he left you and your party of six confused. it wasn't like the king to act so strange, but you push it to the back of your mind, and think nothing further of it. trying to help your wife, you hit your leg on the boiling cauldron, over your house fire, severely burning your leg, your wife rushes you to the doctor. He advises you to stay home from your patrol, soak in water, and that you should be fine by the next day. You are assigned a position in a guard tower, while your leg heals.
    7:37 - The sun is beginning to set, you look past the gates of your beloved city, wondering why your patrol party is not back. Suddenly, you see someone, an animal maybe? Crawling toward your city, leaving a trail of blood behind it. You sound the alarm, thinking that it may be a feral animal, or barbarian.
    8:41 - Night has fallen, the figure turns out to be a member of your search party, he has bite marks on his arms, and the imprint of raked claws on his chest, he utters one word before falling unconscious "Prepare." No one has any idea what he meant, blaming it on his fever.
    9:20 - The only surviving member of your party passes away.
    12:13 - You hear a crash, the breaking of glass, you jump out of bed, onto your injured leg, grabbing your sword from it's sheath, which lay next to your bed. You creep from your bedroom, and notice your fallen party member standing at the now broken window next to your door, yes black as night, skin grey as stone. You call his name, once, twice, with no response. You yell for your wife, telling her to wake up, NOW. Your party member starts to crawl throughout the window, moaning, grumbling. You do what your instincts tell you to, cleaving right through his neck, spattering blood all over your walls and wife. You and your wife bolt for the door. The first thing you notice are the screams, you know those screams will haunt your for the rest of your life. You next notice those, who look like your fallen party member all throughout the city, surrounding houses, feasting on the dead. You and your wife run for the forrest, knowing there is no point in trying to help.
    2:02 - After finding a safe spot in the woods, you and your wife stop for a rest. Your wife begins to cough up blood, and is running a very high fever, you know what's happening to her, just as it had happened to your friend. She asks you to hold her as she falls unconscious. You stand up, holding your sword over your head, ready to swing, tears running down your face, swing downward.
    2:05 - You walk off, bringing nothing, you start your new life, knowing not what awaits you, haunted by that you have left behind. 

    :Yellow: No Griefing (Placing blocks is griefing too)
    :Orange: No Cheating (Don't use anything that gives you an unfair advantage)
    :Green: No Stealing
    :Black: No Spamming (No caps in global)
    :Teal: No Spawn Camping (Get out there don't stay in spawn)

    Moderator Application

    Question 1: Why should you be a Mod/builder?
    Question 2: How long will you spend online each day?
    Question 3: What experiences have you had from being a mod on other servers?
    Question 4: Will you respect everyone and other buildings/creations?
    Question 5: Will you tell 2zxr1 or MagicCoin before you ban someone?
    Question 6: Will you only ban someone with a good reason?
    Question 7: Are you a griefer? Yes/No

    We only have our plugins to enrich your gameplay and bring you the best time you can have while on our server.
    Some of our plugins:
    Nocheat - Nocheat stops people from hacking.
    Essentials - Lots of commands that help us moderate the server and allow you to sethome, warp, ect,.
    Falsebook - allows you to make gates, doors, Turn pumpkins on and off, turn glowstone off, ect,.

    A small clip of the private part of spawn.

    Zombie Types:
    :Zombie: Normal Zombie:
    :Skeleton: Skeleton Archer: This archer can shoot an arrow at you but it can't destroy blocks.
    :Zombie: Elite Zombie:(pig zombie) Watch out the pig zombie is strong but it has no ranged attack
    :Zombie: Master Zombie: (Giant) The zombie boss; has a powerful ranged attack of fire

    :Diamond: #1 kings: 2zxr1 and (looking for someone else)
    :GoldBar: #2 VetModerators: (Needed!)
    :Iron: #3 Moderators: (Needed!)
    :Coal: #4 Helpers: (Needed!)
    Donation Tires
    :Diamond:#1 Knight
    :GoldBar:#2 MasterSlayer
    :Iron:#3 Slayer
    :Coal:#4 Survivor

    :Zombie: Survivor Donation Package ($5)
    • You will get
    • A Title: Survivor
    • A kit: Iron Armour and an Iron Sword
    • 20 Obsidian (Zombies can't destroy Obsidian :P )
    :Skeleton: Slayer Donation Package ($10)
    • You will get
    • A Title: Slayer
    • A kit: Iron Armour and a Diamond Sword
    • 40 Obsidian (Zombies can't destroy Obsidian :P )
    :SSSS: MasterSlayer Donation Package ($20)
    • You will get
    • A Title: MasterSlayer
    • A kit: Diamond Armour and a Diamond Sword
    • 60 Obsidian (Zombies can't destroy Obsidian :P )
    • Able to teleport players to you if they accept

    :Notch: Knight Donation Package ($50)
    • You will get
    • A Title: Knight
    • A kit: Diamond Armour and a Diamond Sword
    • 120 Obsidian (Zombies can't destroy Obsidian :P )
    • Able to teleport players to you if they accept and teleport to players.

    We need builders so PM me if you want to help.

    Suggest things that we can add.
    Clans (to make a clan you need to have 4 people that want to join)
    You will get:
    :opblock: An area of 15x15x15 safe from zombies.
    :Bacon: A mob spawner.
    :Water: 15 blocks of water.
    :stone: 64 stone.
    You can upgrade your clan when you get 8 players.

    If you want to help you can always tell other people about us or leave a good reply.

    Unban Appeal.
    1. Name:
    2. Why were you banned?
    3. Why should you be unbanned?
    4. Will you do what you were banned for again?
    If you want to report a hacker use this
    1. Your Name:
    2. Who else saw them Hacking:
    3. Player:
    4: What happened:
    5. Evidence (screenshots/vids please use video clips of hackers hacking it makes it alot easier):	  

    Other applications:
    Want to become a builder and help build citys, bigtrees ruins, ect,.
    To become a Builder, fill out this application:
    1. Why should you be a builder?
    2. Are you a good builder?
    3. What experience have you had of being a builder on other servers?
    4. What type of stuff/buildings do you like to build?
    5. Are you friendly? Yes/No
    6. Are you a griefer? Yes/No

    Apply for moderator before you apply for admin.
    To become an Admin, fill out this application:
    1. Why should you be an admin?
    2. What experience have you had of being an admin on other servers?
    3. Are you friendly? Yes/No
    4. Will you tell 2zxr1 or MagicCoin if you have banned someone?
    5. Are you a griefer? Yes/No
    6. How long will you spend online each day?
    7. Are you a good builder? Yes/No
    8. How old are you? 
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