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    posted a message on Squidopolis server reboots! Modded Mindcrack like server

    Ign: 2a3

    Age: 18

    Why I would like to join: I'm just looking for a small tight-knit community to play on mods with.

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    posted a message on Small Modded Revenge of the CTeam 18+

    MCname: 2a3

    Age: 18

    Relative location: Central United States

    Have you been banned before: Long ago, been a few years. For stealing cobblestone lol.

    Are you okay with using teamspeak: Yes.

    What mod would you like to do: It really depends. I haven't played modded minecraft in a while, so which ever ones really spark my interest this time around.

    How would you describe yourself: I'm youngish still. I graduate school really soon, and I'm going to the military. I mostly keep to myself, although I am friendly and do talk when necessary.

    Casual or hardcore: Mix of both. Depends on my weekly schedule.

    Tell me a story: What did my grandpa say before he kicked the bucket?

    I wonder how far I can kick this bucket.

    BONUS ROUND (Questions from people on server)

    Are you a power hungry jerk: No

    Do you love bacon more than your significant other?: N/a

    What is the true meaning of pie? A delicious a circle.

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    posted a message on G.U.T.S. Network | Sponsored | Staff | Plugin Devs | Config Experts

    In that case then, yes I will join the clan. It's all a matter of whether my application is accepted or not

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    posted a message on G.U.T.S. Network | Sponsored | Staff | Plugin Devs | Config Experts
    Name: Brendon[/b]

    IGN: 2a3[/b]

    Age: 18[/b]

    Position: Staff[/b]

    Why do you want to be a part of the server? [/b]
    I feel like I can be an asset to you as a staff member. I used to run my own servers, as well as admin on a few friend's servers. I can also double as a builder, as I'm also pretty decent at that.[/b]

    What else can you do for the server/clan?[/b]

    Kind of covered it above. I'm a fairly unbiased person, so I wont take people's sides as staff just because how I feel about them, and I can also double as a builder.

    Will you join the clan as well?[/b]

    [b]If I'm accepted as a staff member, I will look into joining as well.[/b]
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    posted a message on Losing motivation

    The only objection I have to that is I have not played Minecraft in a year lol. I just don't feel like creative anymore, I cant even make a survival world that I'm able to stay interested in. It really sucks but oh well.

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    posted a message on Losing motivation

    After playing this game for 4 years now, it's hard to stay motivated to build. I watch youtube, and just feel like I have to mimic their style rather than come up with my own, which kind of sucks because it drains all my creativity. Anyone else feel this, or is it just me?

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    posted a message on ♦Vanilla Survival♦ - Looking for Players!
    • What is your Minecraft IGN? 2a3
    • What is your Skype username? Pm me here if I'm accepted, and I will tell you. I prefer not to give it out.
    • What is your age? 18
    • How often do you play Minecraft? When I have the urges, and I feel creative. Usually everyday or every other day,
    • What do you like about Minecraft? I can express my architectural ideas, and build what I want. I love to build and create.
    • What do you want / look for in a server like this? I want a friendly community, thats active and actually stays active,
    • What actions do you take if you no longer want to be a part of our community? Contact you and tell you my decision to part ways.
    • Will you abide by the rules? Yes.
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    posted a message on [Vanilla] [Experienced] The Cloud SMP

    I'm interested in joining. Is it 100% survival no creative mode or anything used in the makings? If so I will apply now.

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    posted a message on β˜… MineVill Network β˜… Upcoming Massive Minigames Network β˜… Looking For β˜… Builders,Developers, and other Staff β˜… Sponsored β˜…

    1.) Real name? Brendon
    2.) Age? 18
    3.) *Do you have Teamspeak or Skype? I have both.
    4.) IGN? 2a3
    5.) *Do you know different styles of building? One style? I'm pretty adaptable but I like medieval the most.
    6.) *Are you a relatively fast builder? It depends on the style of building and how many people I'm building with. There is a few factors that go into this for me.
    7.) *How long have you been building? 2 years.
    8.) *What are some builds you've created in the past? (Post pictures and/or links!) http://imgur.com/a/aYORP This was a castle I unfortunately didn't get to finish building, but I feel like it's enough to describe my style.
    9.) *Describe your personality to us? I'm pretty quiet and prefer to work alone. I don't instigate or initiate much conversation unless needed. At that I will say I'm not unfriendly or close minded.

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    posted a message on 10 & 3/4 Year old Survival world

    This is awesome, really brings back memories from when I first started playing. Lots of nostalgia lol.

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    posted a message on 1.7 & 1.8 PVP [McWarcraft.com] (STARTING UP AGAIN)

    1)What position are you applying for? [/b]

    2) Why/how important is this to you?[/b]

    I like to run stuff, while being cool about it. It's pretty important because I like to settle issues, and help people.
    3) Past experience in this position or something similar to it?[/b]

    I used to run a server with a friend a while back. Usually only peaked out at about 30 people though.
    4) Age?[/b]

    6) IGN?[/b]

    7) Are you good at managing time? Explain.[/b]

    Yes. I am currently enrolled in college though. So of course I have to be good at managing time to be able to study, do homework, and play video games from time to time.
    8) How can I trust that you will be dedicated to growing this Server to the top?[/b]

    You have to speculate for now. I've been playing Minecraft going on 4 years now, I've gone through a lot of servers, and I've dealt with and been the one causing trouble. As bad as it sounds, I know a troll when I see one, I used to be a troll to say the least. I realize how annoying it is now and wish to help combat that so people can have their fun.
    9) Other notes?[/b]

    I have ways to contact me such as Skype or Steam. I prefer not to link them directly on here, but if I am accepted I can privately message them to you.[/b]

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