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    (( lol nice deduction Talist. I still can't believe that its only been a day in rp. I do remember Endergirl addressing the discrepancy of time a while back.

    Quote from Endergirl00»

    ((Just a reminder that the day and night cycle in this RP goes much faster than expected.))

    I like doing this stuff too. So, the rp started on May 4, so that's 4 months 6 days or 131 days. aprox, 24 hours divided by 131 is .1832. times 60 minutes is 10.992. so that nearly 11 minutes in rp for each day on our side. I just dont feel thats right. ))

    Aniu- with the Wisdom pack territory far behind them, they made their way through the mountains and up the valley. Even from this distance you could now see the scorched forest that marked the place of your childhood home. when they arrived Krade sighed "Fate always has a way of bringing me back here" There was signs of dens, all piles of charred wood now, slowly being reclaimed by nature. The black trees stood leafless and light filtered effortlessly through them as underground peat moss still burned, giving the world an ominus dead vibe, even the grass was rough yellow and dry to the point of being brittle. " This is where it all started" krade continued

    Regalant- Axel stood and hurryed out. Zeno curled into a lill ball and snuggled up to you, his baby blue eyes peered out from under his tail. Moments later Axle returned, he looked stressed out and worried "The Valor pack has attacked our borders. Savire is injured and one of the scouts we sent was found dead, killed by wolves"
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    posted a message on should have in minecraft 1.9

    Way vague, you need to describe each of these suggestions, like what they do, where do you get them exe.

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    I will rage quit minecraft if motor vehicles are ever added to vanilla.

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    this requires either high tech stuff or magic, and nether of those are a big thing in minecraft, no support, sorry man it just doesn't fit well with the vanilla minecraft feel.

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    theres no better way to make the minecraft world seem timeless than these big trees. this needed to happen a long long time ago.

    also, i think there should be super rare giant tree forests, just as rare as mushroom biomes and ice spike plains. Full support.

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    upon further scrolling... yea, it gets bad

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    so what if when hit by the ice aspect sword, there's a chance you totally freeze. And when frozen you cannot attack, but you cant be harmed by players striking you. This would give the player with an ice aspect sword a chance to ether run, get behind you and wait for you to thaw, or drop some tnt lol

    yea i think i like your idea better. but it does sound like fire aspect a lil too much, partial suport

    Also, Happykeystv, you got me watching mythbusters for something like 30 min before i remembered why i was here

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    So the nether is kinda bleak, besides from the lava, nothing there is actually scary. The only dangerous mob there is gasts if you arnt in a nether fortress. And that brings me to this;

    frikkin fiddlesticks man.

    Scarecrows man, scary 4$8 scarecrows.

    i think they would add just the right erryness the nether needs.

    Imagine adventuring through the nether when a carrion crow screeches and dives for you, you swing your sword at it as it attacks, missing before it flies away, you know its an omen for whats to come, best watch your back, it knows where you are.

    im thinking crows could spawn around the scarecrow, and alert it of your location if they fly back to it.

    This also works very well with the new arrows they plan to add in 1.9 as crow feathers to craft some of them would be a little more dangerous to acquire.

    when not actively hunting players the scarecrow could be totally stationary, maybe with a few witches around it, depending on difficulty settings.

    Edit; it has been mentioned that this should be a overworld mob. And i think witches summoning them would be the best way to do this, giving you more of a reason to hunt them down before they have a chance. This looks awesomely creepy

    Let me know what you think!

    Methods of preventing scarecrow attacks could be to ether kill any crow that attacks, or to where a pumpkin on your head as you travel to hide from crows and to sneak up on a sleeping scarecrow.

    Drops from the scarecrow could include but not limited to,

    Dark/evil pumpkins; ether decreases mob spawns near you, or makes agro range much smaller for mobs, and allows you to make a gollem thats aggressive towards players <map making feature

    Rags; can be made into a banner or shirt like armor that causes ether monster spawns to increase, agro range increase or causes monsters to target you over other players. for monster hunting or taking your anger out on digital zombies. can also be made into a potion with similar effects, imagine thowing one of these at a player in pvp or drinking one if your a tank in a raid group.

    I think its a great idea, but, thats just me. So tell me what you think/what you think could add to this!

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    Quote from Kazekai

    I didn't say it was the worst game ever, you're just being hyperbolic and I cannot stand people who have that kind of attitude about older games. I'd rather play OoT3D because it has improved graphics, sorry if I'm not following some holy and sacred decree about games being timeless enshrined in hardcore oldfag gamer politics or whatever.

    And by the way, the ugly sprites (that didn't look like the pokemon they were supposed to represent even though it was perfectly within the limits of the GBC for them to, by the way) wasn't the only reason I didn't like them; I also didn't like them because pokemon didn't have abilities and steel/dark types didn't exist yet, and I started with the newer system, please don't send your holy oldfag gamer god to smite me, O all-knowing masters of video-game tradition.

    If you think I'm being harsh, it's because I have to deal with this kind of crap on a daily basis everywhere I go and I'm tired of hearing people's butthurt retorts to any complaint about a video game based on the limited technology and I've just taken to speaking freely about it because telling someone they can't not like something because of graphics or lower-grade machinery is ********. I'd hazzard a guess these kind of flimsy replies are based solely on nostalgia and their childhood which people seem so keen on making sacred law.


    this is most likely why you catch crap from the people who learned to enjoy the olden games. the fact that they are remembered at all is not in any form related to the quality of the sprites or even if it was in color! in fact id far rather play mario over modernwarfair any day, and im not an "oldfag gamer" most of the games i play are a good amout of years older then i am. old games are remembered because of content and content alone, the graphics where simple, and anyone could have made a game and had it published so naturaly there are millions of diferent games, and the only ones that survived the ages are the ones that people had alot of fun playing. new games are sometimes waisted on graphics, become to complecated and whatever, you want to find a game that you will have fun playing? not a game that frustrates the crap out of you cuz some player is camping then pick up an old game and get over the pixle art and play.

    +the fact that you complain at all about old games not being pritty shows how shallow and childish your prefrence of games realy is. and trust me, nobody who knows anything about old games wants to hear it, especaly on a MINECRAFT forum.

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