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    I have not quit yet again I just havnt had any spare time, if anyone cares ;d

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    Minecraft username ImChicago
    How long you’ve been playing minecraft 6 years joined mcl about 3 years ago ;o
    Your age (we have no age limit, but most players are over 18) 16 bday tmr so 17 ;d?
    Something about you or why you want to join I am getting back into mc and i went right to mcl because I knew I once had fun there and I hope to do it agian.
    Name something you've always wanted to build in MC but never have been able to Build a mansion with a IG farm that looks cool (underground and above)

    and has this server reset since i was last on? Like 6-7 months ago?

    idk if im still whitelisted I am not at my pc rn

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    Minecraft IGN: ImChicago[/b]
    Age: 16[/b]
    Why do you want to join this server?: Im looking for a new SMP server to play on this late summer - school, Im looking for a cool community that wont die off soon :D[/b]
    Have you read & agree on the Rules?: will this help with the answer? ICANREAD123456 if not, yes :D[/b]

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    IGN: ImChicago
    Age: 16
    Timezone: Central
    Anything about yourself? (Optional) I like to play MC, I love to learn redstone, and I know how to be successful in a smp server and work with the community and overall be a good sportsman :D
    Why do you want to join? I like SMP servers because I prefer this over hub servers with mini games, I find these servers more fun, and addicting. Im looking to join a new long perm SMP server!
    Any abilities? Redstone, and building.

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    Minecraft Username: ImChicago

    Your Name: Ryan

    Age: 16

    Time Zone: Central USA

    Favorite Activity IRL: Basketball

    Favorite Minecraft Activity: Mining and redstone

    Microphone?: Yeh, can only skype sometimes tho.

    How Active Are You?: Everyday

    Skype?: chicagobear2323

    Favorite Minecraft Mob: cow
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    1.) Nickname (what you want to be called): Chicago

    2.)*Minecraft IGN: ImChicago

    3.)*Skype: chicagobear2323

    4.)*Age: 16

    5.) Country (or time zone): USA

    6.) How long have you been playing minecraft? Since 2009

    7.) On a scale from 1-10, what is your minecraft knowledge? 10

    8.) What do you want us to know about you? Im very loyal, If I Im currently trying to code, I want to start young, but that has nothing to do with this server! :P I enjoy redstone, and building a nice base.

    9.) Is there a particular field in minecraft that you feel are good at? Redstone and PvP, but this is a SMP so I wont use my skill here!
    10.) What is are your basic computer specs? lol, I bought this just for MC sooo yeh, I wanted to build one like a week ago, but I realized that I dont play PC games, so I didnt, but here they are... AMD A10 processor 8GB 32 bit and 1 TB With windows 8.1 Pro

    11.) How much do you on average play? Im on all day, I play MC when I want, usually 5 hours or so a day, but I can hop on basically when ever.

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    posted a message on closed

    In-Game name: ImChicago
    Age: 16
    How did you hear about the server: MCForums
    What got you interested in the server: The events and the "plus part"
    Questions or comments about the server: None as of now
    Solo/Group: Solo
    PvP/Non-PvP: Non-PvP
    Leader/Follower: Leader
    Giver/Taker: If someone gives me something I will take it, but I wont give out "OP" items without a price.

    About me: Ive been playing MC since the year it came out, I am definitely not a noob, and I know how to succeed in the game. I love to automate stuff with redstone. If I ever break a rule I will be willing to be unwhitelisted becuase it was my fault, and I understand everything fully. If I get accepted you will not be disappointed in me, because I go till I cant do better


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    posted a message on [UPDATED] CraftSaga - New Modded SMP - Like H2M - McMMO - Custom Enchants - Quests - Dungeons - and More - Apply now
    What is your name? Ryan ; IGN ImChicago

    What is your age? I am 16

    What gender are you? Male

    Why do you wanna play? Well, I love watching H2M and I like the way the server sounds, and looks. I like the feel of having to earn your way to commands.

    Are you a youtuber? No, I dont find it fun. I can be in others clips for their EP tho

    Will you play often? Yeah, I can play everyday for a couple hours.

    What is your IGN? Skype? YT? IGN- ImChicago Skype - chicagobear2323 YT- I dont upload so I wont link you.

