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    posted a message on 1.4.2 superflat world type bug
    I have made multiple superflat worlds. When I build anything, and quit when I come back only some of it is there or nothing at all. It's completely random what is kept and what isn't kept from what I can tell. What is removed is replaced with whatever the flatworld is made of on the same height as usual. It also only happens on flatworlds for some reason. Can someone help please?
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    posted a message on Super Flat World Challenge.
    Quote from Sniper888

    Hello guys! I came up with a pretty nice idea that I think is good though. You create a Super-Flat world and you make it a Survival world! You are allowed of course to generate villages in order to survive. In some village houses you can find some iron tools sometimes diamond. Saplings you will also find in those chests. Wood and stone you can get from the NPC houses. Play atleast on easy and see how long you can survive. Also you can not dig down cause its bedrock there.

    Why not try it yourself?

    Feel free to comment.


    or you can do it hardcore.
    EDIT: Also you didn't come up with it :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on PerformancePVP Need Mods & Builders
    Quote from premedit8ed

    ip: performancepvp.zapto.org
    enchanted item of choice
    nice server
    friendly helpfull staff
    looking for Moderators

    Add more info. What kind of server is it? What kinds of buildings where there be?
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    posted a message on Dan plays Minecraft Ep. 7
    Dude, you can edit posts. Keep it all on one topic.
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Victim 11
    Quote from MrSpalw

    Um........fun to read, but... u have a lot of time on your hands :Diamond:

    lol I do, don't I :3
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Victim 11
    Hello there. My name is Steve. This is my journal. I live in a village with many other people. We all look up to 3 people here. Notch is the leader of us all. He decides anything important and will guide us through any danger. The one who educates us on this world is named Jeb. He also explores our world. The one who has taught us to hunt and fight is named Herobrine. Together they keep us a village.

    5/3 1594: 12:14 We generally must wake up and get right to work. Lately there have been rumours of a danger that Jeb hasn't told us about...
    15:26 My work is done. I am free to do what I want now. I usually am the one who mines. I decided to secretly take a few diamonds for myself. I thought of bending diamonds into a sword somehow. I want to make a strong sword for Herobrine.

    5/7 1594: 14:12 Jeb has news of a new monster being discovered. He named it "Enderman". It can tear down forests and destroy houses in seconds. He warned us never to look at them. I, and many others wonder why...

    5/12 1594: 11:54 This is a horrible time. There have been 4 deaths because of Endermen. We all know why not to look now. I am scared...However Herobrine says he will go tonight and destroy them. I hope he returns safely...

    5/19 1594: 9:03 It has been a whole week and no sign of Herobrine. There have been 3 more deaths. The corpses appear to become Endermen. I hope that Herobrine is alive. If he is not the remainder of us may die. To be exact, me, Jeb, and Notch. This threat is so large...

    5/21 1594: 12:35 Terrible news. Herobrine's corpse was discovered. I must finish my diamond sword...
    14:52 Notch just left...
    17:29 Jeb left to look for him.

    6/4 12:04 It has been too long. I will assume 10 deaths. I am the last one. I am terrified. On a good note I discovered a cure to what I call the "Ender-virus". I just need a mushroom...

    6/12 1594 The Endermen are on to me! I would put a time but I'm in a hurry!

    6/13 I am in a cave now. I saw something in the dark so I lit a fire. I am sure it was an enderman. It is gone now. I wonder what will hap~

    6/14 1594 It found me...I couldn't finish writing. I am turning in to one of them...
    I need the mushroom or I will die.
    This may be the last page...

    6/15 There is someone. I look frightening now though...
    It's Jeb! I shall tell him everything.

    To be continued :3
    What do you think so far?
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    posted a message on Make fog part of the weather
    Quote from G

    So, I'm borrowing my mom's shitty pc because my enormous, $1.5k laptop seems to have disappeared, and I reduced the settings because as I said, the computer sucks. But, with the reduced render distance, watching the sunrise through the mist in a swamp looks really nice. Perhaps fog could be integrated into the weather?

    Now obviously, fog distance wouldn't be increased beyond the specified render distance, only decreased on occasion. Perhaps it could decrease during/after rainstorms, or sometimes just on its own, and the intensity could vary depending on the humidity. Every coordinate has a humidity variable, we may as well make use of it.

    Interesting but it may be annoying when hunting.
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    posted a message on [24/7] cloudcraft <Survival> Factions -Anti-Grief- *No Mobs*
    IGN:AKittyBox(jeeshwa123's brother, and i plan on joining bloodcraft)
    Experience(How long have you played minecraft, and what was your best build):Since Alpha(not sure what version but befroe the Halloween update) and my best build? I don't really try to build epic creations often, but I guess my house in survival with one room. It's all I've finished really.
    Builder, Miner, Trader, Mayor, Hunter, or Electrician(redstone)?: Miner
    I will not grief: I will not grief in any way!
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    posted a message on Notch Steps Down, Jeb Takes Lead Developer Position for Minecraft
    At least he handed it over to someone who will know what he is doing. Well. Time to build a temple worshiping jens :3
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    posted a message on I beat Minecraft
    Guess what...the ender dragon is not the final boss. It's a fake ending. You have a single second to type the end is far when it shows the minecraft logo. Then you are in the end again. Alone. Without a portal. And herobrine appears and takes you to the nether. It is an empty version though. There is a nether fortress. If you go in it you find a portal. If you go through you have to fight notch and he throws creepers at you, has enchanted diamond armor, and has an enchanted diamond sword. The game will fake a crash when you beat him. If you wait a bit, it will say the end and close. If you do it in hardcore mode you will see herobrine. He will disappear and a voice will say "I'm always watching you. Please. Stop. Stop trying to (scrambled text)
    then it goes back to the title screen. The world is gone.
    EDIT: Oh yeah, my progress legitimately is at the cursed land. Can anyone help me beat the cursed creeper of doom?
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    posted a message on The Core
    lol herobrine as the last boss? y u no notch???
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    posted a message on [WIP]More Minecraft!
    Quote from stormedwolf

    I can also test the mod if need be. i would really like to help with the coding, but i could just serve as someone who double checks it and adds some extra features if they need to be there.

    You're in :tongue.gif:
    I PM'D you BTW
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Minecraft Plus Plus mod [0.3] [WIP]
    There is a mod called Minecraft++
    Either this is a crazy coincidence or you are copying the name of a mod in a way that wont get you in trouble.
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    posted a message on Oh moments
    Once i was getting wood. I chopped down a tree and heard "Sssssss". Right in front of me was a creeper. I was on easy so I was fine with that knowing i would survive. I was launched to my left. I had 3.5 hearts left. Right in front was another creeper. I died.
    Another time I was also on easy and a creeper "sssssss"'d and Right before it blows up another creeper ran in front and they both blew up and I died. I was at full health.
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    posted a message on Yet another Enderman post
    Quote from walrusminer

    im new were can i get mods

    That is unrelated...
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