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    posted a message on An Intelligent Discussion on the Terrain Generation.
    what most people want;
    remove the mountain biome and add mountains to every biome except grassland and desert (for villages to spawn). bring back the transition biomes like beaches, savanna, etc. this way we wont have ugly formations like an ice waste right next to a desert. make it snow in other places like on top of mountain and in forests and we'll have a great terrain generator.
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    Quote from Lord Nanfoodle

    We already have gunpowder. TNT is a 19th century invention. You basically use primitive electricity every time you use redstone dust. A minecart with a furnace is basically a wannabe steam locomotive engine. To say we don't already have a foot in the Victorian Era is a bit silly. However, while I likes my medieval aspects, I also like my more modern swag too. I erect modern skyscrapers next to castles, and build crystal halls under the sea, so to each their own. However, I like dragons and cannons together. I want to bust a cap in a zombie's ass, or in this case, a musket ball. If this was a purely medieval game, I'd be sad. However, I do not believe we should go ultra-modern, either. I believe 1890 is the cut-off date for ideas we should draw from to add to Minecraft.

    What I am saying is, can't we go BOTH ways at the SAME TIME? Can't we have swords and sorcery live alongside trains and muskets? Why not have cannons on steamboats that fire potions at fellow players? Enchant a sword with Looting, then take it to your Lab Table (a so-so idea for where you make non-magical equipment alterations, like TNT arrows and specialized musket/cannon ammo, like grapeshot [a couple of regular rounds ground into 5 wads of grape] or quicklime shot [made with Netherrack and Soul Sand], and repair things as well) and mod it further with tech, in this case, redstone dust, and make that klepto sword an electrified klepto sword powered on redstone torches.

    Fantasy and sci-fi can get along.

    you make a very good point, not only can fantasy and sci-fi get along; they do get along. take star wars, it's set in the future (sort of), but uses magic. or warhammer, it uses modern and alien tech, but uses an ancient feel (super-soldiers in roman armour, ancient egyption alien robots, etc).
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    posted a message on Minecraft needs to start getting industrial! Not going back to Medieval
    Quote from Dracius

    The furthest I want Minecraft to go is steam boats and trains.
    There shouldn't be muskets, MAYBE crossbows though.

    Leave all the high-tech stuff to be added to redstone.

    steam boats and trains are far more advanced than muskets.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Quote from ChaosGuardian

    I guess I should share my personal wants. This does not really go with the thread as it is an open ended idea/complaint. I respect you if you don't agree with me and I respect your opinions, but just realize even though they wiped off the Beta sign they will still update as long as MC is popular. With 17M accounts and 4M premium accounts (and some pirated premium accounts), they won't stop updating for a while.

    • Delete mountain biomes. Mountains/extreme formations should be existent in almost every biome and they shouldn't be common but not too rare.
    • Make abandoned mines less common
    • Rivers should separate biomes in some cases; I don't really have a complaint for them.
    • Better biome-to-biome transitions
    • Big biomes STAY
    • Oceans STAY
    • More trees in places other than forests (except for plains and deserts, of course).
    • More lakes/ponds
    • More hills and other semi high-rise terrain
    • Smaller caverns. I'm not sure about you guys but caves seem endless now.
    • Better swamps
    • Snow and sand affiliated biomes more common depending on the seed
    • BEACHES (sand and gravel)
    • Less similar seeds (basically the point of the thread)
    • Cocoa plants (they will add this eventually)

    this is exactly what i'm talking about, this would make mc the most epic gameworld ever.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    while i don't agree with everything you said, you do raise some valid points, biomes should be more mountainous and varied, with transition biomes and those epic landforms. grasslands and deserts though, should stay pretty much the same (so villages can generate) and we should keep large oceans (but maybe update them). overall, if you combine the 2 world generators then you'd have something truly epic.
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    Quote from iBlameCoco

    Sounds good but it would be cool if you could possibly make the stories a bit longer or something more to them. :]

    much like minecraft, i wanted these stories to be fairly open-ended, i've read stuff like this before and often skip through it as it's to long.
    Quote from Lanzer301

    Good story!

    A couple of small writing tips, though:

    try to use different adjectives: "the strangest thing was a strange infection" is a repetitive. using a different adjective for "strange" in one of those places would liven it up a bit.

    Also, look into where to put commas, and remember to use apostrophes for possession ("the dragons home" is different than "the dragon's home")

    Considering the audience, the latter is less important.. but the adjective thing will remove the only real catch i found in your writing.

    Overall, good work! I look forward to the continuation.

    thanks for the tips, i don't write that often. i'm one of those people who has great ideas but often struggles to put them to words. i'm always open to criticism like this, so thanks again (updating now).
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    posted a message on minecraft npcs and villages
    the buildings with lava are blacksmiths, bookshelves=library, courtyard=tavern, tower=church. as for the monks, if you saw some really ugly guy in the street would ask why god or science made him that way and ask that his skin be changed?
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    Quote from J1NM1N

    This is a an awesome story man! I loved it. I hope more come soon!

    done one for nether fortresses.
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    If you read my stronghold story, you'll know what to expect.

