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    Quote from JamesPond2207

    -big crap snip-

    I know him, he doesn't know how to hack. :P
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    Quote from Noakii

    Welcome back ♥!

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    Quote from RedAssassin53

    tthis server is retarded i get spawn killed every time, its annoying.

    So what? We all went through that annoying phase. In life, are you going to quit a job because one thing annoys you?
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    You forgot Benjaminsaunders on your list of possible wardens!
    Ben and/or John for Warden!
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    Orly? 10/10 starts :D
    Fix jail, it is a PvP zone atm...
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    Quote from MinerDillon

    only gaming quit add like dumpling and chappy and like 50 other people on that list...

    You might add me.....
    1) IGN:I am known as 2bcooper.
    2) Your age:Don't you already know this? 12!
    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days)about 2-4 months, since Christmas
    2011, was Trainee since december 29
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules?Yes I have read all the rules from Server rules-Guard rules AND Prison rules.
    5) Any experience with the prison genre? Yes I have played Weircraft, Don't Drop the Soap, Inferno, and Furnace, +Killion(Killion just plain sucked.)
    6) What is your time zone?I am not really sure...But I live in California area...
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? I am a good choice for guard because I have guarded before, I am helpful, and I know what to do when people break rules.
    I used to be a guard and was a trainee for a LONG time. I really don't care how long it takes to get full guard, but I'll help out often. A few people I know said I was a good guard when I talked to people.*Cough* Darkseed *Cough* Also, earlier there was a post that explained that most guards sucked and that me, Luca, and a few others actually did their job.
    I am helpful because I will lead C's around the prison and such. I used to lead the new players to the market, store, etc. I aslo explained to people how to get money because they were new to the prison genre. When I'm a guard, I'll have the perspective of a guard again and I'll realize different facts for the server.
    When people break rules, you don't abuse and say," jail, dur-hur" From PvP abuse to 3 time guard massacre, I know what to do. Of course I'll count down for the items, if it be that weed we Free's are obsessed with or the tools of death called swords. Anyways, yeah, I know what to do
    I've got Free recently so I know how some of them act. I got better at PvP while I left guard, and more!
    I really hope I'm accepted and I'll be SO happy if that happens :D
    8) What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will require PROOF when/if you retire from guard?Yep. Ready IF I retire.([Free])

    Guard rules.


    I am sorry I have sloppy handwriting... :D
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    Can you make my skin with a piece of TNT? I'm 2bcooper
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    Hey, I'm from Convicted, and it's going downhill and might be gone soon, and was wondering if I could please be unbanned, I am FULLY sorry for the pain I caused you.

    In-game Name:2bcooper
    Who were you banned by?Idk
    When were you banned? (Date and Approx time, use -5GMT)awhile ago
    What was the ban reason?HACKER
    Do you admit fault?Yes, I was a Convicted player and it was tradition and I am sorry.
    What was your current rank (Block)?:C
    Why should you be unbanned?I am no longer Convicted, and I want to play here, becuase my love of Convicted is almost gone. I'm really sorry.
    Any other information:I quit Convicted.
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    Quote from FrogManDaShman

    So, John19192ooo here....
    So when I log on I'm now ( only on this server ) usually falling into abyss, chat is jacked, I cant see my own text, I can build wherever, blocks dont drop anything.
    I've tried restartng my computer and resetting internet. It doesnt work. So I'll be leaving Convicted ultil I can solve this.
    Sucks BAD.
    Dont go " lolLOLOLLOLOL TROLOLOL HAHAH " ing me.
    I'll see if I can fix this, this will explain why I cant go on.
    Bai </3

    Same, I might leave. Sorry. I might join Gaming on Killion. </3
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    Ok, someone keeps admin killing me when I have done nothing, I had 21 diamonds and a CRAPLOAD of tools and armor and now whenever I log on I get /kill ed. D:
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    Quote from Pecyboy3


    Many of you may not know who i am so i will begin with introducing myself before i delve into the topics at hand that need to be sorted. I'm a Guard, i normally play a few hours a Day and i come from England so i see what happens when there is no wardens or alphas online and i have some ways to "Fix Convicted" as so many people have been complaining, I've Guarded since October and i played during the WhiteBoii incident ( though i was a new member and wasnt sure what happened but i understand the wardens fear of this repeating). Some people are saying that the lack of "active" wardens is the primary problem (especially Viper) but i also think the lack of any staff during British and European Time Zones is disturbing and i have the front to fix that.

    Firstly, i'd like to address what other people have been saying, with what i mostly agree with:

    So, I agree with the lack of activity from Viper - Especially seeing as it still says 1.1 on our Forum Page which i doubt is doing us any favours. There is also many many plugins that have been broken since like 1.2.3 and we need new ones or we need them fixed:
    Insta - Eat: Not a huge problem for me ( i like the challenge ) but when other people are against one or more Diamond Armor Enchanted Gear the prison hasnt got much chance and the poor C-Prisoners dont have any chance of surviving with their hard earned resources.

