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    idk if you still fiddle around with this but, i happened to come acrossed it and used it for the win10 ver.1.12. The reason for this is so i can play minecraft with my friends who are on console. i tried using this program for a texture pack called quadral and everything works but the ui. for whatever reason, when i don't have the "Require players to accept resource packs to join", everything works perfectly fine, but when i turn it on, the ui doesnt work. it could be because the win10 ver has awkward pacing in what is updated etc.


    Nvm i fixed it to some extent

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    the armors don't work on win10 minecraft, i noticed that i had to rename any armors with "layer" in its name out. There's another bug i can't fix where when the option "require players to accept resource pack to join" is on, all armors except the leather armor are replaced with the default textures. i dont understand why and there isn't a json while for armors.

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