    In ancient times, around the same time as the EnderMan Society (see my story of strongholds), was a primitive race known as the Homo Porcine or Pigmen. They lived in smallish tribes, often just below deserts. Most of their technology was stolen from other races, but they did have one truly astonishing invention, the blaze rod. This simple piece of brass could used to control heat and fire, and was used by many pyromancers of their kind, as a weapon t support their swordsmen.

    Other races regarded the pigmen as witches or Heathens as rumours told that the rod was given to them by demons of the Nether. The other races were wrong in part, the blaze rod was their own invention and they didn't worship the nether demons, but they longed to see this hellish place, as it supposedly contained great minerals. Being natural miners, they dug lower every year, and eventually found obsidian and used it to decorate the houses of the rich. One day, one such house caught fire and its obsidian door was transformed into a purple, hellish vortex.

    The owner, the head of his town, jumped at this opportunity, the gates of hell were open to him! Much like the Enderman Society, a team was sent in (only it was larger and the group had to pay... a lot). Unlike the Society, the team was successful, bringing home many mysterious elements. Now this town was the richest of any pig tribe, the head took his underlings to the nether and had a large castle built leading up to the ceiling, under the lava sea and across for miles.

    Slowly other tribes tried to live in the new kingdom, but were killed or imprisoned. This lead to the kingdom creating guardians, by using Blaze rods and capturing demons, they were able to create powerful, flying, flame throwing robots who could never die as the Society's spawners were stolen. The guards could defend the castle from all who might ruin the kingdom, be they pigmen, ghast or demon. Along with guards, the portal was also destroyed as to stop intruders. Though, these guards were powerful, they could not stop other tribes from building their own portals, now that they knew how. Other tribes built their own castles in other parts of the nether.

    All the tribes were happy now (though very few remained in the overworld), but they eventually they were struck by a disease that rotted their bodies and turned them to living corpses. This didn't affect their mind at first, but gradually their brains were affected, they were still sentient, but the kingdoms crumbled, the castles were abandoned and the pigmen were reduced to roaming nomads. Now the only inhabitants of hell who remember the once great kingdoms are the guards (colloquially known as blazes) who still do their duty, but the location of the first castle is now lost completely.

    Please only helpful criticism, some of this ties in to strongholds.
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    pretty impressive. i thought you were just some idiot who wanted minecraft on wii (which is impossible). but this is pretty amazing.
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    Quote from Neblime

    if they "succesfully banished" the endermen, why are they present in the overworld to this day?

    good point, ill edit that. my idea was that only full endermen were banished.
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    this is the first in a series of origins, i'll be coming up with theories for;
    -strongholds (now)
    -nether fortresses
    -abandoned mines
    -mushroom islands

    In ancient days, long before, steve, testificate, and even zombie pigmen, lived a people who's name now lies in mystery. They were far more intelligent than other races, building huge libraries, and invented technology that would dazzle most; things like the spawner, enchantments, redstone tech and many of the most useful potions. they also built great cities that could span a whole biome and could reach up to the sky and down to the void.Among their science, they also had a great religious belief, that a great dragon was awaiting them somewhere in space.

    One day, a group of scientists started a company they called the EnderMan Society, who proclaimed they would find the dragon. They did this by trading with other races, capturing gems that fell from the sky and even mining into the void, until eventually they created a device that would track down the dragons home and allow them safe travel.

    When it was complete, the institute sent 3 people through, a knight, a priest and a scientist. after entering they found a barren landscape made of strange green stone, and large black pillars topped with flaming crystals. in the distance they saw a great black creature...

    Days later, the priest returned telling of his companions deaths at the hands of the dragon. He was scarred and bruised, but the strangest thing was an obscure grey infection on his bald head. He was sent to the hospital where he slowly went insane, soon no-one dared visit him. after weeks though, a nurse was sent to see him, and was confronted by a tall, black, ghostly humanoid, which swiftly mauled her to death and escaped through the open door.

    The entire hospital swiftly fell to this creature, and those that escaped were soon transformed likewise, before infecting whole cities. For all the civilisation's power, it couldn't halt these mutant demons. Now the EnderMan Institute had a new goal, to stop these ghouls.

    The Institute was almost successful in banishing these creatures to the dragon's territory, but the disease still lingered in some infected but so far unchanged. 3 Arks were created to save the uninfected, buried deep underground and the portals were locked away with a silverfish spawner to guard. People were hidden in another part of these buildings, along with storerooms for rations and libraries to preserve the people's knowledge.

    This method saved and doomed the people, the ghouls couldn't get in, but the rations quickly ran out, people became restless and ultimately the spawners failed, and the bugs overran the buildings. No-one was spared.

    Just to clarify; the 'device' was an end portal, the 'ghouls' were the endermen (mob), the 'arks' were strongholds and the gems were enderpearls. Only post helpful criticism, no this sucks or anything like that.
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    posted a message on My Theory on The History of Minecraftia
    very different to my idea, but it's still pretty good.
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    that would work pretty well.
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    for some they're easy, others they're hard. i happen to find one on every world i play on.
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