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    posted a message on Minecraft Simpsons Springfield
    adventure map idea.
    rebuild The Simpson's Game.
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    posted a message on Pillar of Autumn (Halo: CE)
    Next, make flood controlled high charity
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    posted a message on This Week's "Snapshot" Released
    if you install one snapshot do you also get all the previous ones?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Campaign
    why did you put mob and monster as 2 separate sections? they mean the same thing. also having different types of golems is really repetitive , have lots of types of bosses. also people are right, new players will just finish the campaign and think they've done everything and stop playing. why do i keep seeing bad suggestions today.
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    posted a message on More Boss Fights?
    other ideas
    mineshaft-some kind of giant spider
    mushroom island-a giant infectious plant (or some kind of infected sea monster nearby)
    nether fortress-demon
    just a few ideas.
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    posted a message on Breedable Enemies
    Quote from Arkisys

    One of the worst idea's ever there spawners for this why would some one waist supplies on this. Congrats you have made it on the list of worst ideas ever.

    second worst idea. i just read a suggestion to nerf block breaking...alot.
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    posted a message on Harder/Realistic Mining
    Congratulations my happy pie, you've just completely destroyed the whole point of minecraft.
    No offence, but this is quite possibly the absolute worst suggestion i've ever seen. punching trees and using a wood pick on rock are the things people like about minecraft.
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    posted a message on Mooshrooms should act like real Zombie-Ants
    i like the idea, i also think there should be zombie humans on the islands. like the regular mob, but more dangerous and some different quality.
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    posted a message on Cubeaism - A Minecraft Religion
    Quote from ArchebuS

    There are foods for Roki?
    "Food is for little girls: You may now only eat the minimal amount of food to keep yourself alive. You may only eat when your hunger bar is about to hit 0."

    Official lore no. The lore in your heard -> I can't really control that.
    The whole point of the thread is to add some fun game-play. If its official to you, its official to you. But I cannot include every single path in the core lore. It's not possible to accommodate so many paths.

    Good point, some might cancel out others. there should also be some other minor gods, demigods and demons, representing minor things (example; testificate, god of villages).
    Also, did you think about the names or were they just a random series of letters? they don't really sound like they're from the same religion. For example; Roki sounds Norse, Shen sounds Buddhist, Terrae and Glueco sounds Roman, Net sounds Egyptian, Moouka sounds Hawaiian, Nixos sounds Greek I'm not really sure about the others. I'm not complaining or anything, i'm just curious.
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    posted a message on Cubeaism - A Minecraft Religion
    Quote from ArchebuS

    I have only included the canon gods on the main pages.
    Fan created gods are not considered part of the main lore.
    Too hard to keep track of it due to the popularity of people creating there own paths.

    can you say in the thread that any god on this thread counts as part of the lore? that way people wont ever feel left out (but it has to be on this thread). Now for my god idea...


    Lore; Nagrahaale is the god of pestilence, famine, madness and decay. He is thought to be a mutilated and somewhat maddened descendent of Terrae, originally a creature of life and plenty. In ancient days he was cursed for accidentally giving lava a semi-sentience, and was banished by the major over-world gods to a confined island in the eternal ocean, where he slowly turned insane. His insanity slowly corrupted the island, turning the once green grass to grey sludge and rotting away the trees, replacing the life with infectious spores and catatonic, infected mutants.
    Some say he's also responsible for the undead, as opposed to Net. The one thing that is known is that he is that little voice that tells people to kill and the creator of the waterborne mycel infection. He has few priests, as many fear him, but those who do follow him become, maddened, mutated living corpses who despise good health.

    Materials; Dirt, mycel, mushrooms.
    Colours; Pink, red, brown, dull green.
    Biomes; Mushroom island.
    Food; Mushrooms, anything that can poison.
    Weapons; Any.
    Armour; Any.
    Shrine; a 3x3 square of mushroom stalks with a giant brown mushroom in the centre and torches on the surrounding stalk blocks.

    Level 1; Initiate.
    To the dying of the over-world!-Find a mushroom island and build a shrine at the highest peak.
    Embracing disease.-Destroy any farm you may have created (except wheat, you'll need it), live only on the mooshrooms milk and rotten flesh/raw food. Have only one tree on the island, hide it from view and only use it when you really need it.

    Level 2; Mutant.
    Breeding monsters-Breed all the mooshrooms, try and cover the island.
    Thriving in unlife-destroy you house on the island (if you have one), keep the useful blocks (workbench, furnace, bed, etc).

    Level 3; Monster.
    The world is dying-Create a dirt bridge to the main land (and islands), try and cover the world in mycelium (atleast everything shown on a map).
    Sigils of decay-create more shrines on the newly infected land.

    Level 4; Liche.
    Conversion-Kill all mobs except mooshroom, and live exclusively on their flesh. Death to all who don't embrace Nagrahaale's gift.
    Testament to pestilence-Rid the infected land of generated structures (trees, villages, dungeons, strongholds, etc) and create chapels from giant mushrooms.

    Level 5; Reaper.
    You've cleansed the world of life, now build a gigantic temple at spawn, make a pit of lava inside and watch your own life slip away. The world is finally is Nagrahaale intended.

    Now to try out all the crazy paths people came up with.
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    posted a message on Cubeaism - A Minecraft Religion

    Zcap, I think you might be confused with Osiris or Set...

    set is the god of evil (for those who think he's chaos, that's apophis) iisn't osiris the king of the underworld, not the god.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Text Adventure My Style

    There its fixed

    Thank you, i get so annoyed how everyone names stuff after yogscast.
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    posted a message on Pigman Villagers?
    Quote from TerribleTrivium

    the problem woth pigmen is that they don't really fit in the feel of the bpc villages, with their little farms and wells, and dainty houses with thier tiny tables and bookshelves

    it would be my dream to have pigmen villages in the game

    that'd actually be pretty cool, big viking castles! you should start a thread about that.
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    posted a message on If you could be a mob what would you be and why?
    i'd be a blaze, the sniper of hell. add them to the list, along with ghasts, snow golems, mooshrooms and magma cubes.
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    posted a message on Should 1.0 be called the magic update?
    Quote from doctorseaweed2

    In 1.0, we got enchantments, potions, dragons, teleportation, golems and cauldrons. Should 1.0 just be called the magic update?

    Potions and cauldrons aren't magic, i don't get why everyone thinks they are. We have both of those in real life. Teleportation has been in the game since alpha (correct me if i'm wrong), so there isn't really that much magic involved, we also got baby animals, a non-magic biome, many new mobs and alot of other stuff.
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