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    Piggu! Is dat u?

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    The first tricky puzzle got me stumped. :3

    But I have to say that this game is truly awesome :D

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    Interesting... This could rival the likes of Wynncraft. As I see it now, this seems more story driven however.

    Very nice I like it!

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    What's up with you replying to your own thread? wierd lol.

    Anyways, nice map, good start for a mapmaker. Did a video on it:

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    posted a message on A message to all the "For X Youtuber" mapmakers, from someone with experience.

    Dang. Nice words of wisdom. It really motivates me to work harder on my map! (and I'm not being sarcastic)

    (however shouldn't this be in the map discussion area?)

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    posted a message on RAINBOW DASHER by LAZER_WAVE 250+ downloads!! played by-daguy 67

    A few tips and suggestions for your map:

    - Fix your grammar on signs (It's good to look professional).

    - Hide your redstone (unless it was on purpose). There were so many areas where I could see command blocks in plain sight. You can put redstone behind the block a button is on. You can also put a command block under the block a pressure plate is on.

    - If possible, hide any generated structures. This might be a bit picky, but I feel it looks better if you don't see floating villages everywhere. You can just turn off generated structures when creating the map.

    - I also suggest putting an automatic death system. Adding a testfor a player at a height lower than level y and then killing/teleporting them would be good.

    - I also suggest locking the difficulty, just go into the settings, pick the difficulty you want, and then lock it, so that players won't cheat by putting the map on peaceful.

    - My last point would be to change the player into adventure mode. Not required but I like it to prevent players from breaking blocks.

    Not saying it should be perfect or that you should follow this. I am just saying try and do your best to keep errors at a minimal and that applying one of these tips could make player experience better.

    In the end, I like the map! Lots of good concepts, they just need to be polished on.

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    posted a message on MAZECRAFT - An infintely randomly generated maze, in which you try to survive! [15w43b+]

    Played it. Died to a lvl 5 creeper after getting my 2nd diamond lol.

    Anyway, I know its in Alpha, but its a great concept (even though its been done before :P)! Anyway, I suggest adding some variety to the map, so its not just stonebrick, and I will be content. Also make stone more common if possible, found lots of exotic ores but Stone wasn't something I could find easily.

    Anyways, good luck! :D I hope to be seeing more of this in the future.

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    posted a message on [CONCEPT] The Worlds Biggest Skyblock

    I'm In!

    IGN: 27thColt

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    posted a message on CO-OP COMPLEX I & II (Two Player Co-Op Puzzle / Adventure) Two classic maps updated and combined!

    Ahh, I remember the old days of puzzle maps. Especially Co-Op maps.

    Too bad I don't have anybody to play this with.

    I can't download it, but you have my support :D

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    posted a message on [Speed Parkour] Chase The Robber

    Bro, you gotta appeal to the audience. Nice pics of the map that show a good part of the map + Nice forum page = more clicks for that download

    It's like buying a game without knowing how the game plays or even the cover title looks.

    Bro, you gotta appeal to the audience. Nice pics of the map that show a good part of the map + Nice forum page = more clicks for that download

    It's like buying a game without knowing how the game plays or even the cover title looks.

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    posted a message on [1.8.9] THE TELEPORTER [2500+ Downloads!] (Puzzle/Adventure Map)

    Holy crap this map is awesome!

    I am serious! This map is awesome!

    27thColt's 'The Teleporter' Map Review

    The concept of the map is that there is a teleporter that teleports you to different areas and solving puzzles. There are two slots for two red/blue/yellow blocks to go in, and each combination will teleport you to a different area. Each area has different puzzle for you to solve so there is no area which can just be ignored. Combine this with the fact that each area is connected in some other way and it just creates a sense of importance to everything you see. So this map really just needs you to be good with observations.

    For example, when you first boot the map, you are given a red and blue block. Putting them in the combination red-blue sends you to a tree map with a puzzle and a sand/red sand combination lock. Solving the puzzle gives you another blue block. When you see the sand/red sand combination lock, you don't know what do with it just yet, and you leave without touching it. Using the blue block you teleport to this pyramid area with blue-blue using the new blue block were given. Going up the stairs, you see 5 sand/red sand blocks that are in the same pattern as the lock in the tree area and some stained clay on the sides. Later on in the map you find out that these first two maps are still relevant and important in order to complete the map.

    A design like this makes it so that no map is more important than the other because they are all equally needed. Another addition to the map which I really loved was the ability to jot down notes. This helps you to organize your thoughts for those who really needed it. I personally used it and wrote everything I saw important in it, but I didn't feel I needed it that much. The only time I checked back was to check the code to access the certain area I needed to get to.

    I notebook would actually be better if there were more areas going on at once. This way, things would get really complicated and you would need to write down notes. (Maybe perhaps in a sequel you could go and make everything harder and add a lime block to VKT system.)

    The bottom line is...

    The fact that every detail is important really makes this map great and features some great level design. Each map makes it so that everything can be done with little to no hints.

    I give it a 10/10.

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    If you want to have an acceptable thread for your map, you need to put all your information on the thread itself. What you're doing right now is just advertising your youtube channel.

    There is a proper way to do things, please learn it.

    I am not trying to hate, just trying to give help.

    If you don't know already, forum posts all throughout the internet use different formatting codes to help your post look prettier. When editing a post, you can see a bar with different tools. You can change the font and size. You cant also change the color.

    You can also change the orientation of the text.

    1. You can make lists
    2. Its very simple.
    3. And easy

    You can also make the text bolded, italicized, underlined, and strikethrough'd .

    By clicking the button with a picture of a mountain and Sun, you can insert an image.

    Upon clicking, you will see a screen like this:

    You need to put a direct link to the image in the 'Source' parameter. Make sure the image has been uploaded to an image sharing site.

    imgur.com/ is a good site for this. You can upload .png, .jpg, .gif, and .tiff files (I think there are some other file types it supports).

    When done uploading the picture, get the direct link of the image.

    The direct link of the image used above is http://i.imgur.com/FeT6v69.png

    You might have also noticed that I have added clickable links in my post. Just do this by clicking the chain button and input your link in the 'Url' parameter.

    A good post for map includes

    • Pictures of your map
    • Any information, rules, bugs, requirements needed
    • A link to a download of the map.

    You can upload a .zip or .rar file (these are just compressed files) to sites like https://www.mediafire.com/ or https://www.dropbox.com/home

    If you don't know how get a .zip or .rar file of the map you want people to play on, I suggest you look at any other tutorials and guides to help you out, they're pretty common.

    I hope this helped!

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    posted a message on EXODUS SEASON 2: AN INTERRUPTION IN SPACE [Voice-Acted] [Map version updated to V1.1.6!]

    I thought you forgot about Exodus xD Finally!

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    posted a message on There Is Only 1 Level [Played by Logdotzip!]

    finally someone ported this game to minecraft!

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    posted a message on Modded Minecraft: Galactic Survival! Let's Play

    Episode 6 is now up!

    This is the longest episode yet, (running at an hour long) so make sure you have a lot

    of time to waste on this guy! :D

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