    No Disposal: Still not much of a pain but there still everywhere and you cant use them which is a bit annoying and when im trying to destroy contraband people can grab it before it lands in the lava.

    No Spam-Protection: This is by far the worst one i can think of so far Especially with Jeb's Great idea to make spam easier! This needs to be fixed NOW.
    Theres probably more broken that i cant even think of ( like hotel ) so these need fixing or replacing.

    Next on the Agenda of this huge post is the one, the only Noakii! I am reading some hate towards him but id like to say he, even though he occasionally hands out harsh bans, he is keeping this server afloat. He's the only warden who plays for more than 30 minutes before saying: "Lets go play Lol or GC(?)" and leaves us in the blue without even doing much to help. So, Noakii keep up the good work and ignore the hate - this server owes you.

    Now on to this. I'm going to log on now at 10am GMT and see who is online, gimme a sec....

    26 people online.. and 1 guard ( me ).

    Fuuu this half keeps getting destroyed but i'll write it for the third time because im mad but im not going to go into much Depth....

    New Alphas for GMT:

    Pecyboy3 :D
    Miichael (possibly)

    And Lego too he's cool!

    New Wardens:

    All Alphas Except the new ones ( John and Skeleton )

    We need more active admins and lets flush them all in. We need Change.

    Lets change this:

    New Prisoners deserve a Welcome from everyone and Guards/Helpful People ask them if they have questions or need a tour around because its a big and scary place.

    Frees and Pvpers dont attack innocent C-Prisoners because they get mad, rage, spam and quit forever which isnt really helpful for the server. Attack Guards instead, we like it - its our job.

    Wardens be more lenient with Guard Apps ( possibly add an incentive ) to get it busy again.

    Guards be nice to new prisoners, i know they can be quite annoying and make you want to kill yourself but just keep calm and carry on because otherwise they will leave and not help the server.

    I would also like a Tutorial Prison where Prisoners can go at request by guards to tour themselves around the prison and to try and get started WITHOUT PVP.

    Umm i think thats it.. oh yeah and:

    MichaelM8 has been a TraineeGuard for about 3 weeks and he is legendary so its about time he got Guard but nobody ever sees us because we're English :(

    Well GL with changing Convicted.

    P.S keep this post alive if you want to change Convicted! :) Add your own ideas too!

    P.P.S i definetly missed things because it keep getting destroyed and took me over half an hour to write. Ill add it on or reply with extra stoof!

    Edits: So i log on after making this post and this is what i see:

    Woo guards but we are getting spam attack! If only we had alphas during GMT.

    I agree with every single aspect of this.
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    I like hisakid's ideas.
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    Quote from GamingOfCentury

    Convicted, pick yourself up and try


    Convicted is going to hell. Here is the few reasons.

    1.) Noakii in general. Ex: Ask for IT to tp to me, I got a 15m

    mute; I was a few seconds late in the final warp of the HG

    event, I ask for tp, 30m mute.; Noakii thinks I am annoying, a

    long mute, or a abusive ban. balack Ranger was banned today

    and did nothing wrong. I have been abusively banned so much

    by Noakii, and I only get unbanned by non-abusive wardens.

    They know Noakii abuses, Hell, they want that ***** demoted.





    2.) Viper, you are never on. We never have any wardens or

    alpha on. We constantly have hackers on, and get spammed

    daily when no warden/alpha is on

    3.) ****ing fix the bugs. guards need insta-food, Idrfc if it isn't

    updated make some kid from bukkit.org do that ****.

    4.) Redo the jail. This is alot to ask for, but convicted is slowly

    losing players and gaining dumb****s. If these dumb****s

    somehow get warden, we are dead.

    5.) Please just fix the Player_Market and anything to do with

    Simple Region Market (I said it *****)

    6.) How the **** is Killion raging up on DEDICATED Players

    and we go up and down and down then barely up to survive.

    Why did Raptor Leave? Did he see this coming? Don't say life

    problems, you say that to feel good and or he asked you too. I

    see what is wrong with convicted, and I can fix it. With 2 words

    that will mean so much more. MANUAL

    LABOR. Viper, get off your ass, or have someone else

    do it atleast, your not the only one smart with plugins here.

    Noakii is dragging the server don, and the failure of the

    wardens and alphas. And all the bugs and hackers/dupers, I

    know how to fix it. Ask around. Simple as that.

    Thank you for your time

    (Sorry for anything offensive in here)

    I agree with all this. Noakii is abusive, and I'll probably be banned for saying that. I have talked to Darkseed and he says he won't play much anymore because the server is being run downhill, he wants warden to fix everthing and etc. There is so much that happens because of Noakii.
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    Nightmare horses appear when a dirt pegasus burns and is reborn
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    posted a message on Clay Soldiers Mod v. 3.0.0-alpha.3 (MC 1.12.x) / 2.0.0-beta.2 (MC 1.7.10)
    Jelly? I found 3 Nightmare Horses at the same time! Jelly?

    Hey, maybe you can add a block that whenever redstone power touches the block it spawns 1-5 of a clay soldier, almost like a mob spawner/soldier spawner. Maybe? :D
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