    What is your timezone? Central

    And one more thing Id like to add

    I know Vaquxine, the H2M dev, he was a system admin for a server I was helper on, and he was in our staff chat, so I got to know him, I know Rohan, he made the plugin that when you right click your helm when you are wearing one, it replaces it, and more, but thats basically saying I know how to play minecraft better than some, I know how the server will work if its like H2M

    Hope you accept me!
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    Quote from GrimTheReaper»

    You are accepted! Also, our dynmap is embedded in our website right now, just go to http://www.hyperbot.enjin.com/dynmap and you'll see it there!

    http://prntscr.com/7k4asb thats not a dynmap, lol its ok if u dont have one

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    In-Game Name: ImChicago

    Your Age: 16

    Why do you want to join our server?: Well I used to be on a SMP but I got banned on it for leaving it for another one, and that one we left for died down and is no longer up, so im basically looking for a new home to start the SMP fun back on.

    What type of servers have you played on before?: a lot of SMP, some hub servers with prison factions minigames, etc, all the big 5k+ servers basically

    What can you bring to our community?: Id bring something that would make an impact to the server, if thats helping out at spawn, building a shop at spawn, or just helping myself at my own base.

    What are your interests?: on my PC I play MC, browse the web, some steam games, on my PS3 I play NBA 2k15 GTA V madden, and even some COD BO2 and MW3, outside of gaming I play basketball.

    Do you understand and agree to our Rules & Conditions?: Yeah!

    Question- in the title it says DynMap, but I dont see a link for it on forums and on here? Could I have a link?

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    Quote from BTrainz»

    Where have you been these years? shoot, I don't think I seen you since Erik was running MCL..

    sounds like me

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    posted a message on → TheCraftSMP ← 1.8 Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server [YouTubers] [Players] JOIN!
    What's your IGN? ImChicago[/b]

    How active can you be? I can be on everyday for a couple of hours[/b]

    Do you have a YouTube channel you will record on? No, I dont find YouTube fun[/b]

    Have can we trust you won't greif? Im very loyal, ive been on many SMP servers, and ive left due to no one being on.[/b]

    Age? 16[/b]

    Do you know how to play Survival? Yeah. I used to play a SMP server, till I had the best stuff, and it fell (the server)[/b]

    Are you mature? Yeah, Im funny sometimes, and I can be very mature at some points[/b]

    Did you read the rules? Yeah, pretty normal, I respect all them[/b]
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    posted a message on OrionSMP [1.8] [Vanilla SMP] [24/7 No Lag] [Looking For Mature Members] [1 Year Online]
    Youtube channel (if you have one) and if you plan to record: Dont find it fun, so I will not record.

    Minecraft username: ImChicago

    Your age: 16

    How often do you get on Minecraft?: Everyday now, for 3 hours or so

    Why do you want to join this server?: Well I was apart of this server but I just didnt have time to get on, but now I do, so im asking to join back!

    Tell me a little bit about yourself: Im 16, I like to play basketball outside of gaming, when im not on minecraft im ususally playing gta v ;d

    What is your favorite thing to do in an SMP community?: mine and work on redstone projects

    What is your least favorite thing about SMP communities?: build, but im good at it.

    Have you read the rules and do you agree to them?: Yes Ive read them, and I agree.

    Do you have TeamSpeak and are you willing to use it?: I do, and I might hop on every now and then

    What is your Skype?: chicagobear2323

    Were you referred by an existing Orion player?: well, I was on this server like a month ago, so me i guess ;P

    Do you have any questions for me about the community or the server?: Not atm.

    What would you do for a Klondike Bar?: pay for it

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    posted a message on Project FC SMP-RPG [Custom Skills & Items!] [Over 4.5 Years!] [Whitelisted] [1.11.2] [No Plugins]

    1. In-game name: ImChicago

    2. What are you good at?: Redstone and Building

    3. Are you looking at Flamecraft in the long term?: Yes, Im looking to
    have a lot of automatic stuff, because Im lazy, but than again, I build

    4. Why do you want to join Flamecraft? (This is just feedback but would
    be appreciated to be answered) : I want to join FlameCraft because the
    past SMP server I was on mobs dont spawn at normal rates, and I dont
    enjoy it as much, and I lag on it alot, so Im looking for a new server!

    5. What team do you want to be on? (Blue, Red, Purple, Green) : Looking at the Pictures, Blue.

    6. Do you agree to abide by the rules shown above and acknowledge that they are subject to change?: Yes

    7. Give me a little about yourself to help me get to know you :).:
    Welp, Im 15. I play basketball, but the season is over, and im our
    league we got to the Championship, but lost ;c but Ive played Minecraft
    for 4 years now Im experienced at the game, and play it for the fun!

    8. How often are you willing to play? Activity is a key feature in Flamecraft: Everyday, 3-4 hours

    9. Provide pictures/videos of builds here (optional, but exponentially
    increases your chances).: Well I like Redstone, soooo builds on the past
    SMP server ( I was apart of it for a month)




    Those were just my redstone builds :P

    10. Skype name: chicagobear23

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